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  1. LQJT86C


    And you all laughed at Castor Strife for wearing a gas mask. Someone's been on the right side of history for 20 years!
  2. LQJT86C

    BLACK MARKET TV 01 - Event Poster

    The Death Collective presents... BLACK MARKET TV 01 - a Castor Strife Production October 21, 2017 LIVE from York Hall, London Available on Sky Sports UK and streaming live on Pornhub CASTOR STRIFE v. [Name Withheld] SIMON LINEKER v. NUCKELAVEE ILL FORTUNE v. MONEY TALKS HAIRCULES v. NAGASAKI...
  3. LQJT86C

    The SIMON LINEKER Press Conference

    (FADEIN: A moderately sized conference table, spot-lit amid a pitch-black backdrop, with three seated individuals. The table curtain features the logos of three different organizations – The Death Collective, Castor Strife Productions, and the British Wrestling Association. The man on the far...
  4. LQJT86C

    CASTING CALL THREAD (Character Bios)

    This is the basic template for all league characters. Post your bios in reply to this thread. As of this date, there are only two types of available characters in The Death Collective: singles wrestlers and mixed tag teams. There is no limit to the amount of single characters or teams you can...
  5. LQJT86C


    Before I go in posting the usual "Welcome to my fed!!!!!!" stuff, I want to know: are you with me? The two existing threads explaining the concepts behind BLACK MARKET TV and THE SILK ROAD are up and should give you an idea of what The Death Collective is going to be. There's more to it, but...
  6. LQJT86C

    THE SILK ROAD Format

    The Silk Road Live stream recap from the Salon Létale basement studio beneath Les Deux Magots in Paris Thursdays, 23:00-24:00, The Death Collective YouTube Channel and ESEN On Demand Host: Wink Mason Interviewer: Manon Sauvage Ring Announcer: J.P. Bizet Show Format: The Death Collective’s...
  7. LQJT86C

    BLACK MARKET TV Show Format

    BLACK MARKET TV Live from York Hall, London Saturdays, 22:00-23:00, Sky Sports (UK) and ESEN (US) Announcers: Errol Prince (PBP), “Lucky Seven” Laurie Palazzo (Color) Ring Announcer: Dan Lozo Show Format: 4-5 matches, 1-2 in-ring segments, 3-4 vignettes. Writing Format: Teleplay Match...
  8. LQJT86C


    The NFW domain is down. Goodnight, sweet prince! Guess I should have saved all those cards when I had the chance.
  9. LQJT86C

    Kirk Rogers

    Handler Information Name: Billy Ferraro Email Address: billyferraro (at) gmail (dot) com Best Way to Contact You: Forum or e-mail. AIM is D0wnSpiral so if you wanna talk there, lemme know. eWrestling Experience: Started on Prodigy in '97, continued on Yahoo Groups and FWC thereafter, and...
  10. LQJT86C


    Just kidding. How is everybody doing? Why is this place so dead? Where are all the RP feds? Why is NFW still in rest mode? Is Chad alive? Did Aidan Morag replace him as master and commander? Are new fed owners being perpetually roasted by roastmaster Lindsay except they don't know it? Where do...
  11. LQJT86C

    #OpenPromo on EFG 301

    If you missed E-Fed Guerillas episode #301 last night, here's the link. I showed up to talk #OpenPromo in the last 30 minutes of the show or thereabouts. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/fwrestling/2015/04/25/efg-301--twitter-used-on-fwcentral-welcome-to-the-22nd-century
  12. LQJT86C

    The Official #OpenPromo Storyline / Staff

    For psychos like me who need an "in-character" reason for why everything happens, here is the official storyline narrative for the existence of #OpenPromo. This is not something that you ever need to mention in your promos. But if for whatever reason you need to know how this whole thing exists...
  13. LQJT86C

    Official Q&A Thread

    Hey guys. As you can I see, I posted all the necessary info threads and locked them for posterity. If anyone out there has any questions, comments, or other general feedback regarding #OpenPromo, here's your chance. This is as new to me as it is to you, so I'm excited as we blindly push forward...
  14. LQJT86C

    Welcome to the Booker's Channel!

    The Booker's Channel is more of a discussion forum for the planning of community-run cards/events/tournaments. This is where you place sign-up threads, match proposals, bio threads, event rules etc. You can discuss anything related to the above topics. Finalized card lineups can be placed here...
  15. LQJT86C

    Writer's Channel Info / Honor System

    Welcome to the #OpenPromo Writer's Channel. The idea is simple - post creative writing at-will. Sometimes you get that idea for a REALLY cool promo or narrative involving an established character, or a new character. Or you have something you want to try out to see how it works. This is where...
  16. LQJT86C

    What is #OpenPromo? / Overview

    #OpenPromo is a no-form non-fed. Freedom is the name of the game. We are here at your convenience. Write any character, any time, in any style you choose, within any context , whether for practice or purpose. Settle feuds, book dream matches, shows and tournaments, create storylines, and we’ll...
  17. LQJT86C

    Kills Frontiers Dead

    (FADEIN: The body of Castor Strife, the head of a leather long-nosed bird mask. He sits with legs folded in his underwear, below a television screen showing an LA Clippers game rewinding and fast forwarding Chris Paul making a half-court pass, over and over, on repeat) CASTOR: (V/O) "The road...
  18. LQJT86C

    Two Questions I'd Like You To Answer

    From a handler's standpoint: What makes this hobby fun for you? What makes this hobby feel like a chore?
  19. LQJT86C

    PS4 Gamertags

    I know, there's a PS3 thread, and IDs are the same across the PSN network. However, I now have a PS4, and I don't know who from the old thread is on the new system. So for people with PS4, leave your PSN IDs here. You can find me on RexMortemMettil. Currently playing Destiny, Assassin's Creed...
  20. LQJT86C

    It's Been Real...

    Hey guys. I've decided to hang up my E-BOOTS and step away from the hobby for good after my match at Futureshock. Which means I'll be gone for good sometime in late 2017. This is a long-form farewell... :cool: Kidding aside, this hobby was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It...

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