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  1. Bad Mofo

    We've been invited to the WeWA

    Yes Lee.
  2. Bad Mofo

    GRINDHOUSE GERMANY is live and in living color!

    You better click that link, ain't playing with you!
  3. Bad Mofo

    Team HOSS / Seth

    Look at our Arc 2 document! Veeeery important. :)
  4. Bad Mofo

    DEFIANCE theme song?

    I know we were chatting about it, but was any theme decided?
  5. Bad Mofo

    DIEGO DE LEON - Match Writing Aid

    LAST EDIT: 11/14/13 Reason: Height Changed from 5'10 <-> 6' BIO LINK: http://defiancewrestling.com/bio.php?username=diegodeleon Personality: Diego is all about fairness, honor, and respect. He doesn't care about winning if it costs him his dignity. If someone came into the ring and attacked...
  6. Bad Mofo

    Attn: Justin

    I love you. That's all. Discuss! Anty - Just wanted to feel important.
  7. Bad Mofo

    Attention Jimmy Rix/Seth/Ken

    Hey guys, Can one of you PM me a link to our google doc? I can't access my home computer and my work pc blocks out google docs when I try to access it through other means.
  8. Bad Mofo

    DIEGO DE LEON: Japan Arc Bookings

    Show #1 - Prematch segment Finalized Match: Diego vs Dewey Show #2 Proposed Match: Diego vs ??? Show #3 Proposed Match: Diego vs ??? Show #4 Finalized Match: Angel Trinidad and Capital Punishment vs. Frank Holiday/Diego De Lion Blowoff Show Finalized Match: Team Hoss vs...
  9. Bad Mofo


    Handler Information Name: Anty, Anthony, Bad Mofo, whateves Email Address: king.somnus@gmail.com Preferred Method of Handling: (Angle) Best Way to Contact You: Forum PM mostly, please. Anotsocleversn - Aim eWrestling Experience: (What have you done? Where?) Former WfWA Heavyweight Champ...

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