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  1. Throbbin Wood

    Where we stand

    **** has gotten real for both TDG and I. I'm in the process of moving and going to a big university and it got even realer for TDG in his own life. Fake wrestling has taken quite the backseat. With that said, I don't know what we're going to do with The IL. We were ambitious going in and now we...
  2. Throbbin Wood

    Lesson 3 card!

    http://www.fwrestling.com/showthread.php?20811-Beetwix-and-Marx-return-Narwin-s-first-booked-match-on-Lesson-3&p=78028 Happy RP'ing! Deadline on April 10. I'm feeling good about this one.
  3. Throbbin Wood

    Beetwix and Marx return, Narwin's first booked match on Lesson 3

    TOKYO – Jonathan Marx and Randall Beetwix, while both victorious after Lesson 1, experienced a rough night. After Beetwix won the first match in Isamu League history against goldFISH, he twisted his ankle when stepping out of the ring and put himself out of action for Lesson 2. Marx handled...
  4. Throbbin Wood

    Ranking Points Table #2

    RANK – WRESTLER – POINTS – RECORD (W-L-D) 1. Jonathan Marx (103 RP, 1-0-0) 2. Nate Narwin (103 RP, 1-0-0) 3. Randall Beetwix (103 RP, 1-0-0) 4. goldFISH ? (99 RP, 0-1-1) 5. Naoki Inoue (99 RP, 1-1-0) 6. Riddick (99 RP, 0-1-1) 7. AK-47 (97 RP, 0-1-0) 8. Jun Nakagawa...
  5. Throbbin Wood

    Lesson 3 RP In/Out

    You have up to Sunday to decide and then I'm booking matches. If you don't see the card out, then it's not to late to sign up whenever you're on during Sunday. This RP deadline will be on April 10 and Lesson 3 will be out on April 13. I hope we can get some matches and RP's going this time. If...
  6. Throbbin Wood

    Lesson 2 Feedback

    If ya got any der...
  7. Throbbin Wood

    Lessons In Bloodshed: Lesson 2

    Lesson 2 In Review CUTTO: Koga behind his desk at the studio. Hideki Koga: “We only had one match tonight and it ended in a time limit draw. Before we go, here is The IL Ranking Table as it stands now...” RANK – WRESTLER – POINTS – RECORD (W-L-D) 1. Jonathan Marx (103 RP, 1-0-0)...
  8. Throbbin Wood

    Lessons In Bloodshed: Lesson 2

    WARNING – THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS FOUL LANGUAGE, GRAPHIC VIOLENCE, AND THE WILL TO WIN AT ITS VERY FINEST! Last week... Joey Clerk: “RSW was just a name. F-ck that, it's gone now. We have to write a new book now, and I'm sick of f-cking going on here. Ladies and gentlemen... this is Isamu...
  9. Throbbin Wood

    Ranking Points Table #1

    As of Lesson 1, here is how the league table looks: 1. Jonathan Marx (103 RP, 1-0-0) 2. Nate Narwin (103 RP, 1-0-0) 3. Randall Beetwix (103 RP, 1-0-0) 4. Naoki Inoue (99 RP, 1-1-0) 5. goldFISH ? (98 RP, 0-1-0) 6. Riddick (98 RP, 0-1-0) 7. AK-47 (97 RP, 0-1-0) 8. Jun...
  10. Throbbin Wood

    Lesson 2 card

    http://www.fwrestling.com/showthread.php?20761-goldFISH-vs-Riddick-for-Lesson-2 Since Voss and TDG were the only ones who stepped up before the Tuesday night call deadline, it's those two facing off for the only booked match on the show. I'll cut a deal, though. Anybody who roleplays before...
  11. Throbbin Wood

    goldFISH vs. Riddick for Lesson 2

    TOKYO – Riddick and goldFISH may have suffered losses last night on the inaugural Lessons In Bloodshed, but in the grand scheme of things they came out unscathed in a night that saw goldFISH's opponent, Randall Beetwix, injure his ankle and put himself out for the next show when exiting the ring...
  12. Throbbin Wood

    Lesson 1 feedback

    Insert all praise and hate here. It's good to be kicking again, especially with TDG doing the business. Just like the good ol' days. I hope you all enjoyed it and are looking forward to our next production.
  13. Throbbin Wood

    Lessons In Bloodshed: Lesson 1

    Lesson 1 Recap CUTTO: Hideki Koga behind the desk as Studio 13 in The IL Headquarters. Hideki Koga: “Thank you, Kyo. It's been a wild Lesson 1. Here are some quick things to go over... Highlights run across the screen. * Randall Beetwix defeated goldFISH in the opening bout but...
  14. Throbbin Wood

    Lessons In Bloodshed: Lesson 1

    WARNING – THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS FOUL LANGUAGE, GRAPHIC VIOLENCE, AND THE WILL TO WIN AT ITS VERY FINEST! It was 10 PM in Japan and the wait was over. The show faded in on IL Promoter Joey Clerk. His whereabouts? Who knows. With only a white wall behind him, it was just him staring into the...
  15. Throbbin Wood

    Lesson 2 RP Call

    Lesson 1 is set to come out on Tuesday. Until then, it doesn't mean we can't prepare for the next show. This time I want to be sure that all of the people on the show will roleplay. If you are going to roleplay for Lesson 2, say so in this thread by Tuesday night, midnight CST. The deadline...
  16. Throbbin Wood

    24 HOURS - Lesson 1 RP deadline

    Thanks to the roleplaying efforts of Paul, we have our main event. I would like to do this first show proper so for everyone that hasn't RP'd yet, please get in before the deadline. I don't want to just have two matches because nobody from the other two didn't turn anything in. Thanks to K and...
  17. Throbbin Wood

    One more week!

    The roleplay deadline is Friday, midnight central time. If both people in the match don't roleplay then there isn't going to be a match, so don't forget.
  18. Throbbin Wood

    Lesson 1 card announced!

    You can read the news post here. Anybody who knows my style knows that I try to create an accurate media representation to go with the promotion. I did journalism after all. The betting odds are just a little fun. I like to throw them around and see what writers do with them, if anything. Never...
  19. Throbbin Wood

    Riddick vs. Marx headline Lesson 1, three other matches announced

    TOKYO – Isamu League wanted to stamp their mark as a premier force in the wrestling world with it's hybrid product of both traditional puroresu and hardcore brutality, and Hall of Fame promoter Joey Clerk knew the perfect main event for Lessons In Bloodshed: Lesson 1 – Riddick vs. Jonathan Marx...
  20. Throbbin Wood

    Two more wrestlers...

    ... and we'll be able to book four matches for our first card. Four matches with a segment here or there would be the ideal television program here.

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