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  1. Dan

    What Video Games are You Playing?

    What's everyone's current poison? My current line-up is: Among Us Streets of Rage 4 Final Fantasy (I'm currently playing ... way too many at once and completing nothing) Dauntless Every so often I fire up the NES/SNES/Genesis classics on Switch
  2. Dan

    RIP Sean Williams (Seymour Almasy)

    Dusty tried posting this a few days ago and for some reason it didn't allow anyone to open it, so I'm reposting for all those who knew Sean. On April 29th Sean passed away. I don't know the cause but I have a link to his obituary that provides a little more information...
  3. Dan

    What is CLUB?

    In the seedy underbelly of upper class society lies The CLUB. In stark contrast to outward appearances but perfectly in line with the addiction many of the super wealthy have with the need to feel superior to the common man, CLUB exists so that the upper echelon can satiate their greed and their...
  4. Dan

    Searching Legacy of Champions on EWTorch

    Just out of curiosity, I did a search for Legacy of Champions on EWTorch and got some pretty cool results ... from 2009. :p At some point I'll get all the old shows added to the site. The new site. Not the "gahbage town dumpster fire" Wix site, as Lindz would say...
  5. Dan

    Dave Tyrrell and EWI-Online: A History of Shithead Moves

    Since he keeps deleting my responses on his own site, let's leave one here where I'm an admin and he can't do anything to stop me from revealing the truth about who this guy really is. It seems he's once again waited out the shit storm and returned when most people have again forgotten about...

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