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    Only The Strong Will Survive

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Sep-03-02 AT 05:26 PM (EDT)](PRIDEIN to Aelieas Fierte sitting down lacing up his boots in a local gym. Next to him, his loyal island friend Gabriel who has been in the US throughout Aelieas’s stay in the Americas. Aelieas is about to get ready to practice and strength...
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    Tedious Nights

    (PRIDEIN to Aelieas Fierte, who is sitting down in a wicker chair in his Miami home bedroom, reading a magazine and drinking one of his homeland’s herbal teas. His hair sways with the wind coming off the Atlantic Ocean like a garden of flowers being pushed by a summer breeze. Aelieas settles...
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    The Male Intruders

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-24-02 AT 03:58 PM (EDT)]The Male Intrusion (Aelieas Fierte and Gabriel are shown sitting in a booth, eating lunch in a small town diner. Townsfolk are around the two men, carrying on with ordinary day occurrences. Aelieas bites into his burger, then taking a sip of...
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    Three Seconds To Showtime

    Three Seconds To Show time (PRIDEIN to CSWA’s newest superstar Aelieas Fierte, who is sitting in his locker room tying up his boots with anticipation of his up and coming debut. His long black hair drapes over his shoulders as it is let out from his usual pony tail. His chest and face are...
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    The Debut Of A Warrior.

    The Debut Of A Warrior. (PRIDEIN to the pounding waves splashing on the golden brown beaches of Miami, Florida. The sun beats down harshly on the villa that lays close to the beach. It towers high in the air, water slides down the bamboo-hut like roof. The house plays home to a warrior, a...

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