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    Grindhouse Europe Arc cVc

    Chance Von Crank Grindhouse Europe Booking Sheet Show 1 Dusty Griffith vs. cVc *Segment Show 2 Dewey vs. cVc ll *Segment Show 3 Ryan Matthews vs. cVc *Segment Show 4 *Segment *Segment PPV: Fourway *Segment
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    Guerilla Grindhouse World Tour 02 Feedback Thread

    http://www.defiancewrestling.com/content.php?p=results&id=55 There's the link to the show after you check it out you know the drill, feed the back.
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    Feuds in DEF

    What are you thoughts on your current feud? Likes? Dislikes? Discuss.
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    E-Wrestler Dot Net

    I been looking it over and decided to try it. It's like ask.fm but e-wrestling. I think its cool and wanted to share. http://ewrestler.net/Trailerparkprodigy
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    CVC: Japan Tour Arc Bookings

    Show #1 - The Fridge: White Trash Edition - Pussy Stank ll-Seg - vs. Python Show #2 - vs. Eugene Dewey - The Wretched l - The Wretched ll Show #3 - Frank Holiday vs. cVc -Segment -Segment Show #4 - Blood Diamonds (Edward White & Bronson Box) & CVC vs. CCJ, Dan Ryan & Python - Segment -...
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    Alright... I don't have anyone to feud with yet. I'm getting behind and it's my own fault. I need a face lol, so does anyone want to feud? I should have made this thread a week ago. I ran a angle fed for years so I know what we are aiming for here.
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    Regarding a manager.(WfWA,NeWA,NWC,CAL alumni please read)

    I have thought this over for awhile now. I need a manager and I know what your thinking just do like with Charlene and create one. I could do that but I have a better idea. I wasn't involved with any of these interfeds or feds outside of this one(WfWA,NeWA,NWC,CAL). I'm looking for a vicious...
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    Untouchable and Retaliation 4 lineups posted! (pre-RP predictions)

    Retaliation 4 Tucker G. Alston vs Sam Turner, Jr. Sam Turner Jr. Dragon Jones the First vs Sam Johnson I'll go with Jones. Jeremy Knyte vs Lash Graham Graham is tough. The Philosopher Kings vs Blood Diamonds No Idea honestly. Jane Katze vs Lisa Loeh Jane. Main Event Python vs...
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    Holy Shit!?!?

    Sup Guys?

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