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  1. North!

    No Title Necessary

    Aran Thompson, a man who hasn't been seen since Sorry You're Not A Winner, sat in front of a black backdrop and his girlfriend Laurie Williams standing behind him. "Sorry...You're Not a Winner." Aran began. "The last time I was seen in an IGC ring I lost against the man you all now call...
  2. North!

    "Mr. Relentless" Aran Thompson

    Wrestler Name: Aran Thompson Billed From: South Bend, Indiana Height: 6'2" Weight: 240 lbs. Alignment: Babyface Theme Music: "Champion" by Grinspoon Entrance: SO YOU WANNA BE A CHAMPION?! The fans explode out of their seats as Aran Thompson quickly walks out to the top of the entrance ramp...
  3. North!


    My name is....a secret!!!!!! But isn't my signature the bestest? (I'm apart of the LoC group yay!!!!!)

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