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    IGS 2

    Twenty-One Thousand plus piled into the Kingdom Coliseum for IGS 2 -- transcript now available online here -- which saw the veteran L L B challenge IGS World Champion Malik Roland in the night's main event. The event also featured major IGS announcements from General Manager John Ackerman along...
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    IGS 1

    I'd like to thank all of the guys who made this possible. I give to you, IGS 1! Link: http://wrestling.work/fullevent.php?id=1
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    Fed type: Angle Link: http://wrestling.work/ Thanks for reading.
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    In Ring Action!

    Link: http://inringaction.com
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    Free Agent: The Mammoth

    General Information - Real Name: Malik Allah Roland Ring Name: Malik Roland Nickname: The Mammoth Height: 6'4 Weight: 290 lbs. Born: June 13th, 1975 Alignment: Heel Hometown: Brooklyn, New York Entrance Music: 'Til the End' by Lloyd Banks Trainer: 'Big' Richard Silver Years Professional: 13...
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    Yo yo yo yo

    Hi. My name is Antione! and I'll be handling a character named Luscious with his ever trusty manager, Juan.
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    A new person in NFW?!

    Nope, it's a hoax.

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