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    Micro Description Thread

    Name: El Trebol Jr Height: 4'7'' Weight: 120 pounds Fitness: Stout, but by no means fat Skin tone: Pale White Eye color: Blue eyes Hair style: Short buzz cut Hair color: Red Accessories: N/A Facial hair: N/A Color: Would be red if he had any -Scars: N/A -Tattoos: Right Arm: Rose Tattoo on...
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    El Trebol Jr

    Handler Information Name: G. Kyle Dalton Email Address: gkd5fb@virginia.edu Best Way to Contact You: Skype or Facebook most like eWrestling Experience: 7 years in the game, primarily at WCF and then later UTA How did you find DEFIANCE? I was in UTA the same time Eric Dane was and heard about if...

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