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  1. beeeotch

    How many RPs per PPV?

    Okay, I know this is a 1SW fed, meaning only 1 RP per Vendetta (the weekly show). But around PPVs time, are you upping it to 2 (as per usual), or maintaining at 1? Either's fine with me, to be honest. Also, how many RPs per *match*? Say it's Vendetta (weekly show), and I'm scheduled in 2...
  2. beeeotch

    w00t! Richie's here

    Hi. My name's Richie, and I practically pwn the Internet. No, seriously. I created it. I've even reinvented the wheel.
  3. beeeotch


    I'm a relative unknown around these parts. Well, many parts, you could say. My name's Richie. I was more known over in the PTC circle in the 2001-2002 era. I handled a character named Ken Kaze in PWA, NTICW, PCW, NOWrestling, and cW. I'm currently in the Wrestling! 2005 OIT as Alistaire...

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