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    Black Ops II

    Anyone have it for 360? GT: B00K0UT Add me if anyone wants to play.
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    Who's ready for some football?

    Can't wait...driving to Dallas in December to watch the Packers play. Ready for the draft too. Who else is excited?
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    ACW and jOlt.

    Everyone should just give in and merge this shit together. :) Zezu and Dan working together, combining all the handlers and their characters for better shows. It would be cool and I KNOW, it's never going to happen. But shit I'm bored, maybe Dan and Zezu run the fWo together. lmao
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    Hey guys.

    Hey guys, some of u might remember me but my name is brett and have been in hwo, acw, loc as brandon thomas and greg thomas and piw (long time ago with roland) and fWo survivor. Finally settled down and wanted to start writing once again. Sent in my stats to Dan, maybe i get in but ill be...

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