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    An idea that might help things go a little smoother around here

    Since it seems that most things around here revolve around Medina's availability, I say we see about a Vice/Co-President or Owner of the NWL. That way, all his duties can be split between him and his partner, cards have a higher chance of coming out on time, ect. Just an idea that I've seen...
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    DoP and Data make a phone call

    The camera fade in on an unknown place. This room looks like a bed room though with candles lit everywhere. On the bed lays Data, whose wrists are tied above her. Her mouth has duck tape over it and her feat are just being tied to the foot of the bed by LT. Data is trying to struggle but LT...
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    Important Information!

    Syke! AHahhahahahah! U JUS GOT PWND!
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    Ever want to tell a chicken what to do on Webcam?

    http://www.subserviantchicken.com/ NOW YOU CAN! Its mask is really creepy...

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