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  1. Bubba McCoy

    Well... Sigh. Sorry to all.

    Dear Defiance, First off I would like to say sorry to everyone. But I would like to explain where I have been. On the 28th of December while going for a walk with my wife who is 46 years old (I am 41). She started having trouble breathing, so we slowed down, and started back home. we did not...
  2. Bubba McCoy

    Eric Dane Photoshoot!

    Been super busy with family things here during the holidays, but here is Eric Dane! Soon to come the SotS!
  3. Bubba McCoy


    sent you a pm let me know, if all is good or ????
  4. Bubba McCoy

    Eric Dane Tron: Redux

  5. Bubba McCoy

    Eric Dane Logo V1

  6. Bubba McCoy

    SotS Logo

  7. Bubba McCoy

    New Logo: Jane Katze

    Since I was waiting on info from Justin and Jeff, I did not want to sit on my hands, so I made this. I've been really into how Evan is writing Katze, way better then her trios run with Cassidy and Bigsby. And this has been turning in my head. Also I love this background and so I think it fits...
  8. Bubba McCoy

    Next in line for posers... ATTN; Justin and Jeff

    I've searched and can not find a detailed description for these guys, I do find micros for the SotS, but can not find any stuff for Dane other then his avatar. And most of his gear is covered. So please fill out the info for the Posers and Logos, Any and all info I can get the better they will be.
  9. Bubba McCoy

    Tyler Rayne and BDH photoshoot

  10. Bubba McCoy

    BDH-Tron Logo

  11. Bubba McCoy

    Leg and Arm Braces

    I am in the process of having a clothing making make me some for both male and females. I do not know how much they will cost, But for now, What I am able to do is add a skin texture as a place holder until I get the real items. But seeing as how many wrestlers both make and female end up...
  12. Bubba McCoy

    Tyler Rayne Logo

  13. Bubba McCoy

    NEW LT artwork.

    Okay so my best efforts for the Crown Jewels in a display case idea, fell kinda flat. So sat down with Lindz and brainstormed some ideas. This is the result of those ideas. I hope you like this one better Lindz!
  14. Bubba McCoy

    Lindsay Troy Artwork

    Here is the Logo I came up with. Hope you like it Lindz!
  15. Bubba McCoy

    Ken Check your PM box

    what the title said. :)
  16. Bubba McCoy


    Will you be on late tonight? I will be starting the Lindsay Troy Stuff this week.
  17. Bubba McCoy

    Frank Holiday

    Version 1 Logo Version 2 Logo
  18. Bubba McCoy

    ATTN: Frank Holiday

    Please fill out a poser description. Please be detailed, links to any pics for references would help. search for any tats, or give me a idea. As for hair, I have a limited library of it. If I don't have what is needed; I can get close, until I can buy something more suitable. Thanks in...
  19. Bubba McCoy

    [NEW STUFF] Wade Elliott

    Logo here, Poser coming soon!

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