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    Q&A suggestions for Tom Sawyer

    Hey y'all. http://www.defiancewrestling.com/index.php?p=news&id=173 I know what I'd end up writing, but I figure "We have the most creative bunch of dudes in the game today. Why not put it up to them?" Any suggestions as to what questions I should have posed to Tom? I'd prefer them PMed to...
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    To the babyfaces in the main event.

    Dan Ryan/Brunk, Christian Light/Brian P, Eugene Dewey/Damien. George and I have begun a five-way roleplay. You should all be invited, except for Brunk, because I have no idea what your Gmail account name is. Jump in, take a look. Start writing, let's get this handled. Gonna be sweet.
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    Justin said in the Show Posted thread to use it for feedback. James had a brainstorm and thought that y'all might not be posting feedback because you didn't read and notice that. So like feed the back. We(me) want to know what you guys thought of the show! Match of the Night: Segment of the...
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    Hey, guys.

    Roleplay. C'mon. Do something. The list of people who haven't showed for the show deadlining in 3 days is longer than the list of noshows. Ed White hasn't RPed. Dan Ryan hasn't RPed. Seth Stratton hasn't RPed. Philosopher Kings AND Tres Brujas haven't RPed. Heidi Christenson hasn't RPed...
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    Website's borked.

    I blame... Adrien Cochrane.
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    CVC, dude.

    A thousand points deducted from Crankindor for making me look at a dude's ballbag. Not cool.
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    Merry Kevinmas.

    In just a few short hours, it will be the most important day of the calendar year, Kevinmas. The most holy of holidays, where you all shall gather and celebrate my coming into this realm. My requests for a proper celebration of Kevinmas are simple. There are three things required for a proper...
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    So, I've been working a job in a grocery store since I was 17. That's 8, almost 9 long, long years of stupid shitty retail work that sucks. I've transferred around the store, had promises of promotions that got given to other people, and it's generally been the worst time period of my life. Not...
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    Let's talk about ewrestling: Clusterfuck endings.

    I started watching wrestling the Nitro after Fall Brawl '98. Yes, that was the very height of nWo supremacy. I saw more clusterfuck endings and stable beatdowns than any impressionable young lad should. And I would say that probably colored my viewpoint. On this last show, we had a lot of...
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    But hey, here's something we can all get behind. A dude in Georgia said some stupid shit during an unopposed run for a state senate seat. Among the write-in votes against him were CM Punk and Ultramantis Black. I think that Ultramantis Black would lead this nation to a new frontier if he got...
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    Weed is legal in two states now.

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    Let's talk about ewrestling: Finishers.

    Finishers are cool. Whether they're super flippy Canadian Destroyer double underhook shiz or a Heart Punch, all theatrical and silly, finishers rule. What makes a finisher worthy of your character? As a heel Boston Bancroft, I liked using the Boston Massacre for the visual. However, Boston...
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    The Love Thread(GCP Finals)

    Mr. DIY, I am so, so glad that you decided to apply again with a character who would be more serious. I think you're gonna do really well here, and that series of roleplays was awesome. Damien, you've done a stupendous job. Dentari is one of the most hateable dudes I've gotten the pleasure to...
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    The "What Are You Listening To" Thread.

    Talk about music. Talk about the songs you're listening to. Youtube videos you're playing for the music to. Shit like that. I was just watching Money for Nothing because the guitar solo kicks ass.
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    Hudson River Wrestling. It's like a solid gold candybar.

    This is Hudson River Wrestling. The new face of professional wrestling. Er... So much as a dinky fed with a cable access deal that is stationary in the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan can be a "face" of professional wrestling. HRW is a stomp fed, based on the idea that good wrestling and...

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