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  1. Alex Smiley

    Testing New Forums and Discord Integration

    I finally remembered my login info about a half hour ago lol. Hi, folks!
  2. Alex Smiley

    "KFree" Kenny Freeman

    Handler Information Name: AlexK Email Address: awkahrs@gmail.com Best Way to Contact You: PM, AIM if I can figure out a good way to use it nowadays lol eWrestling Experience: I started efedding in 2007, and have been in mostly a roleplay-based atmosphere in a few feds here and there. I haven’t...
  3. Alex Smiley

    Hi! (Waves)

    Hi, everyone! My name's Alex, and at the behest of the EFG podcast I've decided to finally (FINALLY) sign up for these forums. I'll give you a short history of my time in the hobby: Started in 2007 in a good fed, got invited to another fed a couple months in, and discovered my first interfed...

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