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  1. MaskedViolators

    Introducing the Masked Violators, Pt.I

    FADE IN: It's not the most ordinary scene. A grown man wearing what can only be described as a simple mexican wrestlers mask, a muted suit, and knockoff dress shoes. An impressive ensemble, yes. But consider the majestic color choices made for this mask; a bold red, with strong blue trim. Simple...
  2. MaskedViolators

    Calling all promoters!

    FADEIN: The Most Intriguing Tandem in Sports stand before an appropriately named and appropriately designed Masked Violators backdrop. MV#1: We will make this brief. We will make this short. Masked Violator 2 jabbed a thumb towards his partner. MV#2: He's brief, I'm short. MV#1: You...

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