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  1. Mister Dread

    Happy (belated) Anniversary ...

    ... to all you folks that came over with me from what I like to refer to as NFW v1.0b (Yahoooooogroups!), and to everyone else with a 01 Jan 00 reg date. Yeah, I know I'm no longer fedding, but still it's been an awesome 10 years! -Chris
  2. Mister Dread

    A night of firsts ...

    ::FADEIN on the interior of the Basham-Schultz Wrestling Academy, a nondescript gym in an unknown Midwestern location. The squat and unremarkable structure is the training ground of “The Wolf” Chris McMillan. The camera pans the modestly equipped gym before zooming in on the ring. Slumped in the...
  3. Mister Dread

    Not exactly an after party ...

    ::Fade in on the backstage area of the Staples Center just moments after Zero Hour went off the air. The camera is shaky, moving quickly down a hallway lined with dressing rooms. A logo at the bottom of the screen proclaims that this is an MCW Home Video Exclusive. The camera slows near the end...
  4. Mister Dread

    Newest member of the stable

    We here of Clan McMillan are pleased to announce the newest addition to the world of professional wrestling. Our fourth daughter, Morgan Anne was born this morning.
  5. Mister Dread

    FW Wiki

    Hey, boys and girls. I was messing around on <a href=http://www.wikipedia.org>wikipedia</a> today, and decided to look up fwrestling. I found an entry on eWrestling, but since I'm a creation of Katz I figured there should be a more in-depth entry about (f)wrestling (I know it's the same...
  6. Mister Dread


    ::FADEIN on the MCW banner backstage. “The Wolf” Chris McMillan stands there, attired as usual in black cargo pants and a faded ‘Dogs of War’ t-shirt. His fingers and wrists are taped, and his girl-pretty hair is twisted into a thick braid. Big-ass, snarly Wolverine-style mutton chop sideburns...
  7. Mister Dread


    Are any of you fine folks involved in this wonderful quasi-sport?
  8. Mister Dread

    Smokers ...

    Just out of curiousity, what are you folks paying for cigarettes in your respective necks of the woods? Would you believe they're freakin $4.50 a pack here in Michigan?!?!?
  9. Mister Dread

    [CD] Humpin' legs

    ::FADEIN on the backstage area. JASON TRIPP is standing by, mic in hand. Over his left shoulder we can see a dressing room door with MARX emblazoned across it:: TRIPP: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We’re standing by, hoping to get a word with Jonathan Marx regarding the HUGE triple-threat...
  10. Mister Dread

    Online games and stuff

    Hey, all. Some of you might know me. I haven't been around for a while. How's things? Anyway, though I'm not currently active in FW I'm thinking of slowly and quietly coming back, wrestling a few indy shows, stuff like that. That's not the point, though. Okay, the reason I'm here is that I...
  11. Mister Dread

    I'm still here.

    [::FADEIN on a small three bedroom town home. Lights burn from inside, A beacon against the approaching night. A battered old ’69 Fury nestles side-by-side with a newer Plymouth minivan. We CUT TO the interior of the town home. The inside is decorated with furniture that is all old wood and soft...
  12. Mister Dread

    Wish me luck!

    Well, today begins the great job hunt. Yes, after four years of somewhat less-than-gainful employment with the US Navy, I find myself in the position of being out of friggin' work. I'm headed out to Hayne's Furniture to interview for a sales position. Pretty good money! Wish me luck. -Chris
  13. Mister Dread

    CAWs for Smackdown!: HCTP

    Yes, folks, a new Smackdown game, and with it my call for CAWs of all our favorite NFW personalities. If you've got an NFW character CAW, I'd be ecstatic if you posted it here. My own will be along shortly (in Japan Thunder Pro wrestling attire, no less!) -Chris
  14. Mister Dread

    The unknown schedule

    Hi, all. It's possible that I may be going out to sea for a little more than a month in the INCREDIBLY near future. I will do my best to stay active in the fed, provided the internet access on the boat actually works this time around. I'll keep you updated as I find out.
  15. Mister Dread

    Beginnings and endings.

    ::FADEIN on the exterior of a squat brick building. Battered and worn through years of disuse, it is indistinguishable from any number of buildings awaiting the wrecking ball. A weather beaten marquee hangs there, bearing silent witness to the passing of the years. Emblazoned across it is the...
  16. Mister Dread

    Almost ...

    ::FADEIN on a patched and sagging wrestling ring inside a dim, dusty gym. A tattered banner hanging overhead proclaims this the Basham-Schultz Wrestling Academy, the dank and unsavory training grounds of “The Wolf” Chris McMillan. McMillan sits perched on the top turnbuckle of the ring, attired...
  17. Mister Dread

    "The Wolf" Chris McMillan

    Wrestler Name: "The Wolf" Chris McMillan Height: 5’7” Weight: 180 Hailing From: Cadillac, Michigan Handedness: Right Gimmick: The nefarious and mildly unpleasant alter-ego of Mister Dread. Ring Attire: Cuffed bluejeans, engineer boots, and whatever t-shirt strikes his fancy, with the sleeves...
  18. Mister Dread

    Mister Dread

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Sep-18-02 AT 01:29 PM (EDT)]Wrestler Name: Mister Dread Height: 5’7” Weight: 180 Hailing From: Cadillac, Michigan Handedness: Right Gimmick: Used to wrestle as one-half of the ‘mercenary group’ Dogs of War. He has dropped the mercenary gimmick, but still uses the name...
  19. Mister Dread

    Please allow me to introduce myself ...

    [updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-16-02 AT 10:56 AM (EDT)]::FADEIN on a 50’s style Railroad car diner. THE WOLF occupies the far table, lounging to take up most of the bench seat. A half-empty pack of Camel nonfilters rests by his right hand, while a cup of cooling coffee sits near his right. His eyes...
  20. Mister Dread

    Please allow me to introduce myself ...

    ::FADEIN on a 50's style railroad car diner. THE WOLF lounges in a booth, the diner's sole occupant. He's dressed in cuffed bluejeans and a black t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. A snarling wolf's head is depicted on the front with the words 'The Thrill of the Hunt' emblazoned underneath...

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