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    Apologies to everyone!

    Hi guys, I'm sorry for not roleplaying for the last few weeks. While training with live fire a few weeks ago, a bullet backfired into my shoulder and I've been recouperating since. This is why none of you have seen me online for the most part of two weeks. My apologies especially to...
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    To Ty Walker

    Hey man, thanks for the compliments to the WFW Owner about me. Hopefully you know what I'm talking about :p Cheers, Paul
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    Smackdown vs. Raw

    As some of you may know, SvR on the PS2 will support online play. What I'd like to do when the game comes out is set up an EUWC tournament. If we cannot be EUWC wrestlers, then a tournament with WWE guys. The winner gets bragging rights. Ofcourse, this would have to be tested because of lag...
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    FWrestling's main site

    Is it me or has the site been hacked?
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    Blood Bath Predictions

    Post your predictions here. I'll go first: "All Business" Eric McRae vs. Donny Collins McRae seems to have more of an edge going into this match. I'm guessing he'll walk away the winner here Damian Stone vs. Rocko Daymon Stone's been on a bit of a downfall since losing the title. However, I...
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    Please read everyone

    Now, as some people may know, I've been having quite a ****ty week. On top of that, I got a call from my CO today telling me he has something to discuss. I head down there and he tells me that I will be heading to East Timor to help with policing (I am an MP, Military Policeman). This will be in...
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    Plz read Collins

    Just thought I'd let you know Lee-Hung isn't a Japanese name.

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