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    eWrestling Monthly

    Hi, my name is Allen Anderson and I hail from www.efedzone.com and I am working on the concept of a monthly eWrestling Magazine (or e-zine I reckon). I am also on Facebook and my name there is hard to miss. Allen Vastrix Anderson. Vastrix being my "go to" profile name. If you are hiring, send...
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    Krimson Kharnival

    Wrestling. Bah! It's a "safe sport" where you face each other in a wrestling ring under a list of rules. There's a clear cut winner and loser, even in the most chaotic of companies. Welcome to the Krimson Kharnival. Here, the warrior you face may have been drunk not six hours before...
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    Fun with the FBI

    We find ourselves in a small room with a table, four chairs, and a mirror (that is very likely a two way mirror). "The Brain" Allen Anderson sits in a room, his cane is nowhere in sight, and his hands are resting on the table in cuffs. Two FBI agents walk into the room and take up sits opposite...
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    Roleplaying Guidelines

    My quiet protest seemed to have been buried in the Bracket 1 Reaction thread. It is this. Were guidelines for roleplaying actually posted as in typed up someplace on this board that I can see? I glanced through things and did not see any such thing posted on the board. If it was done on a...

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