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  1. SouthernBoy

    Hey guys

    A few people from the boards have emailed me to make sure I made it through Katrina OK, so I thought I'd post a message to let everybody who still remembers me know that I'm OK. My family and I live in Livingston Parish which is NW of New Orleans. We got a good amount of wind damage, but no...
  2. SouthernBoy


    To the Fantasy Wrestling Community and my friends here: Yes, the time has finally come. Due to many factors, I am retiring from Fantasy Wrestling. Many of you are probably surprised by this action, the rest of you probably don't know me and don't really care. :) I've just hit a point in my...
  3. SouthernBoy

    A new beginning

    (SHANE SOUTHERN, still drenched with blood, sweat and beer, stares intently at the face in the mirror hanging on his locker room wall. This is NOT what he had imagined this night to be like. He had KNOWN that tonight, he'd be sitting in this same room, surrounded by friends, wearing the NFW...
  4. SouthernBoy

    Out of town

    I'm out of town until next Thursday. I'm not sure if I'll have internet access or the time to write a RP for the card until then. Thanks, Jason
  5. SouthernBoy

    The Road to ?

    (FADE-IN: Shane Southern sits in a doctors office across from a very nice looking female doctor. Southern hasn't heard the last few sentences for two reasons. One: the excellent, surgically enchanced breasts on the doc, and two: he's heard it all before.) " Stop wrestling. " " One wrong move...
  6. SouthernBoy


    {{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern stands in front of an CSWA backdrop. He's dressed in jeans, cowboy boots and a CHICAGO CUBS baseball jersey. Plastered right in the center of his forehead is a large, square bandaide...}} SHANE SOUTHERN : " Hornet ... " (..Southern shakes his head pinches the...
  7. SouthernBoy

    More than you bargained for

    {{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern sits on the roof of a Bourbon Street bar. He's trying to hide, because tonight, he just wants to be alone. Stretched out on his lawn chair with his feet propped up on the edge of the building, he finishes the latest in a long line of long neck Budweiser’s and tosses...
  8. SouthernBoy

    Bring on the rain

    Into every man's life, a little rain must fall. Why, then, do the thunderstorms always hang over MY head? Tomorrow’s another day And I’m thirsty anyway So bring on the rain {{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern is standing in front of an CSWA backdrop. He's shirtless, his long brown hair, wet and...
  9. SouthernBoy

    Standing outside the fire

    {{..CUE-UP: Standing Outside The Fire - Garth Brooks..}} (...We call them cool, Those hearts who have no scars to show The ones that never do let go And risk the tables being turned...) (MUSIC FADE...CUT-TO: Shane Southern in front of an CSWA backdrop...) SOUTHERN: " Fer years I was worried...
  10. SouthernBoy

    The little engine that could

    (FADE-IN: A dark room. A telephone breaks the silence - a tiny, unfamiliar ring. The blob under the covers fumbles for the bedside lamp and turns it on. The head of Shane Southern emerges from under the thick multi-colored blanket, and squints as he looks around) Where the hell am I? (Southern...
  11. SouthernBoy

    Out of town

    I'm gone from tomorrow night (2/20) until the following Monday (3/1). I'll have access to email, but not to the message board, so if you need me for any reason, jasonvmartin@yahoo.com is the way to get me. Later, Jason
  12. SouthernBoy

    The game has changed

    {{...FADE-IN: Night, or early morning to be precise. Bourbon Street is empty save the few bums sleeping on the sidewalks. CUT-TO: The door of Shane Southern's Bourbon Street apartment balcony as Southern walks through dressed casually in jeans, cowboy boots and a black leather jacket over a...
  13. SouthernBoy

    All-Star week props

    Major props to Katz and company for laying out one of the best cards I've read in a long, long time. Awesome guys. Welcome to the new guys, or should I say the old guys. It's going to be an interesting few months. :) Jason
  14. SouthernBoy

    Let's review

    {{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern is standing in front of a CSWA backdrop holding a water bottle. He's decked out in his typical attire: jeans, t-shirt, boots. Southern flashes a crooked smile and takes a swig out of the water bottle before tossing it off-screen and beginning...}} SHANE SOUTHERN: "...
  15. SouthernBoy


    "Hold fast to dreams. For if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly." -- Langston Hughes {{...FADE-IN: A flashing neon sign that reads "Johhny White's Hole in the Wall". The shot expands to find Shane Southern sitting alone at a small table on the balcony of the bar. On the...
  16. SouthernBoy


    {{...FADE-IN: SHANE SOUTHERN is sitting on a steel chair turned around backwards in front of a plain, blue backdrop. Southern's hair has grown out some more, now long enough in the back to tie into a very short pony tail. Southern is shirtless and shoeless, only wearing a pair of long blue jean...
  17. SouthernBoy

    Name dropping

    {{...FADE-IN: SHANE SOUTHERN is sitting on his Bourbon Street apartment balcony. He's wearing an NFW "Party's Over" T-shirt with the sleeves cut out, faded blue jean shorts, no shoes and Nike Fusion sunglasses. He toasts the cameraman with a glass of iced tea, takes a few swallows then sits it...
  18. SouthernBoy

    The House that Southern built

    {{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern stands on a balcony of the Royal Sonesta Hotel. He's dressed the same as we saw him at the NFW lottery, McAllister Jersey, blue jeans and tennis shoes, but now he has a knee brace over that left knee. Southern stares out at the Charles river, lost in thought. He...
  19. SouthernBoy

    Don't hunt, what you can't Kill

    {{...FADE-IN: A close-up of the face of Shane Southern. His hair, trimmed by the Pros at B.O.B, has been cut into a short style similar to TEST in WWE. As the camera pans back, we can see that he stands shirtless, and title-less for the first time in a while, in front of a CSWA Primetime...
  20. SouthernBoy

    No excuses

    {{...FADE IN: The front of Alex Box Stadium, Baton Rouge. The camera pans over to a parking lot filled with RVs, Pop-up campers, and even a few tents. Purple and gold line the area, vehicles and fans as they BAR-B-Q in the early morning sun. CUT-TO: Shane Southern sitting in a folding chair on...

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