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  1. Jay_Smash

    The X_Zone Opening

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for reading, one or two of you may know me as Jay Smash as I have not done many efeds within fwrestling, but I have been around for quite some time. I have been preparing to open a new e-fed of mine for a long time with name changes and different...
  2. Jay_Smash

    Good Luck guys!

    Hey, just wanted everyone to know that I appreciate the time and the fun in this tournament and I wish you all good luck. It's been sad and entertaining (not at the same time) but I hope everything is cool now. Hey, if you don't want to let me know about future tournaments, I guess I...
  3. Jay_Smash

    Web Site design: Your thoughts.

    Hey guys, I've been creating a web page for some time, haven't done much to it lately, just wondering what you think. http://fwrestling.com/host/Jordanger/XOWHome.html thanks, JS
  4. Jay_Smash

    Questoin about Deadline times

    Hey, I was checking the deadline times on my roleplays today and I know that yesterday I wrote my rp in the afternoon around 1:00 - 1:30 pm. Now, I understand some people are in different time zones, but for some reason my last rp says "Yesterday 12:59 am." I live in VA Beach, VA, not sure...
  5. Jay_Smash

    Must Ask

    Hey, not sure if I missed the memo or not, but I was just wondering where we find the results for this tournament? It sounded as if the deadline was up and that the matches have been written, (that thought based on the "What did you think about the 1st round matches" post) but I can't seem to...
  6. Jay_Smash

    It's a Date

    :::::Wednesday, July 26, 1:30 A.M. The streets can only be seen by the dim lights shinning on it’s rugged surface. There are only a few people walking by this late at night, after the sun goes down and the freaks come out. There, among the twisted beings walking on the streets and through the...
  7. Jay_Smash

    Signing In

    "Warning, what you are about to see may not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18." :::::It’s 12:00 noon on a busy afternoon. The clouds are rolling in, hiding the sun from a bright an sunny day. The heat is still high even when the wind blows. Hundreds of people walking on the...
  8. Jay_Smash

    I'm a banana

    There's nothing really here.... It's the OOC board.... I'm bored.... I feel like writing something. I have nothing better to do today... and the suspense is killing me... when do the results come out? Who knows! SO SUSPENSFUL! with a couple more... !'S. !!!.... !... !! Shut up...
  9. Jay_Smash

    Holy Sh*t Balls-Summer Sizzler

    Some real surprises and unexpted stuff happened at Summer Sizzler. I guess I just wanna be the first to say, I think the PPV was great, and it's cool to see STEALTH and Jordan L. are gonna be back in action. Anyways.... yeah... my match... didn't see that sh*t comin did ya! HA HA! :) OH...
  10. Jay_Smash

    Roster Page

    Hey, I like the fact that we can keep the Roster Page updated now, but things are a bit different now on mine. Allow me to fix this: Name: "The Disease" Jay Smash Height: 6'5'' Weight: 265 lbs. Gender: Male Hometown: Long Island, New York Entrance Theme: "Now is the Time" - Dope EUWC...
  11. Jay_Smash

    Awsome Mainframe

    Just wanna say, I think it was a great Mainframe before Summer Sizzler. I think the whole night was great. It was out of control the entire time! And in a realistic way too! No stabbing, or crowd attacking... :) Anyways, just thought I'd throw that out. So, good night!
  12. Jay_Smash

    Match Writers.

    Match done... need winner....
  13. Jay_Smash

    I'm a sad Panda(too all)

    I was just checking on the peeps around here. So what's up everyone? Anything new? Anything glorious in your freakish lives? I graduated in June, got my computer, and for the last 2 1/2 months I have been alone because my girlfriend in in Myrtle Beach, SC while I wait for here to return...
  14. Jay_Smash

    Problem with MF boards

    Hey, I posted an rp for my match against Danny Collins yet it says 0 replies and it didn't even move up as a new post usually does. Also, it said an error occured after posting, but when I checked the page, my rp WAS there...... What the hella is going ona? If someone could check.... can...
  15. Jay_Smash

    Smell this.

    This place is kicken! YEAH! I mean... what in the fudge nugget is goin on around here? This place feels a bit dead... what is goin on there suckas? Not much towards the suckas on the left... more to those on the right. For the rest of you, allow me to ask you a question... If I were...
  16. Jay_Smash

    el Problemo, No el Promo.

    Hey, what's up, cool! I read the results to Superiority, it was super, "ridiculously entertaining" raves entertainment weekly, "Eating the top of the food chain" says Rolling Stone Magazine... Oh, actually those were all me, but one problem. What? I read... a see but one promo... and I...
  17. Jay_Smash

    Character Development?

    I was wondering what the character development forum was. I can see that there are roleplays, so I was guessing it was in character outside the matches for Mainframe and PPVs. Like, what is our character up to.... Is this it? Correct? Close to it? JS
  18. Jay_Smash

    Well... This is just super.

    All right then... I've received e-mails... I've been told on an EUWC come back... So.... who else is coming back here? Everyone looks like they are really anxious to get this place going again.... I have my reasons not to do anything yet..... Then again, I don't have a match at this...

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