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  1. Mark Kingston

    Back At It

    Richmond, Virginia. The town itself is a bustling coastal town, but downtown is a quick reminder of the economic downtown of the past decade: boarded-up windows, closed-down schools, housing developments never completed. On one corner, across from the well known Dave’s Pizza Joint and in the...
  2. Mark Kingston

    Blood I'll Give Them

    "I'm a hall of famer," said one. "I've been a four-time world champion," said another. "I'm young, but I've been doing this for five years already," said the rest. Its so cute coming onto this forum and seeing my opponents tout their own respective glories. Every one of you seems to value...
  3. Mark Kingston


    Hello all! I've signed up for EFG Battlemania and thought I would introduce myself before I started roleplaying for this exciting event. My name is Tyler and I handle Mark Kingston (Battlemania entrant) and formerly CJ Sparx. Both were members of the now defunct REBEL Pro Wrestling and...
  4. Mark Kingston

    Mark Kingston

    APPLICATION - Handler Name: Tyler - Contact Info: Private Messaged - Current EFed (if any): None; Formerly REBEL Pro and sometimes NAPW - Are you representing that EFed with this character? No (but if I win, I might sign with someone) - Is anyone else from your EFed entered in Battlemania? N/A...

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