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  1. JBM_5B

    Happy Birthday!

    Too J The Ripper aKa Sylo aKa SuperBeast aKa Oh Oh Oh Blueee Giant..
  2. JBM_5B


    TOO ME!!! That's right. today is my birthday and i plan on getting drunk off hennessy, and getting laid later on tonight. Hopefully i dont throw up while getting laid. I can throw up after though. I see you guy's, when i see you. -Jay
  3. JBM_5B

    Twitter this.

    I just finish making a twitter page for my character. You can follow him @JBM_5B :cool:
  4. JBM_5B

    Xbox360 gamer tags.

    Gamer tag: TheHunted976 I can't wait for Black Ops 2.
  5. JBM_5B


    Did anyone see tonights episode of RAW? I have to say this week wasnt that bad.
  6. JBM_5B

    Jimmy Benjamin Martinez Poser.

    Here is a poser made for my character ”JBM”. I think the program he used is Daz3D. He pretty much hit it on the nose, and i love the way the tattoos came out. What do you guys think?
  7. JBM_5B


    I've always followed LoC, fWo & jOlt.I have to say, I am shocked to see some of you guys still around. I remember following some of you, guys like Reno Davis, Sylo, Ray Chavez, Statuz Quo, Duzza and others. Im happy to see you guys still active. I use to talk to some of you guys on AIM. I use to...

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