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  1. Roland

    Grant Kingston

    Hey man, you're in. I'll hit you up. :)
  2. Roland

    Corvo Alpha

  3. Roland

    ASCENSION Runsheet.

    Here are the rundowns. Deadline for both shows would be the same date, Monday, November 9th at midnight EST. If you're someone that writes the actual ref in the matches, check and make sure I didn't change it from your script. I had to make a few switches because refs may have been working 2-3...
  4. Roland

    DEFtv 144 Runsheet

    If anything is missing, it means I forgot it... not that it got moved to UNCUT. Also, as outlined in the rundown there is nothing in the doc for Stevens/Perfection. DEFtv 144 MISSING: SCOTT STEVENS vs. PERFECTION stuff MATCH Who vs Who: SCOTT DOUGLAS & DEACON vs. STALKER & VICTOR VACIO Booked...
  5. Roland

    DEFtv 143 Runsheet

    DEFtv 143 SEGMENT Title (if known): Empty Soul Man Who is Involved: Vacio, Terry Anderson NPC/Staff Characters: Physical Location: Parking Lot Card Placement: Cold Open Writer: Brian RUNDOWN SEGMENT Title (if known): KNIGHTS OF THE FAVOURED Who is Involved: Matt LaCroix, Scrow, Black Panda...
  6. Roland

    DEFtv 142 Runsheet.

    DEFtv 142 SHOW OPEN SEGMENT Title (if known): 24K Who is Involved: Mikey Unlikely, Perfection, Cayle Murray NPC/Staff Characters: Christie Zane Physical Location: Interview stage Card Placement: Early in the show Writer: Mikey, Jay, Murray MATCH Who vs Who: "TWISTS AND TURNS" OSCAR BURNS vs...
  7. Roland

    DEFtv 141 Runsheet

    DEFtv 141 SEGMENT Title (if known): FAVOURED SAINTS PRESS CONFERENCE Who is Involved: NPC/Staff Characters: Physical Location: Wrestleplex Card Placement: Cold Open Writer: Staff RUNDOWN MATCH Who vs Who: [REDACTED] vs. DAVID HIGHTOWER Booked or Impromptu: Booked Card Placement: First match...
  8. Roland

    ACTS of DEFIANCE Runsheet

    ACTS of DEFIANCE SHOW OPEN & RUNDOWN MATCH Who vs Who: ALVARO de VARGAS vs. TRASHCAN TIM Booked or Impromptu: Booked Card Placement: Early Referee: Brian Slater Writer: Josh/Seth MATCH Who vs Who: MATT LaCROIX vs. BLACK PANDA Booked or Impromptu: Booked Card Placement: Early To Mid Referee...
  9. Roland

    DEFtv 140 RUNDOWN

    DEFtv 140 SHOW OPEN & RUNDOWN SEGMENT Title (if known): THE FISTVITATIONAL CONTINUES! Who is Involved: Mikey Unlikely NPC/Staff Characters: NA Physical Location: Mikey's Sweet Suite Card Placement: Very Early Writer: Mikey Unlikely SEGMENT Title (if known): Who is Involved: Trashcan Tim...
  10. Roland

    DEFtv 139 Runsheet

    DEFtv 139 SHOW OPEN & RUNDOWN MATCH Who vs Who: THE LUCKY SEVENS vs. GENTLEMAN'S AGREEMENT Booked or Impromptu: Booked Card Placement: Early in the show Referee: Hector Navarro Writer: Markus SEGMENT Title (if known): WOW! Who is Involved: Mikey Unlikely NPC/Staff Characters: Christie Zane...
  11. Roland

    DEFtv 138 RUNSHEET

    DEFtv 138 SHOW OPEN & RUNDOWN MATCH Who vs Who: TRASHCAN TIM & ADV vs. BRUTAL ATTACK FORCE Booked or Impromptu: Booked Card Placement: Anywhere Referee: Hector Navarro Writer: Josh/Seth WORLD TOUR PT. 1 MATCH Who vs Who: MASSIVE COWBOY vs. THOMAS SLAINE Booked or Impromptu: Booked Card...
  12. Roland

    ACTS of DEFIANCE Arc Feedback

    I'll put this here instead of the chat because I don't want to type on my phone. :) DEFtv 137 FEED ME MORE BACK VERIFIED BLUE CHECK MARK Let me say DEFIANCE is filled with great characters right now, so I think it's saying something when I say Malak is my favourite. More on this later but I...
  13. Roland

    DEFtv 137 RUNSHEET

    Something something something, if you need another segment make sure you tell Brian before putting it backstage, something, something, something. Don't be late, either. Looking at you, Roland. :) DEFtv 137 COLD OPENS SEGMENT Title (if known): VERIFIED BLUE CHECK MARK Who is Involved: Sky High...
  14. Roland


    I'm away for the next 3 weeks (May 10 - June 2) in Germany. I will have some internet access and I will complete what's needed. Just a heads-up though. I still don't have skype fixed as well but I'll try to get on at times.
  15. Roland


    Action Wrestling presents: Rebirth Issue 1.0 Over the upcoming weeks, more issues and information will be announced as all characters come into focus. Thanks for looking!
  16. Roland


    EDITED AND UPDATED AS OF APRIL 4TH. Hello and welcome to the 1st annual (and last annual) DEFIANCE WRESTLE MANIA CHALLENGE. Here's how the pool will work. You get 1 point for any correct prediction, with one special bonus being worth 3 points. The predictions are: MATCH ORDER (including Hall...
  17. Roland

    DEFtv 96 Tag Match of Chaos.

    Hiii, I thought I'd make a quick note of the tag match for DEFtv 96 so everyone is kept up-to-date. The match is: Team DEFIANCE: The D/Klein/Mushigihara/Gage Blackwood/Rich Mahogany/Gunther Adler vs. TEAM UTA: Jack Harmen/Chris Ross/Lisil Jackson/Scott Stevens/The Dibbins Therefore the...
  18. Roland

    The Fuse Bros.

    Handler Information Hiiiii. I spoke to Mikey and pitched an idea about bringing my former tag team into DEFIANCE. He spoke with Murr (or so he said lol) and they granted approval as long as I post an application for approval from the roster. So, here is my tag team application. A couple of...
  19. Roland

    Uncut 28 "Defiance Justice League" (call for faces)

    After many of the DEFIANCE faces got their heads smashed in on DEFtv 89, I threw out in the chat doing a collective segment(s) for Uncut 28 revolving around some of us banning together to discuss things. Seth, Justin and Pete expressed interest. So I'm just posting this here too (since things...
  20. Roland

    Gage Blackwood - Match Writing Aid.

    Bio: http://www.defiancewrestling.com/bio/gageblackwood Personality: Gage is quiet and stoic. He doesn't mean to be rude, though. He's polite and understanding outside of the ring and inside the ring he's fearless and can be aggressive. Right now he has a difficult time displaying his...

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