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ACW Legends Kick-Off Tour - Sydney, Nova Scotia (attendance: 5,500)


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Feb 4, 2005
ACW Live House Show Results
June 17[SUP]th[/SUP], 2013
Centre 200
Sydney, Nova Scotia
Report by Evan Anders

Hey, guys, it’s your old buddy, pal, amigo, referee, and host of World.Wide.Wrestlecide, Evan Anders! Tonight, we’re going to be bringing you an exclusive look at our beginning of the House Show tour. This is the Legends Kick-Off Tour!

A very packed housed in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The Legends Kick-Off Tour was a very popular show with a venue that seated close to about 5,500 people. All-Star Championship Wrestling is proud to bring you results from our very first show of the tour.

1. KIRU defeated Chancellor Knuckles at 7:22 following The Cutdown. Before the match, Alex Pure ran down the crowd and told the crowd they were about to see some technical masterclass masterpiece wrestling. Originally this was scheduled for Pure vs. KIRU, but after about thirty seconds of KIRU chopping his chest, Alex Pure stepped out of the ring and subbed in the big Chancellor Knuckles. Actually a decent power-versus-speed contest that saw KIRU hit a big Tornado DDT followed up with the Cutdown (Swanton Bomb) for the victory.

2. The Squadron won a Six-Man Tag Team Match Over Team Gonze at 2:46. The inaugural Spirit of ACW Champion Jimmy Gonze threatened to crack the whip for his team following an eight-person tag team loss to The Squadron and Team Fight For Your Right to Party. Instead, what we got was domination by a very refocused and reenergized Squadron. Except for a moment where Jimmy Gonze had unleashed a vicious assault on Aaron Fetzer, Squadron dominated with some spectacular three-man tandem offense. They sealed the fate of Crimson Killer followed by a Roundhouse Kick from Nowell and a Double Nose Dive Headbutt from Flyfield and Fetzer.

3. ACW Tag Team Champions Orcs & Humans (Wade Orsival Watson and Billy Law) defeated Team HOSS (Capital Punishment and Angel Trinidad) in a rematch to retain the titles at 9:52. A rematch from Relentless. Despite the following Angel Trinidad and Capital Punishment appeared to be civil for the most part until a miscommunication between a Spear managed to bowl Cappy over and allow big Billy Law to finish him off with the Terror Tower for the win.

4. Chris Moliano defeated Abilities member William T. Rex at 8:31 following the Definitive DDT. The Abilities are back in the hiz-ouse! Everybody’s (nobody’s) favorite troublemakers, William T. Rex and Abraham “Abe” Swift came out to lambast the crowd. The vulgar Swift told the fans what they could do with their syrup bottles and hockey pucks and needless to say, the fans would be sending hate mail his way after the show.

Moliano came to the defense of the fans and wrestled a great match just coming off his narrow loss for the ACW World Title to The Amazing Gabriel. After a sequence that saw Moliano fight back after a power move onslaught by T. Rex, Potential Personified came up with a big win over the monster William T. Rex. He slayed the monster with a Definitive DDT. After the match, Abe Swift got into his face and tried a sneak attack, but he too fell victim to a mighty Definitive DDT.

5. Spirit of ACW Jesse Ramey retained his championship over “The Finely Tuned Athletic Machine” David Race at 11:12. At the start of the night, Ramey left the voting up to fans who could text their match of choice. Lumberjack match, Falls Count Anywhere, or Submission Match. Falls Count Anywhere won the duke.

Fresh off a victory over Jesse Ramey back on Courage 189, Race demanded this shot and was given it. The old rivalry between hungry young gun and hard-working veteran was renewed. After a brawl through the crowd and back, Ramey finally got the duke back inside the ring with a Non Compos Mentis to retain his belt in his third defense. Race had nothing to be ashamed of for his amazing performance.

6. Newcomer “Firestorm” Kenny Yi upset “Powerhouse” Greg Matthews at 5:22 with the Fire Whirl. Kenny Yi has been one of the proud standouts at the All-Star Academy. With a huge chance to impress, he defeated one half of The Health Fanatics with an amazing Split-Legged Moonsault that he called The Fire Whirl. The crowd took to the exciting young Korean-Canadian wrestler like a duck to water. Big things could be on the horizon for the kid.

7. Spike Saunders and Tyson XL defeated Vic Gravender and “The Unit” Jack Harris by disqualification when Harris introduced a chair. Fresh off their amazing fight at Relentless, the three monsters added Jack Harris to the mix in tag action. The result was nothing less than absolute chaos. Gravender and Harris introduced a chair into the match and fought back. However, it would be Tyson XL and Spike Saunders standing tall on this occasion. They fought back and eventually hit stereo finishers on Jack Harris (BOOM HEADSHOT) followed by an amazing Moonsault by the 323-pound Tyson while Vic Gravender got out of dodge with The Family Keeling. If this is any indication of what’s to come, these men may not be done with their personal issues by a long shot.

8. ACW Black Scorpion Champion Keith Scott Zimmerman defeated Davey La Rue in 7:18 via Merciless Judgments to retain the gold. Easily the biggest match for one Davey La Rue. While he had seen some success alongside Fight Man in the tag team division recently, The brawler from Baton Rouge stepped up to the plate against The Only Sociopath That Matters, who had violently ended his alliance with Orphan at Relentless. Davey had the full support of the crowd and he came damn close on one occasion, hitting The Morning After through a table. However, KSZ proved his toughness by standing up at the count of seventeen. Just moments later, a violent chair barrage and a Straightjacket DDT led to a Merciless Judgment punt to the head – the finishing move of his now-former partner. One has to wonder where KSZ goes from here after his most despicable act… but the bottom line is wherever he wants.

9. ACW World Heavyweight Champion The Amazing Gabriel defeated Zip Zap at 15:32 to retain the Championship. While Zip Zap had just won a future title shot at the Spirit of ACW Championship, he was more than ready to jump at the chance to take on his former leader. TAG did everything he could to try and keep the high flyer down, but chants of “NUMBER ONE” kept him going throughout the entire bout. Zip Zap had almost pulled out the biggest win of his career, along with one of the bigger upsets in ACW history, but after a successful Zapper ended up with Elyse Frost putting TAG’s leg on the bottom rope. A subsequent distraction from Elyse led to TAG’s Pill Popper kick followed by Nothing Short of Amazing for the win.

Following the match, TAG called out his forces to take out Zip Zap for good. Luckily, Spike Saunders, Tyson XL, and Chris Moliano all came to the aid of the high flying underdog and sent them packing. What was worse for TAG…


For the second time, Andy Sharp had attacked TAG since having his checkered past revealed to the world. Security dragged Andy away, who was not scheduled to be at the show and the crowd started to go into a frenzy for the fight between the two Legends opponents. TAG and The Night Life hightailed it up the ramp and back into the audience.

Tyson XL, Zip Zap, Chris Moliano, and Spike Saunders all took the time to thank the crowd for coming to the first leg of the Legends Kick-Off Tour. It was indeed a packed night for the fans who had been given a great show as the official lead-in to The biggest show of ACW’s calendar year.

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