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Dec 16, 2003
Azusa, California

The Holy Scriptures proclaim that the signs of the End Times will be wars and rumors of wars. Famine and pestilence will become rampant in the world. Hypocrites will rule our nations and others will lead many astray. What was once considered good and wholesome is now considered intolerance and ignorant.

The same can be said of professional wrestling.

For 10 years one man has stood against the decay of our sport. He has fought to the brink of death for what is right. He has taken many so-called “world titles” and brought prestige back to them. He has taken dying promotions and made them top leagues in the eyes of the fans.

Now he arrives in Empire Pro Wrestling.

BEHOLD! The signs of the End Times are coming to EPW!.

Soon EPW will feel his presence.

Soon EPW will feel his wrath.

Soon, EPW will see the debut of……………………………………


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