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CARD POSTED! (Sort of)


Where's my money, Chad?
Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
So...it's up. READ THE CARD HERE.

Before you start leaving feedback about how the card sucks and it's missing two matches and other material, here's what you should know...

-Pete is going to edit in Impulse v. Stevens

-Whoever is writing the three-way (I forgot) is going to send their match to me or Brunk, and we'll edit it in.

-Brunk (if he chooses) can throw in the Dan Ryan pre-match interview wherever he feels like (suggested place: the beginning of the main event post), and can edit whatever he wants into the end of the main event in terms of post-match Dan Ryan mic spot.

Yes, I realize this is totally fucked up and backwards, but honestly? I just wanted to get the match up at this point. Justin was good enough to get me his match on time, so I didn't want to sit on it any longer. We also had plenty of time (4 months!) for everyone to send me whatever the hell they wanted. I was extremely lazy in getting the main event done as well, so I'm not pointing fingers. Hey, we all have better shit to do, right? So it is what it is. I like what we have here, but perhaps the timing was bad as it seems like half the forum is taking a breather right now.

Again, no big deal. I just did not want to this card to end up in the graveyard like so many others before it on account of a few minor things not being finished. The main event was so close to completion, we had intros and whatnot, and the people whose matches were left out have as long as they want to post the results. Why not cap off the main and just post the damn show? So that's what I did.

Thank you to everyone for participating in this by signing up and RPing. I hope it's worth a read, if only for the rape jokes, drunk commentary, and Dan Ryan's soiling of the Dallas Cowboys. Enjoy.

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