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Chaos Picks: Week 2


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
The camera opens and the smiling face of Chaos wearing a Titans jersey comes into camera)

Chaos: ok Week one was going ok, but a couple of teams didn't feel lie showing up on Monday night, Thank you Chargers, but hey First week 10 and 6, not awful, not great

1-0) Arizona Cardinals at
(0-1) Atlanta Falcons

Chaos Picks: The Falcons are home and aren't play the Steelers - Dirty Birds

(1-0) Baltimore Ravens at
(0-1) Cincinnati Bengals

Chaos Pick: OK I'm crossing my fingrs Ray Lewis can bring it on a short week and the Bengals don't show up on offence again to the 3rd quarter - Ravers

(1-0) Kansas City Chiefs at
(0-1) Cleveland Browns

Chaos Pick: The Chiefs might just have something decent this year and hey it's the Brows - Chiefs

(1-0) Chicago Bears at
(0-1) Dallas Cowboys

Chaos Pick: The Cowboys get the offensive line and the Bears aren't playing Detroit - Cowboys

(0-1) Philadelphia Eagles at
(0-1) Detroit Lions

Chaos Pick: Vick kills dogs, but sadly won't get eaten by Lions - Eagles

(0-1) Buffalo Bills at
(1-0) Green Bay Packers

Chaos Pick: - Packers are down a running game, but still have a quarterback - Packers

(1-0) Pittsburgh Steelers at
(1-0) Tennessee Titans

Chaos Pick: Ok, it's going to be a good game and I'm bias - Titans

(1-0) Miami Dolphins at
(0-1) Minnesota Vikings

Chaos Pick: The Viks still need some boys back from Injury, but Favre is now in week two of training camp - Vikings

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at
(0-1) Carolina Panthers

Chaos Pick: Matt Moore got rocked pretty good last week, and might not play - Bucs

(1-0) Seattle Seahawks at
(0-1) Denver Broncos

Chaos pick: Hey Pete Carrol these guys are supposed to get paid to play and play this did. let's hope they play two weeks in a row - Seahawks

(0-1) St. Louis Rams at
(0-1) Oakland Raiders

Chaos pick: The Rams have offense, the Raiders are just awful - Rams

(1-0) New England Patriots at
(0-1) New York Jets

Chaos Pick: Look the Jets are injury prone and maybe overated, the Pats looked damn good last week - Pats

(1-0) Jacksonville Jaguars at
(0-1) San Diego Chargers

Chaos Pick: The Chargers are going to get booed off the field this week at home if the loose again because of not sigining key free agents - Chargers

(1-0) Houston Texans at
(1-0) Washington Redskins

Chaos pick: The Texans have a stupid name, but good team - Texans

(1-0) New York Giants at
(0-1) Indianapolis Colts

Chaos Pick: Payton Manning can still put up numbers and he's home - Colts
Mon, Sep. 20

(1-0) New Orleans Saints at
(0-1) San Francisco 49ers

Chaos Pick: The Saints have had plenty of rest and the 49ers just might not be what I thought - Saints

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