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David Noble - Application


Jan 24, 2007
Markdown (GitHub flavored):
David Noble - DEFIANCE Application

### _Handler Information_

*Name:* Craig Maloof
*Email Address:* Craig@craigmaloof.com
*Best Way to Contact You:* Email or Discord (CraigM)
*eWrestling Experience:* Lots of places over 20+ years, including DEFIANCE in the past
*How did you find DEFIANCE?:* Been here before, talked to Ford, and I decided I’d like to have fun with people.
*DEFIANCE is an angle fed that asks its roster members to write matches (generally with a feud partner) during each arc they’re involved in. Is this something you’re willing to do?:* I love writing matches.

### _Writing Sample_

[DEF*MAX Tournament (Block B) + Southern Heritage Championship Mach: David Noble vs. Frank Holiday](http://defiancewrestling.com/results/97#1505)

### _Wrestler(s) Information_

And if you’re one of those handlers who hates doing movesets, just say so and staff/the roster will help you.

*Ring Name:* David Noble
*Height:* 6’2”
*Weight:* 265lbs

*Hailing From:* Los Angeles, CA

*Theme Music:* Heaven and Hell by Kanye West

*Alignment:* Face

*Gimmick:* Noble, since leaving DEFIANCE last time, has been dealing with his personal issues the only way he knows how, fighting. He’s gone away from his high-flying style and has turned into a fighter/striker, focusing on knee strikes and targeting body parts of his opponent to wear them down. He’s an in-your-face, brawler, with a penchant for enjoying pain and being tough to keep down (though he loses).

*Wrestling Style:* Striker/Brawler/Fighter. He wants to inflict pain.

*Three Weaknesses:*

1) Heart on his sleeve kind of guy. Because of that, people have an easy time pushing his buttons and tearing him up. He can get hot-headed very easily and as a result, become tunnel visioned.

2) He can get lost in the trees quite a bit, letting his rage get the best of him to the detriment of himself.

3) He likes to live life on the edge, in both his professional and personal life.

*Three Strengths:*

1) He is a student of the sport. He knows his stuff inside and out. He loves the sport and is willing to give his all to it.

2) He is passionate, when he has the clarity. He knows what he wants and he has a tremendous amount of tenacity.

3) David is very loyal. He will always have someone’s back, to a fault, and be there no matter what.


*10 regular moves:*

1) German Suplex
2) Northern Lights Suplex
3) Enziguri
4) Triangle Choke
5) Shining Wizard
6) Spinning Elbow
7) Lariat
8) Uppercut
9) Forearm Smash
10) Spinebuster

*2-5 trademark moves:*

1) Saito Suplex
2) Gogoplata
3) Ocean Suplex
4) Spear
5) Running Leg Clothesline

*1 Finishing Move:*

Rise Up (Jumping Knee Strike)

*1 “MDK” (murderdeathkill) Finishing Move (Rare Special Occasion Finisher)*

Last Chance (Crucifix Cutter)



Jan 1, 2000
You'll need to change your finisher, Craiggles, someone already uses the V-Trigger as a finishing move.

Other than that, you're a DEF alum so I'll vote yes but don't make me regret it.


League Member
Jul 12, 2020
People whose opinion I trust are saying yes, so I will blindly follow and also say yes. Good times ahead.

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