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Hex Angel

"I was lost, I was trapped in a dark, dark place/But I found a way out from underneath my disgrace/And while I can't really say that you did it alone/You showed me the way... home"

Eli sat in the control room of the studio, watching Valerian's Garden kick it with some new material. He smiled, watching his girlfriend Angel work the kinks out of a song she just finished the words to this morning for their upcoming album 'Terminal Tribute.' And even though she's four months pregnant, she still looks incredibly hot in her (more for show than anything else right now) corset and flowing dress.

And she can still headbang.

'Worthless Liar? You told the truth/The only sane voice for this insane youth/At my lowest point you helped me see it through/Now the only thing to say...'

The music cuts out completely, and Angel's voice lowers to a whisper.

'... is THANK YOU.'

"Killer," said Eli, grabbing a Red Stripe from the refrigerator, "Want one?"

"Naaah," replied Troy, sitting at the computer designing a very new- wave logo for the band's website, "Check it out, there's almost a hundred people on the band's mailing list."

Eli leaned over his shoulder and looked down the list of E-Mail addresses - a few he recognized like "AsskickerAnon@iceman.com", "Tempestrave@pixystix.com," "Paragon@mightyhero.com," and "Badass@TripleXXX.com"

Eli pondered this for a moment.

"Troy, check on CSWAwrestling.com for a second, willya?"

The bus driver/webmaster complied. Sure enough, there was a days- old promo from Eli's friend, rival, and opponent, 'Triple X' Sean Stevens. He seemed to be in a fairly mellow mood, compared to his state immediately following the United States Championship match at Fish Fund 13, when not even Poison Ivy could talk him down.

Ivy's obviously talked him down in the past few days.

Who could've figured out the impact Ivy would've had on Trip? Or him on her? Or both of them on Eli and vice- versa? Life's funny sometimes.


In the background, you can still see Angel singing, but you really can't hear her anymore. The picture rolls slightly, as Eli Flair's arm (so identified by the tattoos and spiked bracelets) enters the scene and adjusts... something. The picture stops rolling, and a timestamp appears along the bottom edge.

Evidently, it's a cheap webcam.

"I'm glad you remember most of the things that made us as close friends as we've become, Trip... I was worried that Codine was getting to you. It's odd to me that he would go to such great lengths to convince you that we're hangers- on, trying to capitalize on your success in the past year and a half. Truth be told, it's been hard for me to see the exchanges between you two, considering I was as much a part of the Perfect Circle as you and he... but he's apparently out of the loop just the same as to where he was when you needed both of us."

"Well, Trip... I'll tell you where he was. He was backstage, watching the monitors with the rest of 'em, afraid to do anything to jeopardize his good relationship with the heads of state, wishing he'd had the sac to do what Ivy and I did - the right thing. And maybe he's just a little bit embarrassed that a woman was more of a man than him."

Eli laughed at a nonverbal joke between the three.

"See? The shades of the Perfect Circle are still enough to distract me, too. But I'll tell you what Codine didn't tell you... what he's been afraid to tell you. All his efforts toward you have been to one end, Trip... to shake your confidence."

"Am I wrong? Why else would he tell you that he 'made you a wrestler'? Why else would he be so pointed as to dismiss Mason, Lint, Ivy and myself? Why else would he suggest you stand by Shane Southern, a man you've barely passed in the halls, much less had a history with. GUNS? Hornet? Is it just me or was Codine consciously trying to avoid saying the name 'Flair' because he knew you could trust me? Or is he just trying to control you by telling you, over and over again, about how he made you?"

"Let me tell you now, in plain english, so there's no chance of misinterpreting. The extent to which anyone... anyone had a hand in your career was the way in which Poison Ivy and myself have tried to protect you from the backstage politics that permeate the wrestling business, to try and see to it that you weren't politicked out of rightfully deserved matches, and to make sure you weren't being used as a pawn. Codine didn't even do that much. Maybe it's a matter of misinformation that caused everyone to call you Flair Junior... maybe the guilty ones, having reached their current career peaks through backstage politics, can't imagine what it was like to earn respect. Codine and the others can say what they want, but like I said... all I did was open the door here."

"Your ability and charisma did everything else."

"But be that as it may, Trip... we've both got a job to do. And we're both going to do it as well as we can, better than anyone else in the CSWA. It seems almost... criminal... that one of us will win and one of us will lose. But that's the nature of the beast. One of us will wrestle better than the other, and that man will win. Unless the Merry Band of Idiots decides that they simply can't stand the thought of two men wrestling without a political agenda... without hating each others guts... dare I say... without any hidden motive beyond the fact that we both want the same thing. A clean match and that CSWA World Championship."

"At PRIMETIME, Sean... we'll see who moves one step closer. And we'll see whether or not the Merry Band of Idiots can live with it."


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