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Doc Silver Retirement

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: Doc Silver standing in front of an MBE banner, Green Machine standing beside him. Doc is wearing a "Shirley crawling over the star" Garbage 96 World Tour T-Shirt and his standard sweat pants. Green Machine has a fresh off the press Randy Moss Patriots #81 blue home jersey on.)

DOC: "Well this is pretty anti-climatic, but well, as our dear former Sec. o' defense said...You retire with the retirement you have, not the one you wish you had."

GREENIE: "I'm not exactly sure that was the quote."

DOC: "Be silent...Anyhow...The world missed out on so many great retirements I could have had...Like when I shocked the world and showed up in CSWA, won their world title and was a total scumbug, oh how I'd threaten to set that belt on fire, or take a dump in a toilet and then throw the belt in it without flushing...And how Joey, dear dear Joey Melton would rally, the great avatar of CSWA...To challenge me...I'd make the contract simple, he wins, he wins the title and I am retired, he loses, he has to get teabagged again...And how I'd cut all kinds of horrible promos about how clearly his stipulations for defeat were merely reasons for him to throw the fight...And blah blah blah, till he, the great hero, defeated me and sent me on my way...

Or Lindsay Troy...Oh, we could have had a hair Vs Career match...That coulda been cool, but alas...Not to be...

Or any of the young pups in MBE could have taken the torch from me and sent me off to the poker tables...

None of it came to pass...

Nor did this...As I like to call it, the Mike Randalls retirement.

(CUTTO: A darkened room, the camera pans to show GREENIE laying on the ground dead, eyes glassy. Against a wall a few feet away is a scared to death looking DOC, hands trembling, holding a gun, his back to a glass door. A voice from the darkness speaks.)

"RANDALLS": "Always knew it had to end like this didn't you..."

DOC: "Why did you kill him? What did he ever do to you?!"

"RANDALLS": "Every day he lived after that Piano fell on him was a blessing, it had to run out sometime. I think you just envy that I made it so quick on him."

DOC: "I could give you all the money you want! I'll go across the nation letting you beat the sh*t out of me, anything, just don't do this!"

"RANDALLS": "You know that won't work, you know this ends the way I want it to, you know you die tonight."

DOC: "Not if I kill you!"

(DOC fires three shots into the darkness.)


(A body hits the ground. DOC stands there panting for a few moments before "RANDALLS" flys out of nowhere, disarming DOC with one swift motion. A series of punches rock DOC before "RANDALLS" drives a headbutt into DOC'S face, shattering his nose and sending him crumpling to the ground.)

"RANDALLS": "Got your hopes up didn't I?" (laughs)

DOC: "What's next? What do I have to suffer next?"

"RANDALLS": "Well I was thinking...Since we have all night, what with this place being so far out in the boonies even gunfire won't attract attention...I'd do a little compare and contrast between our old friends..."

DOC: "What do you mean?"

"RANDALLS": "I was thinking we'd see who was right about his weapon of choice...Marcus"

(A hand extends from the darkness into the light. A yard of dental floss hangs from it)

"RANDALLS": "Or Gladiator"

(The other hand extends into the light. A yard of piano wire hangs from it.)

DOC: "Oh...God" (Spits up blood, gags.)

(DOC begins crawling towards towards the gun.)

"RANDALLS": "Yeah that's it, crawl to the gun, always about the weapon, the trick, the thug, always about something from without for you...Never about power from within, oh I know about the bullsh*t about kicking out or whatever...But really any b*tch can sit there and let somebody pound the hell out of them, what a truly noble task that is...To be a blood soaked kicktoy who wins because he can find some weapon...Some device to save him...It speaks to a man with no self esteem, a man who's a coward...a man that for all his supposedly important titles and honors, still sees himself as nothing but a fraud..."

(DOC gets to the gun and picks it up.)

DOC: "Mike...Can I tell you something?"

"RANDALLS": "Yes but be brief...The Piano wire seems like an excellent first choice and I'd like to get to it soon."

DOC: "The gun was never for you...It's for me"

(DOC sticks the gun in his mouth)


(The camera pans to a blur of motion as "RANDALLS" rushes towards DOC, a gunshot goes off, the glass door behind DOC shatters, blood splattering all over it...DOC falls over dead, blood pooling around his skull.)

"RANDALLS": "Even in death, you're a coward...I look at you now...Like this...And I still can't even trust you..."

("RANDALLS" reaches down and touches the wound to DOC'S head...He puts the blood to his mouth.)

"RANDALLS: "Yup, spinal fluid in there...You're gone..."

(THE FIRST walks past the shattered glass window and looks at the dead body of DOC and "RANDALLS" standing over him.)

FIRST: "You shall meet...Again."

(THE FIRST walks away. "RANDALLS" looks down at DOC)

"RANDALLS": "I guess I'll see you down the road."

("RANDALLS" walks away from the bodies of DOC and GREENIE.)

(CUTTO: DOC and GREENIE standing in front of the MBE banner.)

GREENIE: "Man that was pretty friggin' horrible when you killed yourself like that, but I must say it helped me out a lot, cause I took a *beating* when the Pats failed to cover over Indy, but with the bids coming in on EBay on all your old belts and other stuff, I'll be looking good, hell I'll even be up like a few thousand."

DOC: "I'm not dead you idiot, that was a movie production..."

GREENIE: "But, the blood...And..."

DOC: "You died in the film too, didn't you remember that?"

GREENIE: "Yeah but I was just laying there and stuff, you had your brains blasted out..."

DOC: "I'm standing next to you right now, quite alive moron."

GREENIE: "Awww man this is trippy stuff...I suppose you want me to take that stuff down."

DOC: "Yes please do..."

GREENIE: "Bah...Well if Lynch don't play I'll just re-invest everything this weekend, Bills getting CRUSHED!"

DOC: "Ya know, I kinda think my final act in wrestling and life shoulda been turning the gun on myself, seeing as how pitiful this all has turned out."

GREENIE: "Well call up Rich, I'm sure he could work out something, the 'Doc Silver retirement motorcade tour' or whatever."

DOC: "Bah, you're useless...Well anyhow, sorry this ended so poorly, there is about only one way to wrap all this up...So well, let's go there...



Justin Evitable

League Member
Jun 29, 2007
Wethersfield, CT
Justin Evitable appears in front of an MBE screen during a regularly televised program's commercial block in place of normal MBE programming, Justin is wearing a black button down shirt, some worn out blue jeans and a chalice with the "True Face" jewel encrusted on the front, a bottle of Hennesy in the other hand pouring it into the chalice, Riki Yakamo to his left and ROBOYORI on his right, ROBOYORI snatches the chalice and chugs it down like the Bender-esque robot that he is, Justin angril snaps the chalice back into his own hands, pours some more hennesy, Riki then delivers the other ingredient to his drink, Monster energy drink

So, you think this is how this is going to end, Doc? That MBE is just going to go silently into that good night and you were going to take that MBE Heavyweight Championship with you to put on that mantle as your last great conquest? Well as the great Judas Priest once said, you've got another thing coming.

Yes, MBE might be a lifeless husk of its once former greatness of which will never be recovered, but I will not allow the final taint, the last nail in the coffin, the epitomy of its once wonderous beuty of sports entertainment end on this note, because I have one final challenge for you Doc Silver, if you're willing to take on just one final match.

Becuase, Doc Silver, I'm willing to open up the checkbooks of the MBE for one last time to liquidate whatever resources there are left for one final Pay Per View extravaganza, a proper funeral for a once great association of wrestlers with a treasured history, where legends were once born and the people such as myself, were able to taste the sweet champagne (pronounced sham-pag-knee by your "True Face") of wrestling brilliance and primetime glamour, to end such a wonderful reign once and god forbid all of a beautiful federation that was doomed from the start. That's right Doc, I kept this thing going during the last days and I'm willing to put it to rest finaly as the doors will close one more time, but not before going out without a fight, for MBE deserves that much.

I'll admit Doc, you made the reign of MBE World Heavyweight Champion look that sweet when you defeated me at Total Elimination, the first MBE Pay Per View since the rebirth and we made that match one of the best of its kind, and I am willing to do the same again to make sure that MBE gets its last rites from an MBE original such as myself. One final sanctioned match between the two of us, in a card full of who the hell gives a ****s from various federations, it matters not to me, let the old guard come out of the woodwork to pad the card for all I care because I am offering you one final main event preformance before you take off those boots one last time, and I want that MBE Heavyweight Championship to be on the line....it's an all in bet and I want you to call, because I dont have much left on the stack and the MBE championship is the last thing you can put up on the line in your career.

You've done it all Doc, you've been there and you've done that and you have the t-shirt to prove it, and even though I have been around the block, Doc, I'm still trying to get my hands dirty and make the name the "True Face" has always meant to be. So what do you say, one final match to finaly close the doors on this once hallowed ground that was MBE, give it the proper burial it has been asking for this entire millenia, one last opportunity for the fans to chant MBE before it becomes nothing more than a shadow of its former self....

One last time, Doc....

One last time....

fade out

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