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EWI Presents Genesis - 12 SEP 99

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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
Saturday, September 11th

(Harders and Zieba are sitting in their joint office having a minor discussion on, of all things, beer.

RH: Man, you know I'm not into beer that much.

EZ: I don't care how much you like beer boy, you better conceed to the fact that MGD is top of the line s***.

RH: Only to the taste buds of someone living in Texa….

(The phone rings.)

RH: Hello?….The deal went through? Excellent……Hmm….Thank you.

(He hangs up the phone and looks at Zieba)

EZ: We got it?

RH: Damn straight.

(They give each other high fives.)

EZ: I will go prepare our employees.

(Harders nods and Zieba leaves.)

RH: So it has begun!


Saturday, September 11th, 8:07pm

('Good God' Kevin Powers is seen in his hotel room talking on the phone with, go figure, a beer in his hand.)

KP: I'll tell you what! The good life is back and you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm gonna crash the party at Genesis. You know that my good buddy and I have some business to discuss so......

(Suddenly a knock is at the door with a voice behind it)

Male Voice: Hey you ready?

KP: Yeah in a second! Hey I've gotta go I'll talk to ya later aright? Cool.

(Powers makes his way to the door and walks outside, but picks up a couple of more words)

KP: You know I'm always ready to go...and you....we're gonna talk about that shot you took at me.

Female Voice: Who? Me?

KP: Yeah. You.

(the door closes and you can hear the three laughing as the go down the hallway


Held att the United Center, Chicago

(The camera pans around the crowd in the arena. It stops at various signs..aka "Put that drunk Powers back in Betty Ford", "It's time for a little Flair", "The Clique are our champions", ect… As it does this, we hear the voices of our announcers.)

BS: Welcome to the United Center in Chicago! We are pleased to be presenting the MWC's PPV, Genesis. It promises to be a can't miss show.

MP: YEAH BABY! I can feel it, very orgasmic.

BS: Thanks Mike. (whips his brow)

MP: What? You mean you can't feel it? The electricity makes me…

BS: Hold on Mike, I am getting a message from the back.

MP: Huh, what? From who? Is it good? Shagadelic?

BS: Shut up Mike. We have got something from Victoria.

MP: Oh, she is hot! (he whips the drool from his mouth.)

(Cut to Victoria standing in the back locker room.)

VM: Hi, I have got recent reports that something big has gone down with the company.

(Voice Over)BS: Well, what is that "something"?

VM: I have no clue Bret, all my sources would say, is it is big.

MP: Vicky, how about you, me, and my swedish….I mean my member go do a little shagging?

VM: You know, I think I may actually miss Kevin compared to you.

BS: Vicky, can we please get back to the point?

VM: Thank you Bret… As I was saying, the announcement will come later on in the night. We aren't sure when, but it supposed to occur tonight. Oh wait, here comes K-9.

(The camera cuts to the back hallway area of the United Center where the wrestlers and other personel enter at. As the camera captures the entire setting of the area in walks K-9 from the outside Chicago heat. As he is walking in Victoria McCave catches up to the Innovator of Insanity in hopes of an interview.)

VM: K-9. Kevin Nine. Can I talk to you about your match tonight at Genesis?

(K-9 stops in his tracks and looks at McCave for a second, shakes his head, and walks right past her towards the locker room area. As he continues down the hallway 'The Mastero' Bryan Blair comes out of one the rooms K-9 already passed and jumps him from behind with a tire iron. McCave is walking back when she stumbles across what is happening.)

VM: Oh we've got an exclusive back here! Get this show NOW!

(Blair continues to assult K-9 with the tire iron until K-9 won't move anymore. Blair throws the tire iron aside and goes to kick K-9 to see if he is still concious. When he realizes that K-9 is out cold he calls for Contessa. She comes walking over with one hand covering her face with a victorian mask while, in the other hand, she is carring her purse. Contessa hands Blair the purse and he pulls out a hancherif and drops it on the back of a fallen K-9 and then walks away.)

VM: Come on guys let's get a closer shot of this.

(The camera zooms in on the hanicherif and shows that it has the initals "BB" on it.)

VM: Guys we've got a situation back here and hopefully we can get this thing resolved later one. Back to you guys.

(Cut back to Bret and Mike.)

MP: Oh my, Someone wasn't very happy now, were they?

BS: No, I don't believe they were.

MP: Oh well, he deserved it, the bugger pulled that crap with Blair last time.

BS: Anyways, like I was saying, we have got lots of action for you tonight! In our opening bout we have the returning 'Too Sweet' Brian Schwartz going against one of many from Manifest Destiny...Nemesis!

MP: Oh yeah! Even though I like that Nemesis, you just can't go with him when he's facing someone known as Too Sweet! The Schwartz fellow has got the shag look about him and I see him making a SWINGING comeback

BS: After that we're gonna get just a little bit extreme with a tag team, good old fashioned Chicago Street fight with Fallen Dreams facing off against The Gothic Alchemy

MP: Fallen Dreams has been here and this is Alchemy's first match in the MWC. I really don't see them taking it all the way, but I've been wrong before.

BS: Then we have the debut of one Jamilliah Creed as he faces off against Wayne Roberts.

MP: Well the prankster slash janitor of the MWC finally gets to have a taste of his own medcine when he goes one on one with Roberts. I doubt if he can get away with the stuff he's been pulling off in the ring this time.

BS: And then the grudge match that has been waiting to happen. Lukass Holden faces off against the recently vocal Trey Holmes

MP: I think that it's fair for what he has been saying. He feels that he is geting jipped by this company and he has the right to say something. Don't you people have that right?

BS: Why yes we do. After that we've got your favorites Simply Stunning facing off against The X's in a Join up or Butt out match.

MP: Yeah Baby! Simply Stunning is just to groovy to be getting cramped by the style of The X's. And just think. After here they face the tag champions at the next Hostile Take Over.

BS: And then, for the Television title, Bret Kross will be defending that title against the man himself Bobby Jackson.

MP: Coming off that win he's got all the MOJO and nothing can stop him now!

BS: And we're not even done yet folks. We'll be following that up with a lumberjack match. Some would call it The Final Match cause after this there will be no excuses. Hellfighter, recently eliminated from the Extreme Tournament, will be facing the self-proclaimed leader of Mechanical Animals...Angelus.

MP: This should be one smashing contest and I can't wait to see who takes the vicotry here.

BS: And after that we're gonna get a little bit NASTY! It's the finals for the Extreme bet as Matt Martin takes on Steve Radder. And it's all gonna be decided in, of all things, a ladder match!

MP: The way I see it Radder shouldn't even be there so I really don't care.

BS: Well that is your opinion and option. After that, staying with title themes, Commando defends his Intercontinental belt against the returning Cameron Cruise.

MP: And how did Cruise sneak into the title scene? He must know someone at MWC Towers or something!

BS: And then, the one everyone has been waiting for, Casanova Clique will once again go against San An's Best in a NO DQ there must be a winner match.

MP: Well things might be easier for them than they thing since K-9 just got taken out in the back. We could see some new champs in Chicago.

BS: And then the MAIN EVENT as Eddy Love defends his belt against his close friend Bryan Blair.

MP: Ah yes! The Blair Witch goes for his third win in a row against The man of Love, but can he cast that spell? I don't think so cause Eddy's got too much going for him right now.

BS: Well we've got all of that and plenty more where that......

(Suddenly, "One Nation" by Ice Cube and George Clinton starts up, the crowd almost at once starts to boo loudly, before they even appear from behind the curtain. Casey is the first one to appear from behind the curtain, bringing forth a pretty decent amount of cheers, then comes Commando right behind her wearing his new Intercontinental title belt and the cheers start to turn into boos, then comes Nemesis, Cuban Cigar in hand, then Lone Wulf and K-9 with the tag straps and there's nothing but boos. A fan reaches over the guard rail and tries to touch Casey, Commando jumps up to the man and raises his hand up to his head like he's going to back hand the fan and the fan backs up a little. Commando then continues his decent down the ring. the chorus to "One Nation" kicks in as MD reaches the ring and begins to walk into. The IC strap, and tag straps are laid in the middle of the ring, Nemesis, K-9, Lone Wulf, and Commando climb the turnbuckles, Casey standing in the middle, trying to pick up the three titles at once. As the lyrics "nothing can stop us now" of the chorus are said, the four men on the turnbuckle cross their arms in an x and fireworks are shot off from some where. Lone Wulf grabs a mic and the members of MD gather in the middle of the ring as the music dies down.)

Lone Wulf: now before I start off I'd like to state that I hate EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU PEOPLE IN THIS ARENA!

(boos from the crowd)

Lone Wulf: That's right, each and every one of you down to your hypocritical, overweight, inbreeding, can't-do-2-push-ups, fair-weather fan guts! That's right, when we started this in....what was it? DOMINATION, that's right. When we started in Domination, nobody gave us a snowballs chance in hell of accomplishing...ANYTHING! Now look at us, MWC WORLD tag team champions, undefeated at that, MWC Inter Continental champion, Nemesis, former commissioner, Casey, sexiest lady of the MWC, and the list goes on. We've snapped more necks then, then Casey has broken hearts. We sent Justin Sane packing out of here back to his little independent federations where the worst thing he was to worry about is a fan taking his job. We split up the Eliminators, and now Perry Saturn WEARS A DRESS!!!

Nemesis: No man, that wasn't us.

Lone Wulf: Oh, well in any event we've done more in this past month or 2 then most of MWC competitors have done in their entire careers! Now the past couple of weeks there's been talk of MD going soft, hell, we haven't broken anybody's necks since the pay per view, we hadn't done anything controversial in a while, and now we have VP Ez barking orders at us like he runs the show. Well Ezy, your barking up the wrong tree, and rest assured, before the night is done, we'll have done something that will make each and everyone of you sick to your stomachs, saying "why did they do that to that poor sap? How could they have no mercy? Aren't they human at all" the next morning. Now K-9...

(Lone Wulf turns to K-9, the rest of MD forms a semicircle around K-9, K-9 has a confused look about him.)

Lone Wulf: Now last Hostile Take Over, you said you had gotten help. Now you and I both know that that's not the truth, why would you lie like that? I've known you for too long brother for you to pull a fast one on me, but I have a remedy for this situation. Now I'm going to make this promise, I will not tag with you, you will not be aloud to be a part of MD, until you go to Betty Ford Clinic, Alcoholics Anonymous, wherever, and get help...

(Lone Wulf is right in front of K-9, K-9 goes to open up his mouth but before he can, Lone Wulf kicks him in the stomach, hoists him up in the air, brings him down as Commando delivers a neckbreaker.)

BS: 3D!!!! THE DESTINY DEATH DROP! What are they doing? What did K-9 do? He's Lone Wulf's brother! This isn't right!

Lone Wulf: (picked up the mic and is stomping away on K-9) you wanted to be a loner so much, well now you can portray what you wanted the people to think of you, now you can act like you don't need anybody! NOW you can act like everybody's abandoned you, although we are doing this to help you, you are on your own now!

(Lone Wulf throws the mic down as he picks him up, Lone Wulf puts all of his weight into a clothesline, as Commando does a leg sweep. Nemesis goes to the outside for some "goodies," as Casey picks up the mic, she's laughing.)

Casey: K-9, you've had this coming, Kevin, I'm sorry, but this is the only way we can get through to you.

(Nemesis tosses a chair wrapped in barbed wire in, it's obvious they've planned this and have set up things underneath the ring. Casey puts her hand on her hip)

Casey: all that complaining you've been doing lately, we're taking it easy on you, becuase we care about you Kevin, this is not to hurt you but to help you, I know you may not understand but you will.

(Commando gives K-9 the NOSE DIVE on the chair with barbed wire, Commando pulls K-9 up, barbed wire stuck in K-9's head. Commando stands K-9 up as he and Lone Wulf pick up chairs Nemesis tossed in there and get on opposite sides of K-9, they both hit K-9 square in the head with chairs at the same time, Lone Wulf on the back of the head, Commando on the front of the head, K-9 falls flat on his face.)

Casey: You are Lone Wulf's brother t, and MD's comrade, therfore we feel a sence of compassion for you, I sincerely hope this get's through to you.

VM(from the back, Voice Over): this is sick, this is just wrong, K-9 didn't do anything to deserve....THIS.


BS: You can't possibly be enjoying this?

MP: it's a very swinging shindig, I'm digging it baby, YEAH!

(Lone Wulf sits on the top turnbuckles, Commando picks K-9 up to his feet and picks him up to Lone Wulf, Lone Wulf stands on the top turnbuckle, puts K-9 between his legs, and...3D OFF THE TOP ROPE! As Casey hands Lone Wulf back the mic)

Lone Wulf: Remember when we wanted to do that to what's his nuts, K-9, but you said "no", it's wrong, we shouldn't make enemies, we shouldn't end a man's career, now your giving people little half ass attacks, you wanted to be left out of MD's attacks, well now you have what you want, MD never went soft K-9, YOU DID!

(One Wulf hands the mic back to Casey as Nemesis has finished tossing chairs, bats, etc. into the ring and slides into the ring himself. Lone Wulf, Commando, and Nemesis then scatter each picking up their own thing to bash K-9 with. Lone Wulf picks up a boom box, Commando picks up a Sony Playstation, and Nemesis picks up a kid's toy mower.)

BS: Is that a toy mower? Never in my years in wrestling have I ever seen a...

MP: GROOVY baby, look at all those "goodies" in there.

VM: What is that....

MP: it looks like a penis enlarger

(Both Sanders and McCave look at him)

MP: It's not mine, HONEST!

(Lone Wulf picks K-9 up to his feet and props him against the ropes, Commando nails him with the Playstation.)

BS:Now THAT'S interactive!

(Lone Wulf then nails him with boom box causing K-9 to slouch down to the bottom rope still barely half standing, then Nemesis walks up to him pushes the mower back and forth on K-9's chest and face, then nails him with is the top cracks and little plastic balls go flying everywhere.)

BS: this is just getting silly.

(Lone Wulf setting up a couple of chairs against the turnbuckel now, Nemesis picks K-9 up to his feet, and.. Lone Wulf takes back the mic from Casey)

Lone Wulf: Kevin, I don't know what alchohol or whatever your taking has done to you, but you contridict yourself at every turn you are supposed to be a hardcore wrestler yet you do not want to attack people, now you give Brian Blair a random half ass attack, what's wrong with you, see all these weapons this is who you are, this is the only way we can get through to you, PLEASE understand why we are doing, like we said before this is to help you not to HURT you!

BS: this is humiliating

VM: I think humiliation is the least K-9 is worrying about at this point.

(Lone Wulf has the mic.)

Lone Wulf:Kevin, this is honestly for your own good, its tough love. You need help brother, and I don't see any other way of getting through to you than this, but this leaves you with three choices Kevin, One you can go to the Betty Ford Clinic and get yourself straightened out like we want you to and come back, two you can leave MD and go off on your own path, or three you can leave the MWC entirely, but I hope and encourage you to take the first option, its entirely up to you. Nemesis will be taking your place in defending the tag straps tonight, maybe he can defend them with honor. While you lay in your hospital bed tonight.....think about what we have told you.

(With the excetpion of K-9, the rest of MD with a bit of a saddened but satisified look on their faces leaves the ring, leaving their fallen comrade K-9 in the ring, to decide his yet unknown fate. As men in white coats, not looks like EMS working but another kind of institution rush to the ring and put the fallen K-9 in a stretcher and wheel him away quickly.)

BS: Poor K-9, First Blair, now MD.

MP: Oh, my heart bleeds baby!


Nemesis vs. "Too Sweet" Brian Schwartz
6'0", 217lbs | 6'4", 185lbs
Summerville, SC | Detroit, Michigan
"Purple Haze"-Jimi Hendrix | Nookie by Limp Bizkit

Nemisis was announced first, on his way out he was surprised by Kross and Martin. They nailed him on the back of the head and in the ribs with several chairs. After about 2 minutes of this security was able to get them off of Nemisis and helped him to ringside. He was followed shortly by Schwartz. The bell rang quickly and Schwartz jumped out to an early lead on Nemisis, taking advantage of his prior wounds. Nemisis regained the advantage at about the 10 minute mark. He dropped Schwartz with a DDT, picked him up for a Body Slam and Schwartz slipped out.

BS: What a move by Schwartz. Nemisis couldn't hold him up, and Schwartz just slide out.

MP: It takes a lot of luck to get out of something like that.

BS: Sometimes luck is a mans best friend.

MP: Bret, your best friend is rosey, yeah, and her five sisters..

BS: Why are you still employed here?

MP: Schwartz takes Nemisis into the ropes, big clothesline. "Too Sweet" baby!

BS: Nemisis looks out cold. Schwartz takes him to the top rope.

MP: Yeah Baby! Nemisis got up and knocked Schwartz off his perch.

BS: Nemisis takes to the turn buckle and takes Mr. Schwartz down with a superplex. Nemisis, still a bit groggy, picks up Schwartz and takes him to the outside. Nemisis pulls a table out from under the ring, and the ref is quickly out there to warn him of disqualification.

MP: Schwartz back up, they get into a smashing fist fight. Schwartz kicks Nemisis in the gut and rolls him into the ring.

BS: Nemisis rolling around on the ground, Schwartz goes for a big elbow drop, Nemisis rolls out of the way. Nemisis up, throughs Schwartz into the corner. He hits him with a big splash in the corner. Nemisis grabs Schwartz before falling, throws him into the other corner and goes for another splash...

MP: Oww, Nemisis misses, Schwartz moved, however you want to put it. That move was as dangerous as unprotected sex by sailors.

BS: Schwartz takes Nemisis and and places him dead center of the ring, runs off the ropes and delivers a huge splash. He picks up Nemisis and drops him in a back breaker.

MP: This bird is in bad shape.

BS: Nemisis is really getting it here.

(Powers turns to someone in the crowd.)

MP: Hey, there you are!

(faintly from the crowd):Do I know you?

MP: No, but you are there!

BS: Oh my. Schwartz goes to the top..

MP: There it is, the Deep Silo, how sweet.

BS: That was a nice moonsault turned into a frog splash and he records the 1, 2, 3.

MP: I think if it weren't for Kross and Martin, Schwartz wouldn't have had it so easy.

BS: Yeah well.

Winner: 'Too Sweet' Brian Schwartz


MP: Yeah baby, onto the street fight, should be dangerous...just like my middle name.

(Bret Kross walks out to the ring, TV Title around his waste. A chorus of mixed reactions await him as he comes out. He jumps in the ring and grabs the mic.)

All you people SHUT UP, because when I talk, YOU DON'T.(heel pop)Many things to discuss, so little time. First off, later tonight Bobby Jackson, receives the oppurtunity of a lifetime, against me for the TV Title. Jackson, you have no chance in this match, and I already explained why you are even involved at all. I've beaten all the competition for this belt, so Jackson is the only one left, so he got bumbed up. But after tonight, he will just be another one I have beaten, and the MWC will have to find another no name to throw at me.

Now, Manifest Destiny, has been on my mind, ALOT. See, they ran down after my TV Title victroy, and interupted my celebration. They may have been gunning for Mercanary, but the minute they laid their hands on me, they became my business. I am looking to take them out one by one, or in some cases, TWO BY TWO. First, will be someone, I have been after anyway, for revenge. You'll find out exactly who a little bit later.

(Martin comes out and waits by the ramp way as Kross walks away from the ring. When he gets up to Martin he just stairs at him for a second then gives him a big hug and they walk to the back.)

BS: I can't believe what we have just seen. Martin and Kross have been in cohoots all along.

MP: Yeah baby shagadelic plan.


(The scene cuts to the back of the arena, where an unconscious K-9 can be seen wheeled out on a stretcher by men in white coats they are followed by a saddened but yet satisfied MD, as they load K-9 in the van, Lone Wulf shuts the doors slowly revealing the words Betty Ford Clinic on the doors, as the van drives off.)

Lone Wulf:I hope he gets help, we are doing this for his own good.

Nemesis: Yeah, we had no other choice but to commit him.

Commando: I think this will get through to him he'll come around, he will get the help he need's there. Well, Nemesis you've got some big shoe's to feel I hope your ready.

Nemesis: I am Alan I am, I'm just kinda a little distracted by what we just did, I hope he takes this the right way, that we are trying to help rather then hurt him, but I'll be all right.

(Scene cuts back to the program.)



No Holds Barred - Falls Count Anywhere

Fallen Dreams (Fallen Angel and Dreamer) vs. The Gothic Alchemy (Goth & AC)
Combined Weight of 543 lbs | Combined Weight of 460 lbs
Hardin Texas | Las Angeles, California
Creed's "My Own Prison" | "Engel" by "Romstein."

BS: I understand that Gothic Alchemy have arranged for Rammstein to perform their entrance theme live tonight, so without further adieu, let's take you to what should be a spectacular entrance.

[The cameras show Rammstein set up on a dais near the entranceway. The lights go completely out. An extreme rushing eerie cold like wind fills the entire arena; dark blue and red lighting barely lights up the entryway, aisle, and ring. Rammstein begin playing "Engel." The silhouettes of two human figures are seen before emerging out of the entryway, walking down the aisle, and making their way to the ring. Only their wolven-shaped eyes are visible in the darkness. Walking along side the two silhouettes are four smaller silhouettes which are wolf-like in appearance. The lights come back on, revealing Goth and AC perched on the two turnbuckles facing the entrance, standing totally still and saying nothing. At ringside, four wolves are sitting patiently, awaiting their next command. The two men are identical twins. They have on black leather sleeveless overcoats. Goth has a tattoo of an Arctic Wolf on his face, while AC has a tattoo of a polar bear on his chest. They have pale white skin and long, straight, jet-black hair down past the middle of their backs.]

MP: That entrance was bloody awesome, baby! Smashing!

BS: Very impressive, I agree.

MP: Do animals make you horny? Randy?

BS: AHEM! And now it's time for Fallen Angels to make their way out.

["My Own Prison" by Creed cues up and Fallen Dreams emerge from the entryway. Both men are gothic, mysterious persons with long, black hair and a variety of tattoos on their arms. The two men slide into the ring cautiously, never taking their eyes off of their opponents.]

MP: Not quite so impressive, eh, baby?

BS: Perhaps they don't care for all the pomp and circumstance that Gothic Alchemy do.

MP: Sure, baby, sure.

The referee calls for the bell, starting the match. Dreamer starts off against Goth. The two men circle each other and then tie up. Goth gains the advantage and quickly takes Dreamer to the mat with an armdrag takedown. He cinches in an armbar, but Dreamer is quick to escape the hold. Dreamer runs to the ropes and Goth drops to the mat as he leaps over. Goth then pops up but it is Dreamer who connects with a cross-body block that Goth immediately kicks out of.

BS: Both teams looking sharp here in the early moments of the match.

Dreamer makes the tag to Fallen Angel. Dreamer applies a spinning wristlock on Goth and Angel comes into the ring with a flying ax-handle to the contorted arm. Angel then applies a headlock and takes him down to the mat with a flying mare. Goth reverses the hold with a headscissors which Angel quickly escapes. The two men lock up and Goth applies a side headlock. Angel pushes him to the ropes and whips him off, but Goth makes the tag in the process. Goth takes Angel down with a drop toehold which AC readily follows up on it by dropping a leg across Angel's neck.

MP: Good show, boys!

Angel stumbles back to his feet but AC is there to take him back down with a running clothesline. AC pulls him back to his feet, performs a go-behind, and then executes a bridging German suplex.

BS: One, two...no! Angel gets the shoulder up and now he rolls to his corner and makes the tag!

Dreamer comes in to attack AC, but the tag has been made and Goth is now the legal man. AC slams Dreamer down and almost immediately after Goth comes in with a senton back splash. AC is ordered out of the ring as Goth executes a picture-perfect DDT.

MP: Beautiful move, baby. Yeah!

BS: AC goes for the cover. One, two...Angel makes the save! That brings in Goth and we've got ourselves a four-man brawl going on!

MP: Speaking of foursomes, I had a groovy one with...

BS: Enough!

Fallen Angel and Goth battle their way to the outside where Angel eventually slams Goth into the steps at ringside and then slides back into the ring where Dreamer has just caught AC with a reverse neckbreaker. Angel begins to climb to the top rope as Dreamer puts AC on his shoulders. Angel leaps off and connects with a clothesline.

BS: Annihilator! This may be all for Gothic Alchemy!

MP: You never know, baby!

BS: One, two, thr...NO!!! Goth made the save just in time!

Goth throws Dreamer out of the ring and pulls the spent Fallen Angel up and sets him on the top turnbuckle. Ac performs the Gothic Alchemaic Drop and rolls through for the cover.

BS: One, two, thr...Angel gets a shoulder up!!

MP: Bloody hell!

Dreamer comes back into the ring and drops AC with a DDT. Goth comes up behind Dreamer however and catches him with a reverse DDT. Goth then procures the Screaming Orgasm on Dreamer as AC throws Fallen Angel over the top rope and out of the ring.

BS: Goth has the Screaming Orgasm locked on! Dreamer's absolutely white with pain!

MP: Whiter than normal even, baby!

BS: Dreamer taps!! It's over!! Gothic Alchemy have won the match via submission!!

Winner: The Gothic Alchemy


BS: And Gothic Alchemy picks up their first win in MWC. With a match like that it's only a matter of time before they become serious contenders for the Tag titles.

MP: They just better hope they never meet Simply Stunning cause they'll never get the job done.

BS: You and your favorites. Coming up we've got Jamiliah Creed going against Wayne Roberts and that is NEXT!!!

Cutto: Promo for the next HTO in Times Square.


"The Freak" Jamiliah Creed vs. "The Whole Show" Wayne Roberts
6'1", 235lbs | 6'7", 261lbs
Kingston Jamaica | Miami Florida
Reggae or anything by Bob Marley | 'Got The Life' by Korn

Jammy comes out first to a huge crowd pop. He enters the ring and warms up a little. Before Roberts is announced Kross and Martin come out from the crowd and jump Jammy in the ring. They send him into the ropes and give him a double drop kick, pick him up and plant him with a spike pile driver. They pick him up again and Jammy crotches Martin then decks Kross. He follows up with a body slam on Kross who rolls out of the ring and goes after Martin, who rolls out and retreats to the back with Kross. The crowd goes crazy, but just after clearing house Roberts showed up in the ring and went after Jammy.

BS: I can't believe this, one right after another!

MP: Believe it baby! Jammy has got his work cut out for him.

BS: That he does, as Roberts whips him out of the corner and slams him into the adjacent turnbuckle. Jammy backs out and is met with a big clothesline right across the back of his head.

MP: You know what, I partied a little hard last night, if you know what I mean? I think I got some work for Jammy in my hotel room.

BS: Would you shut the hell up Mike, that's not what Jammy does?

MP: Zip it Bret.

BS: But

MP: Zip..

MP: Zip it... That was a pre-emptive zip, just like I have a whole bag of zip with your name on it.

BS: Go away, would you? Roberts has got Jammy up in a powerslam and drops him. He helps Jammy up and Jammy lays a boot to his midsection.

MP: Roberts doubled over.

BS: Jammy sends Roberts to the ropes, drop toe hold by Jammy! Roberts gets upset and picks up Jammy and places him on the top turnbuckle. Jammy pushes Roberts back...huricarana from the middle turnbuckle!

MP: Jammy gets up, goes to the middle turnbuckle again. He waits for Roberts to get up, and he delivers a blockbuster, groovy baby!

BS: Jammy's on a hot streek here, he picks up Roberts and Roberts grabs Jammy's tights a sends him to the outside.

MP: If Roberts was smart, he would stay up there and catch his breath, yeah, he seems to be sucking baby.

BS: Roberts moves quickly to the outside to grab Jammy. Jammy catches him in the head with chair. jammy climbs up on the apron and drops an elbow on Roberts. He picks him up and slides him into the ring.

MP: Who baby! Jammy climbs in the ring, picks up Roberts and strategically places Roberts with a nicely executed Snap German Suplex.

BS: He then goes to the outside, climbs the turnbuckle and lands on Roberts with the Last Laugh, a springboard corkscrew splash.

MP: One....Two....Three...Yeah Baby! Jammy with the win.

Winner: 'The Freak' Jamiliah Creed


BS: What an impressive match from both men.

MP: Now that was a match baby!

BS: Do you wanna know what is still on my mind?

MP: Not really, but I guess I must

BS: I want to know what is going on with this damn company, I want to know what the announcement is.

MP: That would be smashing baby!

BS: Well coming up next we're gonna have a little grudge match.

MP: But the only thing is who is the grudge match really against?

BS: Actually that is a good question. Is it going to be against Lukass Holden? The man that got involved with Trey Holmes during his last match in Milwaukee? Or is he gonna fight Vice President Zieba considering the words he had for him in his last interview?

MP: Well since the Vice President is not a wrestler I would guess.......

[At that moment 'Turn the Page' by Metallica begins to play throughout the United Center as Vice President Zieba makes his way towards the ringside area. While he is making his way he points to the ref to get his attention and they begin to converse. After a few moments the assigned ref steps out of the ring and makes his way towards the back. Zieba then makes his way to the commentators table and picks up a microphone.]

MP: Well welcome aboard Mr. Zieba. Would this be a social call for this evening?

VP EZ: I suggest you two pay attention to the next few minutes cause life is about to get interesting. Call out this next match right now. I need to talk to my new found friend.

BS: And on that note....


Lukaas Holden vs. "Hot Shot" Trey Holmes
6'4", 247lbs | 6'1", 229lbs
Brighton, England | Des Moines, IOWA
"War?" by System of a Down | "Lil Homies" by Tupac Shakur

VP EZ: (seeing Holmes making his way towards the ring) Oh look here he comes now. I'll be right back. Save me a seat.

BS: Well Vice President Zieba just left the broadcasting table and has gone inside of the ring to confront Trey Holmes.

MP: I'm gonna miss Holmes cause he was such a swinger.

BS: Why should you care? He, in his own way, made reference to you too.

MP: He what?

BS: Oh wait let's cut to ringside for this one.

VP EZ: Hey Holmes. I had a chance to look at the promo you cut for your match and let me say I found it quite amusing. It's amazing how you can use your allotted time to give off such an outstanding and award winning interview. Now that you have had your time to, shall I say, get your point across perhaps you should hear some of mine.

TH: I ....

VP EZ: I didn't ask you to speak! You had your time so now it's my turn since you targeted me out. Now don't stop me if you heard this before, but let me go ahead and tell you a little story about a man named VICE PRESIDENT ZIEBA!

You see long ago I, along with President Randy Harders, were given the duties of being in charge of the MWC and all of its surroundings. Not someone named Commissioner Radder which you have seemed to be confused of running this league, but rather President Harders and myself.

Now I have heard your cries of getting the Political Screwjob. You say you were told to lay down for Radder and also Martin whom, by the way, both happen to be in the Extreme finals. Now I don't remember this, but somewhere in your feeble mind you actually believe your lies. So much you have even upset your own self with your own lies. Now I know you feel bad for making up these accusations. So bad that you have gone to great lengths to seek your revenge against The Iceman so that your story could be even more believable than before. One time, in Milwaukee, you attacked him when he was minding his own business. Then another time you, and your friend Antonio Smallz, decided to get involved in an Extreme semi-final match which pitted Radder against Mr. Wilcox. And, since you showed no regards for the match and kept your assault on Radder, the ref had no choice but to disqualify Mr. Wilcox from that match. Yes it was an Extreme match, but when you decided to take over the whole freakin show then matters have t be taken into account. Now was you the one that was punished? No. Was Radder punished. Physically yes otherwise no. The one punished was Wilcox and shame on you for what you did.

Then you started your little story of how it's Holmes against the World. Everyone dumps on you and nobody cares about you. You say that you never get your chance here in the league and the reason because is you think that I'm here to personally screw you. Well I've taken all of your arguments into consideration and I've come up with this ultimate solution. Since you are unhappy with the front office and such I've come up with this. If you win tonight's match then you get your first win. Go out and celebrate your butt off. Drink, smoke, and be happy. Now if you loose, and God forbid you go for three in a row, then you will no longer need to worry about this league cause you services will be TERMINATED!


VP EZ: That's right Holmes. It's basically a loser leaves match, but the rules only apply to you! Now to make sure that you get a fair shake in this match I have gone out and searched for a fair and call it down the line ref. Not one of the usual refs that are offered here who are quick to call for the DQ and such. Oh no. I found someone that only knows one thing and that is to make sure that there is a winner. He will not call for a double DQ. They'll be a No Contest. Either one or the other will win by submission, surrender, or pinfall so REST ASSURED the call will be VERY fair.

Now the person that I found knows his way inside and outside of the ring. He has been in many wars inside of the squared circle. So without further adieu, ladies and gentlemen I present to you the special ref for this match!

['Turn the Page' by Metallica starts to play and President Harders comes from behind the curtain sporting a black and white referee shirt.]

BS: I don't believe it! President Harders is gonna referee this match?

MP: BRILLIANT WORK! Oh the VP thought this one out baby! Holmes has no place to hide now!

[Harders rolls in the ring and shakes hand with Zieba. He then goes to check Holden and such.]

VP EZ: Oh, and by the way, good luck and may the best man win.

[Zieba makes his way out of the ring and heads towards the commentary table to join up with Sanders and Powers.]

BS: Mr. Zieba what was the theory behind getting Mr. Harders to ref this match?

VP EZ: Politics. Purely Politics.

The match started off with Holmes and Holden tearing into eachother with Holmes getting the upper hand. With a couple of more punches Holmes backed Holden towards the ropes where he whipped him to the opposite side and caught him with a spin wheel kick which brought Holden down. Holmes then heads to the outside where he climbs to the top and goes to hit Holden with a splash, but Holden moves out of the way and Holmes gets nothing but canvas.

VP EZ: Hey look. Holmes just kissed the canvas!

BS: Speaking of which there have been some reports that Kevin Powers might be in the building. Any comment on that?

VP EZ: Kevin would be a fool to show up right now cause he knows if he did I would send his butt back to Betty Ford. And he might just be alone with what I know.

BS: What's that supposed to mean?

VP EZ: Well let's just say that I've gained this new respect for Manifest Destiny.

MP: Did you know that K-9 made the number ten slot for people they punked out?

VP EZ: Yes....yes I did.

Holden then grabbed Holmes and hit him with a double arm suplex. He then gets up and looks at his fallen opponent for a moment until he rolls outside and grabs a steel chair. He comes back inside and begins to hit on the back of Holmes.

BS: What the??

VP EZ: Oh this is great!

BS: And where is Harders?

MP: He's trying to get something out of his eye.

VP EZ: Those loose eyelashes will KILL YA!

BS: Oh this is sick!

Holden takes the chair and places it in the corner where it is nestled between the second and third rope. He then picks up Holmes and whips him into the turnbuckle where his back hits square on the chair. Holmes crumbles to the ground and Holden drags him out towards the center of the ring.

BS: And Holden with the first pin of the night. One, two, thr-KICKOUT! Could Harders count any faster MY GOD!

VP EZ: What? That was a three second count.

BS: In what country? That was a VERY FAST three count.

MP: Hey it's been awhile. Mr. Harders might still be rusty and he has to get a feel for the ring again.

VP EZ: Yeah! That's it.

MP: Unbelievable.

Holden then picks Holmes up and whips him into the ropes. He tried to hit with a clothesline, but Holmes ducked and went to the other ropes. Holden then went for a back body drop, but Holmes stops right in front of Holden, grabs the back of Holden's head, and plants his face into the canvas.

BS: And Holmes is going for the pin. One....

VP EZ: Hey Mike can you get me that pitcher of water please?

MP: Of course Mr. Zieba.

BS: What is he waiting for? TWO.....

VP EZ: Hey thanks Mike.

MP: Oh not a problem.

BS: He had the TEN COUNT on.....KICKOUT! Oh this is unreal! He gives a quick count for Holden, but a slow one for Holmes. How is he being fair?

VP EZ: Hey Mr. Harders is going through a lot of stress as of late you know.

BS: I'll bet. And it effects his count for the pin?

VP EZ: I'm not a Doctor Brett I'm just the damn Vice President!

BS: Well thank you Bones....

VP EZ: Your so very welcome.

Holmes picks up Holden and whips him into the ropes. Holmes goes for a back body drop, but Holden leapfrogs and goes to the opposite side. Coming off the ropes Holmes goes for the boot to the face, but Holden came forth with a spear.


MP: That's gonna leave a mark.

VP EZ: I guess I can make him the first in many MWC girls now!

Holden gets back up and heads towards the ropes and lands on Holmes with a legdrop across the face. He went for a cover again, but Holmes managed to kick out. Holden then picked up Holmes and tried to go for a piledriver, but Holmes back body dropped Holden and got out of harms way.

VP EZ: Hey I'll be right back.

BS: (watching Zieba leave the table) Oh great where is he going?

MP: I don't know, but he's calling Harders over towards him.

BS: Oh this is....wait a minute.....we have visitors.

MP: SIMPLY STUNNING! And they've brought luggage!

BS: If you consider steel chairs luggage!

Simply Stunning slide into the ring and start to attack Holmes. Wilcox is working Holmes over with a steel chair while Hardy sets up the other steel chair in the middle of the ring. Wilcox then whips Holmes into the ropes and gets him with a leg take down which smacks Holmes head into the steel chair.

BS: And look at this. Harders isn't even LOOKING in the ring! The only one looking is Zieba and he's not doing a thing! This is unjustified!

MP: It's very fair after what Holmes did to them at Wilcox's last match. He should've won, but Holmes made sure to ruin everyone's party!

As Holmes is out Simply Stunning start to attack Holden's knee with the chair. They then stand Holden up and crack him on the back of the head with the steel chair where he falls down and out.

BS: Well Simply Stunning just left the ring and Harders FINALLY TURNS AROUND! He sees that both wrestlers are out of it and he starts his ten count. This is an outrage....wait a minute....Holmes has LIFE!

MP: He's making the crawl to Holden and he just placed a hand on his chest!

BS: Harders and Zieba are just looking at eachother shrugging their shoulders. Harders is gonna make the count. One.........and he's going slow enough.....TWO........you can order a pizza here......THREE!!! HOLMES WINS!!!

Winner: "Hot Shot" Trey Holmes


MP: See. They were fair. Oh wait Mr. Zieba just rolled in the ring and he's trying to wake up Holden.

BS: Well Holden finally open his eyes and Zieba is.....reaching in his pocket? And he just pulled out a wad of cash and he's whispering something in his ear. And now he's calling for a house mic.

VP EZ: You see Holmes. You just won your first match. Now you can go to State Street, shoot up, and have the time of your pathetic life! Enjoy.

BS: Well Zieba and Harders just rolled out of the ring and Holmes is finally on his feet. He's on the edge of the ropes and he's screaming some colorful words to the headshed of the M......

MP: Hey Holden just rolled out of the ring and grabbed his own steel chair.

BS: And now he's back in and....OH DEAR GOD! He's attacking Holmes from behind! That had to be Zieba's plan! REPEATED ATTACKS on the head of Holmes!

MP: Wait here comes some officials!

BS: But the damage is done! Holden just threw down that chair and he's making his way back to the locker room area. Meanwhile the EMT's need to come out here cause Holmes is down and out!

MP: Maybe he brought this upon himself you never know.



Simply Stunning (Michael Hardy and Jason Wilcox) vs. The X's (X-Tra and X-Treme)
Combined Weight 555 lbs | Combined Weight
Sunderland, England | Liverpool, England
"Let Me Entertain You" - Robbie Williams | It's Like That by RUN D.M.C

The X's came out first to rather mixed emotion crowd. The did their warm ups and the what not, then Simply Stunning came out. The were escorted by their new "members", Jill and Susan. The entered the ring and proceeded to work the crowd, to high approval, and worked the crowd. The bell rang with X-Treme and Mike Hardy in the ring. Hardy gaining the early advantage.

BS: Hardy takes X-Treme and sends him into the ropes, dropping him with a well placed dropkick. He picks him up, throws him down with a powerslam.

MP: Both these guys are from England, smashing baby!

BS: Can we please get back to the point. Hardy into the ropes, nailed by X-tra.

MP: Why not just call these crazy cats X1 and X2, they are so annoying.

BS: Shut up Mike, can I please get security down here?

MP: Just think, my contract has me here another 5 years, very groovy.

BS: Don't remind me. X-Treme up now, and drops a big leg across the back of Hardy's head. He then tags out to X-Tra.

MP: This is awesome tag work. They are keeping Hardy in the corner while they presume to keep each other fresh.

BS: They begin the double team on Hardy. A spike powerslam off the second rope!

MP: There you are!

BS: HUH?, Nevermind. Hardy seems to be laying motionless as X-Tra goes to work on an ankle lock submission move. The ref goes to check on Hardy. Hardy's fighting it hard.

MP: Gotta give the man some credit, he has got some testicular fortitude, yeah baby!

BS: Hardy looks out of it now, the ref to raise his arm...From the other side of the ring comes Wilcox to make the save. In comes al four men. X-Treme goes after Wilcox, but Wilcox hits him with a series of punches.

MP: X-Tra seems to be getting up, while Hardy is still a little out of it, this is turning into a melee, yeah baby!

BS: Wilcox plants X-Treme with a DDT, X-Treme rolls out of the ring. Now Wilcox heads over to help out his partner as he is being picked up by X-Tra. Reverse DDT on X-Tra.

MP: Yeah, it looks as if the ref may actually be getting some order around here.

BS: As my colorful sidekick...

MP: Woah, slow down there. I am no one's sidekick. Not Dr. Evil's, not Alotta's not anyones. Got that?

BS: Relax, it was a figure of speech.

MP: Yeah, that's what I thought.

BS: I wouldn't want a judo chop, that's for sure. Wilcox is being ushered to his corner. Hardy is now up and walks over to the corner with Wilcox and tags him in. Wilcox over to X-Tra, he slides him to the middle of the apron and goes to the top rope...X-Treme crotched him on the ropes.

MP: I guess he's not dead after all, groovy.

BS: X-Tra gets up, grabs the hair of Wilcox and hands him a X-Factor from the turnbuckle.

MP: Youch!

BS: X-Tra goes over to tag X-Treme. X-Treme picks up Wilcox, delivers a kick to the gut..

MP: Check this groovy action out, Hardy up to the top rope!

BS: Stinging Stunner on Wilcox, X-Treme goes for the cover....1....2...

MP: Yeah baby! Hardy nails X1 from the top rope. X2 comes out as the ref is trying to escort Hardy to his corner. He runs over to X2 and is trying to put him in the corner...

BS: Hardy sends X-Treme into the ropes as Wilcox climbs the turnbuckles, Hardy nails X-Treme with a tilt a whirl and Wilcox off with a 360 moonsault. Hardy to his corner.

MP: Ref over, Hardy cutting off X2, 1...2...3!, groovy action baby!

Winners: Simply Stunning


BS: I guess no stable is formed... I dunno, the whole premise of the match was confusing from the beginning.

MP: For once Bret, I agree, isn't that smashing?

(Hardy picks up the mic and looks down at the X's lying on the floor.)

MH: We said it would happen and it did, we proved that we are the future of the MWC and you are would have held us back. Well so long boys I guess it wasn't to be.

(Huge pop from the crowd.)

SW: Now onto bigger and better things. San An's Best, right now you guys are next, unless you lose then Cassanova Clique, we have a title shot and we plan on using it at the next card (Crowd pop again.) Then and only then will we show just how much we have come on since we arrived here. We will take your titles at HTO and there is not a thing you can do about it.

Together: 'Cos we wrestler in the air..... (crowd finishes it: and we fly without care.)

MH: Thank you, you fans are the greatest, we will see you all at HTO.

(They climb the ropes and wave to the fans before walking back to the back, slapping hands as they do.)

BS: Well, now that was overwhelmingly interesting, but when did they earn a number one contenders shot?

MP: Who cares, I wanna see the breasts on their girlies, it's making me horney, yeah!

BS: Oh god, please get me out of here soon.



Bret 'Brass Knuckles' Kross vs. Bobby Jackson
6'7", 256lbs | 6'7", 285lbs
Chicago, ILL | Syracuse, NY
Bawitdaba by Kid Rock | Hard Body Rock by Jackson himself

Out came the challenger Bobby Jackson first. He had a mixed reaction for his return. Kross comes out with Martin to a mixed reaction to his recent change in actions and attitude. The TV Title around one shoulder. Martin joins the announcing core. Both do a little crowd pleaser and the bell rings. Jackson gains the early advantage.

BS: Welcome Matt...

MM: Shut up Bret, no small talk.

BS: You do have to admit, what you did to Nemisis may have cost him the match.

MM: Good, I'm glad. You obviously haven't gotten the point.

MP: I did baby, you have declared war.

MM: That's right, on MD.

BS: Oh my, look at this, Kross taken down with an arm bar. Jackson looks as if he is trying to take that arm off right at the socket.

MM: If he thinks Bret is gonna stand for that, he has got another thing coming.

MP: You're right, he is laying down.

MM: Shut up you little ****

MP: Judo Chop! (He judochops Martin)

MM: What the hell was that?

(Martin grabs Powers and and throws him across the announcing area.)

BS: Kross finally stands up, and whips Jackson into the ropes and nails him with a powerslam. Jackson up quickly, Kross drops him with a brainbuster.

MM: Kross grabs Jackson and plants him with a reverse DDT. He goes off the ropes to drop an elbow...

BS: Jackson rolled out of the way! Kross landed hard on his elbow. Jackson up, and grabs Kross. He raises him up and drops him with a sidewalk slam.

(Powers getting up, slowly and awkwardly. He gets halfway to his feet, pushes his glasses up on his nose and falls over again.)

MM: Come on Kross!

BS: Jackson sends Kross into the ropes and puts him in an abdominal stretch.

(Powers gets up, but instead of going to the anouncers table, he heads over to Katie J.)

MM: What the hell is that idiot Mike doing now?

BS: Damned if I know, but I think you should worry about Kross.

MM: Don't you tell me what I should and shouldn't be doing Bret.

BS: Kross stomps on the foot of Jackson, and then hip tosses him. He puts him in a piledriver and drops him.

MM: I told you I don't have to worry about him.

BS: Her picks up Jackson, sends him into the ropes, Jackson with a clothesline. He goes to pick up Kross, backbody drop over the top rope.

MM: If you'll excuse me!

BS: Martin left with a chair and heads towards Jackson. Oh my, he hit him right across the back. Jackson went to get up again, he got hit right square in his head. He is outcold. Martin rolls Jackson into the ring. Kross grabs him and sets him up with a suplex. He then drops him with the Brass Bomb.

MM: (a little out of breath.) 1....2...3 and my man retains!

Winner and still MWC Television Champion

'Brass Knuckles' Brett Kross


(Powers gets smacked upside his head, getting dropped yet again.)

BS: Yeah, no thanks to you.

(Martin and Kross leave as Powers makes his way back to the announcing table.)

BS: Where the hell were you? Why the hell do you have a red mark across your face?

MP: Don't worry about it, who's next?

BS: Hellfighter versus Angelus.

MP: This should be interesting!



The Commando vs. Cameron Cruise
6'7", 268lbs | 6'4", 183lbs
Fort Bragg, North Carolina | Tampa Bay, Florida
Welcome To The Jungle (by Guns and Roses) | "Don't Tread on Me", by Metallica

First came the challenger Cruise, with yet another surprise for the night. He came out, with the one, and only Eddie Dean. The crowd gave a huge pop. They both worked over the crowd for a short time. Then the champion came out. Commando came out with casey, weilding the IC strap. The crowd sent him a huge round of boos. At the bell, we had Commando dropping Cruise with a drop toe hold.

BS: Commando takes the fallen Cruise and throws him into a quick bow and arrow.

MP: Ahhhh, Casey looks so good, very shagadelic!

BS: Well Mike, you could always go up to her like you did Katie.

MP: Huh, what? No way, that wouldn't be very cool.

BS: Afraid of getting your butt whopped? Want me to call her over here?

MP: Would you stop already? As if you haven't had stuff like that ever happen to you?

BS: No, I haven't.

MP: Fine...Commando letting go of the bow and arrow and setting up, Yes! there it is a pump handle suplex!

BS: What's a matter Mike, don't wanna talk now?

MP: Commando right on top of his game here, he now has got Cruise in a german suplex, very groovy!

BS: What's this? Matt Martin comes down the aisle, he stopped by Dean, but all of it is distracting the ref!

MP: Out of the crowd comes Kross, grabbing the IC strap on his way into the ring. He clocks Commando, spits on him, gives a look to Cruise and delivers the Brass Bomb to Commando. He then leaves and so does Martin with the IC belt, before anyone had any clue. Very groovy.

BS: Cruise looks at Dean, shrugs and goes for the cover on Commando..

MP: 1....2....3! No! Commando kicked out! Groovy!

BS: That takes something, getting attacked and kicking out! What was ith that attck and why did they take the belt?

MP: Groovy....Cruise takes Commando and drops him with a Russian Legsweep. I am sure he had his reasons.

BS: Cruise then lays into him with a boston crab. Say, Mike, we are only a couple of matches away from the announcement.

MP: Who cares? All I know is they can't fire me, and I am garuanteed pay, yeah baby, it's a groovy thing.

BS: This is not good. I sincerely hope someone does something to you. I just hope it means an increase of pay for me.

MP: I doubt it, you don't have that much talent. (A little smirk.)

BS: Anyways, Commando seems to be squirming a bit. He grabs Cruises legs and pulls them forward so the hold is broken. This is amazing, the man was literally beat to submission and yet he is still fighting.

MP: Yeah, yeah. Remember he is part of MD, that wonderful "groovy" group.

BS: Cruise gets up and and helps Commando to his feet, Impact DDT! Cruise gets Commando up again, Commando pushes him to the outside.

MP: Here is some groovy shag time.

BS: cruise gets up rather quickly. He climbs into the ring, Commando still down...

(Turn the Page blairs across the PA system. On the big screen tv set up is The President, "The HARD One" Randy Harders.)

RH: Dean! Dean! That's right, guess who? You leave my federation and expect to come back for an appearance with open arms? Try again. I want you gone. Not like I like Commando, but I like you less.

(Secuirty comes down to take Dean away as Commando comes up behind Cruise and school boys him.)

BS: Oh my, 1...2...3! Commando retains the title. MD still holds part of the MWC.

Winner and still MWC Intercontinental Champion



MP: Woah, that was more than trippy. Harders helped Commando win?

BS: Mike, somehow I don't think so. He just wanted Dean gone, Cruise looked up, which he shouldn't have, and Commando took advantage. It's sad, but true. Hey, what's that smell? Mike, did you just pass gas?

MP: Oh, I'm sorry, was it your turn?

BS: Oh boy, Let's see what's next...

BS: Well coming up next we're gonna have a final battle sort to speak. Once again, and possibly the last time, Hellfighter Michael Patrick Schultz will go against Angeuls. This promises to be one heck of a battle

MP: Oh yeah. With Sephrioth getting injured Hellfighter was ready to seek revenge for what he did during the Extreme match-up in Indy, but when he found it was Angelus that issued the order Hellfighter locked his sights on him and now we're gonna see who can keep their side up.

BS: Let's go to ringside and get set for the match.



"HellFighter" Michael Patrick Shultze vs. Angelus
6'11", 290lbs | 6'3", 245lbs
Kansas City, Missouri | Junon
"Revolution" from Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation Project | Tonight the Stars Revolt - Powerman 5000

[The lights in the arena fade as "Tonight the Stars Revolt" by Powerman 5000 cues up. Red and blue lights begin flashing as Angelus' lumberjacks Michael Dumont, James Mason, Fallen Dreams, and a first class Junon soldier walk out. After the lumberjacks surround the ring President Zombie walks out to a massive cheer. The Prez gets half way down the ailse as Angelus and Amy make their way to the ring. Angelus takes off his long leather coat as the lights go completely out. All the sudden "1996" by Marilyn Manson cues up and to Angelus' surprise out walks Sephiroth, he is on cruches. He enters the ring and he grabs a mic.]

Sephiroth: I thought I'd come down and help out the other lumberjacks.

[Sephiroth drops the mic as Angelus looks at Sephiroth Angelus reaches down and picks up the mic.]

Angelus: Fine, if you are out here to be a lumberjack that is, but I'm warning you stay out of this match!

[Seph gets the mic back.]

Sephiroth: Come on you know me! I'd NEVER interfere in ANYones match!

[Angelus looks over and says something to President Zombie that the camera doesn't pick up, Sephiroth exits the ring as Angelus perches himself on the top turnbuckle and awaits Hellfighter.]

BS: It looks as if Sephiroth will serve as one of Angelus' lumberjacks, although Angelus appears to have some reservations about it. And now we see Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation Project preparing to play "Revolution" live for Hellfighter's entrance.

[As the band begins to play, "Hellfighter" Michael Patrick Shultze walks out along with Gothic Alchemy who have their four wolves with them. Slightly behind them walk John Jacobs and members of Power Team. Hellfighter climbs into the ring while his lumberjacks remain on the outside.]

MP: Those aren't women. They're men, baby!

BS: No kidding? Sheesh.

Hellfighter and Angelus meet in the center of the ring as the bell is rung. The two men lock but it is Hellfighter who gains the advantage and takes Angelus to the mat. He locks on a hammerlock but Angelus slips out of it and scrambles to the ropes. He starts to slide out of the ring but thinks better of it when he sees members of Power Team waiting on him.

BS: Power Team make for some intimidating lumberjacks, and Angelus just found that out first-hand.

MP: Look how big they are. Bizarre.

Angelus feigns another lock-up with Hellfighter but instead pokes him in the eye. Hellfighter staggers around the ring, blinded. Angelus uses this to his advantage and fires off a series of dropkicks that finally topple Hellfighter. Angelus grabs one his legs and begins to work it over.

BS: This is a smart move by Angelus. Hellfighter's power does him little good when he's flat on his back.

MP: Ooh! That leglock must REALLY hurt!

Angelus cranks on the spinning toehold and then converts it into a crucifix kneebar. Hellfighter struggles to the ropes, even looking to the heavens for inspiration. Just as he's about to grab the bottom rope, President Zombie pulls it out of his reach. Angelus releases the hold and pulls Hellfighter to his feet. He steps back and attempts a thrust kick but Hellfighter catches his foot and takes him down with a dragon screw legwhip, wrenching Angelus' knee.

BS: Beautiful counter by Hellfighter!

Angelus finds himself on the receiving end of a release German suplex, and then Hellfighter goes for the pin.

BS: One, two...Angelus kicks out!

Angelus scrambles to the outside to safely reside in a circle made by his lumberjacks. Hellfighter's lumberjacks try to break into the circle but the men stand admant. Finally Hellfighter himself climbs up on the top rope and leaps onto the entire crowd of men.

MP: Smashing, baby!

BS: Dear lord! Hellfighter took out almost everyone at ringside!

One by one the wrestlers and lumberjacks recover. Sephiroth punches Hellfighter in the midsection and then rolls him into the ring. Members of Power Team strong-arm the struggling Angelus back into the ring. Hellfighter stands waiting and picks Angelus up in a fireman's carry. As the crowd cheers him on, Hellfighter drives Angelus into the canvas with a Fireman's Drop.

BS: Hellfighter goes for the pin. One, two, thr...Sephiroth broke the pin! What's up with that?!?

MP: The lumberjacks are brawling! We've got a donnybrook at ringside!

Amidst the chaos, Angelus recovers and gets to his feet. He catches Hellfighter by surprise with a chop block. Angelus then applies a figure four leglock and Hellfighter appears to be in serious pain.

BS: Hellfighter's knee has been the focus of a lot of Angelus' offense tonight. We could see a winner crowned here.

Hellfighter struggles again to reach the ropes and this time is able to make it. The referee forces the break, but Angelus drags him back to the middle of the ring. He attempts another figure four but Hellfighter kicks him away and fights his way to his feet. Angelus comes back to his feet only to be taken back down by the Running Gun from Hellfighter.

MP: He almost took Angelus out of his boots! I wonder if they're Italian?

BS: Will you stop!? Hellfighter stands over Angelus, but Angelus grabs his tights and uses them to fling him out of the ring! Angelus' lumberjacks are working over Hellfighter! Here come Gothic Alchemy and Power Team to help though!

Taking advantage of the chaos at ringside, Angelus attempts to duplicate Hellfighter's successful dive onto the crowd, but members of Power Team catch him and throw him back into the ring! At the same time, Hellfighter fights his way free of the lumberjacks and rolls back into the ring. He picks Hellfighter up and executes the T-Bar Drop.

BS: Angelus just got dumped on his head! Hellfighter goes for the cover! One, two, thr...NO! NO! Angleus managed to get his shoulder up.

MP: Color me shocked, baby!

Hellfighter pulls Angelus, but Angelus drops back to his knees and executes a low blow. Hellfighter falls to his knees, but Angelus picks up in a front facelock and drops him with a DDT. The crowd boos, but Angelus stays his course. He stands over Hellfighter, waiting for him to get up, which he finally does. Angelus then nails him with a boot to the midsection and goes for the Angel's Touch, but Hellfighter throws him off to the ropes. On the rebound, he uses a Running Gun to take Angelus down and then quickly pulls him up for the Crossface Hell Slam.

BS: Again, Angelus is dumped on his head! Hellfighter goes for the cover. One, two, three!!! Hellfighter wins the match!!

Winner: Hellfighter


MP: And a good match it was, baby!!

BS: Well coming up next is one of many that have been waited for and that's the finals in the Extreme match-up.

MP: Yeah baby! On one side you've got Matt Martin who deserves to be here. And on the other side you've got the one that shouldn't be here and that's Steve Radder.

BS: We know how much you want to see Wilcox here, but look at it this way. Stunning is not with the X's and Holmes paid for his constant intrusions.

MP: Very true.




"The Monarch" Matt Martin vs. 'Iceman' Steve Radder
6'1", 231lbs | 6'0", 230lbs
Las Vegas, Nevada | New York, NY
"Bow Down" by Westside Connection | 'Bulls On Parade' by Rage Against the Machine

BS: Well it looks like that Bret Kross is coming along with Matt Martin during his match up to maybe get a closer look at the action.

MP: They have been an active group as of late considering all that has been going on tonight.

[Kross makes his way to the table and puts on a set of headphones.]

BS: And it looks like the TV champ is gonna join us for some commentary. You've certainly been busy tonight.

BK: You better believe it, I think we've gotten everyone we set out to get.

MP: It was really groovy, yeah.

BK: This was just a little payback we gave to MD, believe me, there's more to come. They should have never laid there hands on me, and now they know why.

BS: Well on that note we're about to start this match-up for the Extreme Title.

MP: Here we go, baby, yeah!

VOICE: Just.... one.... minute.

BS:Who.... who was that?

(CUE UP: "Bawitdaba" - Kid Rock)

MP: Groovy, baby.... but what the bloody hell is this supposed to be?

(Through the curtain steps.... a man. A man who is well known in the MWC. A man who has been in some of its greatest fights, and won them. MWC fans, new and old, know that the green hair, signature voice, and black leather trench coat can only mean one thing....)


MP: He's groovin', baby! What does it look like?

(Flair reaches the ring. Matt Martin and Steve Radder are simply standing back, unsure of what the "King of Extreme" is going to do.)

ELI: I've been hearing a lot about this little tournament. And I've seen some things about it that I like. Some things that remind me why I'm still in this business. Some things.... (He gestures to Radder) That make me proud to be the KING of EXTREME. (Flair reaches to shake hands with Radder, who, after a second of hesitation, does so.) Then, there's the other guys. (He gestures to Martin) You make me sick, Martin. You attack old men and non combatants, and you think that makes you hardcore. You talk about ending men's careers.... and you think that makes you hardcore. Let me tell you something.... Radder said that his loss to me at Domination was the best moment of his life to date.... and you want to down that? You really want to down that? Son.... you weren't there. You didn't see THAT MAN fall TWENTY FIVE FEET to the floor. You didn't FEEL that man's Absolute Zero send you THROUGH the top of the cage onto the mat. You.... never mind. You're not me, and you're not THIS MAN HERE. (Flair walks up to Matt Martin) And you never will be. (Eli turns away, and FIRES back with a discus punch that sends Martin to the mat! HUGE fan pop as Eli tells the timekeeper to "Ring the bell!")

The match started off with Martin getting back to his feet and then getting in the face of Radder giving him the badmouth. After a few moments they started throwing punches at eachother with Radder getting the advantage. He went to whip Martin into the ropes, but he reversed it and sent Radder instead. Martin when for a clothesline, but Radder ducked and hit the opposite rope. Martin then went for a back body drop, but Radder came off and caught him with a swinging neckbreaker.

BS: And Radder with a surprise move. I really don't know who is gonna come away with this title cause these two came ready to fight.

BK: Well I think it's obvious that Martin will be the big winner.

MP: Yeah baby! Nothing is gonna keep The Monarch down.

Radder then went to the outside and hit the top rope waiting for Martin to come to his feet. Once he did Radder went for a missile dropkick, but Martin brushed it out of the way and Radder fell face first on the canvas. While Martin was trying to shake the cobwebs out he noticed that Flair was yelling some words to Radder, but instead got two middle fingers from Martin. Flair was about to get on the ring apron, but the ref got in the face of Flair telling him to get down. Radder got up trying to get the ref's attention, but Martin snuck behind and hit with a low blow sending Radder down to the canvas again.

BK: That poor man.

BS: Who Radder?

BK: No Martin. That trick elbow of his always gets in the way.

MP: You noticed that too?

BS: You two are a piece of work I swear.

Martin then went to the outside and lifted the ring apron so that he could grab the ladder that was under there. At the same time Radder was trying to get back to his feet and attempted to make his way towards Martin, but instead was met face first with the ladder that Martin decided to use as a weapon.

BK: THAT WAS GREAT! And there better be no DQ call this time!

BS: Oh I don't think that's gonna happen.

MP: Yeah I would hate to see that TWO times in a row.

As Martin slid the ladder in the ring he got in as well and placed the ladder in one of the ring corners. He then went to pick up Radder and attempted to whip him into the ladder, but Radder reversed it and Martin came crashing in hard into the ladder. Once he fell the ladder also came down right on top of Martin with a piece catching the side of his head. Radder then went back to one of the turnbuckles and went to the top only to come down with a top rope legdrop on the ladder and Martin.

BS: DEAR GOD! These two aren't holding back!

BK: I still have faith in my boy.

BS: That reminds me. Where's the IC title?

BK: Don't you worry about that. But right now, I have a challenge for Commando, at the next event, Title for Title, everyone barred from ringside. If you have any guts, you will except.

MP: That's going to be one groovy fight baby, yeah.

BK: Now, if you'll excuse me.

Kross gets up, and walks away, but picks up a chair, as he turn the corner of the ring, but notices Flair on the side looking right at him making his way towards him. Kross starts to make a move, but instead drops the chair and walks away from the ring and towards the back. Meanwhile Radder picks up the ladder and sets it into place and begins to climb towards the Extreme Title. Martin finally gets to his feet and noticed that Radder is taking the slow climb and pushes the ladder so that both Radder and the ladder fall to the canvas. Martin then goes to the outside and grabs the ring bell and brings it into the ring. He gets Radder up and whips him into the ropes then holds the bell up to clobber him, but when Radder comes back he hits a running dropkick connecting with the bell which strikes Martin flush in the head.


BS: And look at Flair. He's got a BIG smile on his face.

MP: Always the lover of blood.

Radder then sets the ladder back up and again begins to climb for the title, but Martin is back on his feet and grabs Radder. He picks him off of the ladder and connects with a powerbomb. Now it's Martin, blood flowing from his forehead, positioning the ladder and begins to make his journey towards the title. Flair is YELLING at Radder as he makes his way back towards his feet. He sees Martin going for the title and quickly runs into the ropes only to come off with a flying cross body block on the ladder sending Martin to the canvas.

BS: DEAR GOD! Martin just hit the canvas hard! This is going back and forth!

MP: It could've been Wilcox. It could've been Wilcox.

BS: Would you get off it already?

Radder gets back up and sets the ladder up one more time and heads for the title. While he is going up he sees that Martin is getting back to his feet. Radder turns around and leaps off the ladder only to hit with a splash on Martin. After a couple of moments both Radder and Martin finally make it to their feet and BOTH start to climb the ladder from opposite sides. As they are starting to make their way to the top Kross heads back out with a steel chair in hand, but is soon cut off by Eli Flair. Kross is trying to make his way to the ring, but Flair won't let him pass. Kross then tries to take a shot at Flair, but he blocks it and both of them start to brawl on the outside of the ring slowly heading back to the locker room area.

BS: Kross and Flair are now out of the picture with both men reaching for the belt.

MP: This is just to close.

They both reach for the title and both grab it at the same time. Back and forth Martin and Radder struggle with the belt hoping that they can hold all of it. Martin tries to throw a punch at Radder and connects, but Radder still hangs on. He tries it again, but at the same time Radder catches Martin off-guard and pushes the title right in Martin's face. Martin is trying to keep his balance, but Radder snags the title away with one quick force. Martin falls to the ground and it is Radder that obtains the belt for the secured victory.

Winner and NEW MWC Extreme Champion

'Iceman' Steve Radder


BS: Radder wins the Extreme title! What a night for him, he's practically glo..(One Nation by Ice Cube and George Clinton kicks in)..uh-oh

(Nemesis appears at the top of the rampway, microphone in hand, a pair of khaki shorts that end mid-way down his shin and a black shirt that says "MD ain't for the DOGS" in white. In the ring is only Steve Radder with his extreme title.)

Nemesis: Steve Radder......you have fulfilled your potential, and your FINALLY holding a title, well lodi FREAKIN' da! You are merely in the shadows of MD's MWC, but Rad-man you are a persistent little bugger, your one of the last veteran in the MWC that hasn't crawled under a rock or put on a business suit to be Mr. Locke's puppet left. So I tell ya' what I'm gonna do.....

(Suddenly Lone Wulf and Commando blindside Radder from both sides of the ring, both with chairs, both hit him directly at the head at the same time. Nemesis drops the mic, and starts walking down to the ring laughing his head off.)

BS: What has Radder done to provoke an attack from MD?

MP: What does ANYBODY do to provoke an attack from MD? Just BEING here, baby, YEAH!

BS: That's not reason en...OH MY GOD! Have they no mercy? Lone Wulf with an irish whip, Commando with a STIFF chair shot to the face! Radder falls onto Commando, NOSE DIVE! Nemesis takes a chair out from under the ring and tosses it into the ring, Lone Wulf and Nemesis continue to work over Radder with their chairs, as Nemesis sets up the table. Did you HEAR that sound?

MP: It's a crazy happening and it FREAKS ME OUT, YEAH!

BS: Nemesis has the table set up and....now what is he doing? He's pouring TACKS all over the table....HERE COMES FLAIR!!! HERE COMES FLAIR!!! And Flair is in the ring taking the attack to MD with a chair of his own!

MP: But it's just not enough!

BS: Flair was working over Commando and Lone Wulf, but Nemesis caught him behind with a spinning heel kick! Now they're attacking Flair, but Radder just got back up! Now all five of the are fighting it out! What the HELL is up with MD?

MP: I don't know, but you know they just love to CRASH the party!

BS: Radder just got the upper hand on Nemesis and took him outside the ring while Flair is doing the same to Lone Wulf! Commando is still trying to get his senses since he was the first one to get the blunt of Flair's attack.

[At that moment 'Good God' Kevin Powers comes running down to ringside and slides under the ropes.]


BS: POWERS IS HERE!!!! POWERS IS HERE!!! He's snuck up behind Commando and the crowd is going NUTS! Commando turns around and his eyes just bulged out!

MP: Powers with a boot to his stomach.....and he's looking at the table with tacks...HE WOULDN'T!!

BS: Powers sets him up....powerbomb off the top rope...takes the momentum...DEAR GOD!!! KISS THE CANVAS THROUGH THE TABLE OF TACKS!!! Commando is in utter PAIN!!!

MP: Flair and Radder are still fighting with Nemesis and Lone Wulf. And they just whipped them into eachother....MEETING OF THE MINDS!

BS: Meanwhile Powers power presses Commando...and he just tossed him onto Nemesis and Lone Wulf! OH MY GOD!! MD just had their lunch served to them! Powers rolls outside and grabs the Extreme title that was down on the ground and calls Radder and Flair back into the ring.

MP: He just handed the title to Radder...and they shake hands! What the?

BS: Powers has a mic...

KP: Did you think you could keep me away Zieba? Lock me up in Betty Ford? You ain't slick! You ain't NOTHING! You knew it was only a matter of time before I made my return, but don't think I didn't have a little bit of help! The big man here Eli Flair and his ladyfriend Poison Ivy didn't enjoy what you did to me so they kinda had a helping hand making the BREAKOUT! So now screw your plans and everything else cause we're gonna do things MY WAY FROM NOW ON! You got the BADDEST SOB with the Extreme belt on one side and you got the King of Extreme on the other side. And in your sights you've got GOOD GOD stalking your hide so MAKE WAY cause The Family is IN DA HOUSE!!! Oh, and by the way Manifest Destiny, we're even!

[The three shake hands and hit high fives before leaving the ring towards the back under a chorus of cheers from the crowd.]

BS: Oh my GOD! Can anything else happen tonight? And we've still go two more matches to go!

MP: Kevin Powers is back baby YEAH! That square couldn't keep him away forever!

BS: We'll be right back folks, but next it's time to decide who are the tag champs as Casanova Clique challenges San An's Best...NEXT!


BS: Well welcome back everyone. Right now we're being joined by Victoria McCave.

MP: Oh yeah! And I see that you brought your friends with you.

VM: And what are YOU talking about?

MP: The fans baby the fans. They love you! What did you.....NOOOO!!!! Not THEM!

VM: You know I can never take you serious for a second.

MP: Then how about you take me for ****s and giggles for an hour?


[Victoria reaches for Powers, but is cut off by Sanders.]

BS: You know why he does it don't you?

VM: To upset me!

MP: I do it to get a RISE out of you...AND me.

VM: One day Mike. One day you are going to regret the things you have done to me.

MP: Oh behave!

BS: Well coming up we're supposed to have The Casanova Clique go against the tag team champs San An's Best, but there has been a rumor that K-9 might not be in the buliding.

VM: Will they still be able to defend the titles?

MP: Hey baby let's go back there and ask.

VM: You make me sick.

MP: So that means you want to play doctor?


BS: She's gonna get you ya know.


BS: Unreal.....



No DQ - There must be a Winner

San An's Best (Lone Wulf and Nemesis) vs. Casanova Clique (Chip Allthat and Dale Johnson)
Combined Weight 709lbs | Combined Weight 500lbs
San An' texas | Dayton, OH
"2 of Amerikaz most Wanted" by Tupac Shakur and Snoop Doggy Dogg | "Fly Away" by Lenny Kravitz

BS: Well it looks like that Nemesis has taken the place of K-9 for this match up and with the note I've been handed they now want to be known as South Of the Border.

MP: South Of th...HEY SOB!

VM: Only Manifest Destiny would think of something like that.

['Turn the Page' by Metallica comes on again as Vice President makes his way to the top of the rampway.]

MP: Him again?

BS: I guess we're gonna find out something about this match.

MP: What was your first guess?

VP EZ: Lone Wulf. Nemesis. I saw what you two and Commando did to K-9 and what can I say? I was damn near in tears. The happiness you brought me seeing him loaded on that ambulance and seeing him for maybe the last time. I don't know how to repay you, but let me start by making everyone happy. Since K-9 is gone and Nemesis is taking his place then it will be Lone Wulf and NEMESIS as the Tag Team Champions, but you will still have to defend that belt against the Casanova Clique. Rules you know. So have a good match. And again....thanks!

BS: Unbelievable! K-9 has been taken away and now it is Lone Wulf and Nemesis as the tag champions.

VM: But have they worked together before? This has to be a fresh new team going against a well-established team of The Casanova Clique.

MP: Either or it doesn't matter. The winners go and face Simply Stunning at the next show in Times Square where they'll take the titles then. Let's just get this match over with cause they're wasting Simply Stunnings time.

VM: How can you.....

BS: Even he is allowed to have favorites.

VM: Figures.

Allthat starts off for the CC's while Nemesis starts off for the SOB's. They both stare eachother down before locking up. While locked up Nemesis lifs a knee into the stomach of Allthat and then whips him into the ropes. Off the ropes Nemesis tried for a back bodydrop, but Allthat leapfrogged over him and hit the opposite side. Meanwhile Lone Wulf hopped down from the corner and reached for a steel chair. Off the ropes Nemesis then went for a clothesline, but Allthat ducked that and hit the ropes again only to be met with a steel chair to the back by Lone Wulf. Allthat cringed in pain as he staggered away from the ropes right into a belly to belly suplex by Nemesis.

VM: And the SOB's are taking advantage of the NO DQ rule right now early in the game.

BS: Well in their last match it was ruled a no contest with the CC's really getting the upper hand. I guess that Lone Wulf wants to return the favor anyway that he can.

MP: And what's with the steel chairs? Can't they find something else?

BS: You're just not happy unless someone gets hurt.

MP: Actually I cringe at pain. Vickie can I put my head on your shoulder?

VM: Sure Mike. Just as long as I can shove my foot dead up your.....

BS: O.K. THEN! Back to the match.

MP: Hmm...kinky!

Johnson eventually made his way to Lone Wulf and there were slugging it out on the outside while Nemesis climbed the top rope and hit Allthat with a split legged moonsaut. He went for the cover, but only got a two count. Outside Lone Wulf eventually got the upper hand and threw Johnson over the steel baracade into the crowd. After doing that he came inside of the ring and started a double team on Allthat. Lone Wulf grabed Allthat and connected with a flapjack while Nemesis hit him with a stunner right after that. As Lone Wulf was about to pick Allthat back up Johnson was back in the ring area under the ring searching for something until he finally found a fire extinguisher. Nemesis was going to the outside about toclimb to the top turnbuckle as Johnson came in and clobbered Lone Wulf from behind. Nemesis saw was was going on and leaped off the top rope, but was met with the release of the contents of the extinguisher.

MP: OH YEAH BABY! It's gonna be one of those matches tonight!

VM: When they said NO DQ they weren't kidding. The ref is trying his best to stay out of the way unless, somehow, there is a pin attempt.

BS: Well the rule book had to be thrown out for this one cause, let's face it, Manifest Destiny never follows it anyway.

VM: Very true.

As Lone Wulf was trying to get to his feet Johnson hit him again with the extinguisher. After that Johnson saw that Allthat had Nemesis in a bearhug so he went into the ropes and nailed Nemesis with a running bulldog. He went for a pin attempt, but also received a two count. As Allthat and Johnson was working over Nemesis in the ring and Lone Wulf was trying to get back to his feet again Randy 'Rusty Cage' Cobb made his way from the locker room area halfway to the ring area.

MP: Who is that stray cat?

BS: That's Randy Cobb! He hasn't been seen since Detroit and now he's here watching this match, but why?

VM: Well there have been reports that Cobb might have left the federation, but it now seems that he is back and has an interest in this match.

Lone Wulf finally catches sight of Cobb and makes his way out of the ring heading towards him. As he is doing that Johnson whips Nemesis into the ropes and catches him with a spinebuster and then a connecting legdrop from Allthat. Allthat goes for the cover again, but still came up with only a two count. Allthat then tossed Nemesis outside of the ring and they started to take their fight from the ringside area into the crowd. Johnson, seeing Lone Wulf yelling at Cobb, rolls outside and attacks Wulf from behind. Johnson starts to bring Wulf back to the ring, but before they get in Wulf takes a shot at Johnson's midsection and knocks the breath out of him. He then sets Johnson up for a powerbomb outside of the ring.

BS: These two just don't care about eachother what so ever!

VM: You've got Nemesis and Allthat fighting in the stands while Johnson is down and out from a Lone Wulf powerbomb on the outside of the ring.

MP: Pure Shagadelic entertainment.

As Wulf is rolling Johnson back into the ring Nemesis and Allthat are in the upper part of the stand trying to get the upper hand on eachother. Nemesis eventually gets the advantage with a well placed foot in the lower midsection of Allthat and continues to club on him. Inside of the ring Lone Wulf sets Johnson up for the Sheriff Killa and hits it.

BS: And this could be it. He goes for the cover, but the ref isn't there to make the count!

VM: That's because he's in the stands with Nemesis and Allthat trying to get them back in the ring.

BS: And listen to Lone Wulf. He's screaming for the ref to get back in the ring.

MP: Looks like the party isn't out of Johnson yet cause he's getting back up.

VM: And Wulf just noticed this.....SHERIFF KILLA AGAIN! There is no way that Johnson can continue this. And the ref is STILL NOT THERE!!!

MP: Well it looks like if the ref is going to come to Wulf then Wulf is going to get the ref AND he's taking Johnson with him!

BS: This thing has gotten out of hand, whose idea was this?

MP: It's groovy baby yeah!

BS: Oh no, here come Martin and Kross again, chair in hand. Lone Wolf is outside the ring and Kross just hit him with that chair. Martin gets in the ring, umps on the top turnbuckle, and lands an elbow on the fallen Wolf. Kross picks him up, as Martin lays down the chair, Kross hits a BRASS BOMB, right on that chair, Lone Wolf, is out cold. Martin takes the chair, and hits Johnson as well!! And now he just throws him in the ring, Kross throws Lone Wolf in the ring, and then puts Johnson on top of him, they leave the ring, and walk to the back.

MP: And where are their partners at?

VM: They're still in the stands trying to make their way back to the ring, but the crowd is cutting them off! Wait the ref made it back! Oh no it can't end like this!

BS: He's in for the count...one...two.....THREE!!! WE HAVE NEW CHAMPIONS!!!

Winners and NEW MWC World Tag Team Champions

The Casanova Clique


BS: New champions again! First Radder wins the Extreme title and now The Casanova are the new Tag Champions. Can Blair go for the triple threat and regain the title from Eddy Love?

VM: Well it seems like three is the lucky number here. Third title match in a row. Third time Blair and Love have gone against eachother one on one with Blair taking the first two. Who knows.

MP: Bring the Blair Witch out cause he don't scare me!

BS: (looking at Powers)I don't know about you, but that match is coming up....THE MAIN EVENT...NEXT!!!

(Cue up: "Turn the Page" by Metallica. President Harders and Vice President Zieba emerge from the back and make their way down to ringside. They are greeted with a chorus of cheers, which is unheard of for owners of federations these days.)

BS: Oh my, now the moment I have been waiting for all day, the announcement.

MP: Keep your panties on, let me work my mojo.

BS: This must be big if both of them are required to be out here.

(They enter the ring with a pair of mics.)

RH: Well, as all of you would know by now, or have heard from the rumor mill, we have made some changes in the company. First off, I just want to begin with the statement that Mr. Locke is no longer our employer. Consider him done.

BS: Oh, this gets better.

MP: Uh oh, that is who I signed my contract with. This is far from groovy.

RH: I would like to introduce you all to the new owners of the MW... this fed. Here they are, your new employers and friends, drum roll please...

(Drum roll sounds...)

Us. That's right boys and girls. Your admirable President and vice President have combined forces and bought this federation from the unruley grasp of Mr. Locke.

Here is another point. One of our first changes in this league, this is not the MWC. Hell, I never liked that name to begin with. You are now at, the very first, EWI, Extreme Wrestling International event. You all should be proud.

EZ: That's right kids. Before it was if you didn't like our way then you could always go to the higher power. Well now WE ARE the higher power! No more Mr. Locke we're being treated unfair by the people you hired. Now you answer to us and we answer to...NOBODY!

BS: And that would explain alot from the match up eariler with Holmes!

MP: The man will take matters into his own hands...groovy!

EZ: So what can you expect? The Extreme part is oh so obvious, but there is that other part called International. I hope everyone has their passports ready cause a Asia tour is in the works with the Pay Per View to be determined and that's just the beginning. Get ready for the bumpy ride of your lives cause Extreme Wrestling International is about to soar to even greater hights than what MWC ever did!


MP: WHAT? He's back?!

BS: No the announcement!


RH: Thank you EZ. Oh and by the way, we are no longer President or Vice President. True equality across the board with us being Co-Owners.

(They head to the back to a chorus of cheers and to "Turn the Page" by Metallica.)


BS: Well this is the one everyone stayed for. Once again we're gonna see the best in the business go one on one as 'The Mastero' Bryan Blair challenges for 'Hurricane' Eddy Love's belt!

VM: And now I guess it would be wise to say that it's for the Extreme Wrestling International Heavyweight belt. Shockers left and right around here tonight.....(looking at Powers) what is he doing?

BS: Mike. What are you doing?

MP: (writing something on some paper) I just wanna make sure that I'm still getting my fair share of money now that EWI has taken over. I can't believe this has happened.

VM: Well now the question has been answered. Now I think everyone knows why this Pay Per View was called Genesis. A new birth. Who would've thought Locke would sell MWC.

BS: Well what's done is done and now all we can do is get ready cause the main event....IS NOW!




"Hurricane" Eddy Love vs. "The Maestro" Bryan Blair
6'5", 255lbs | 6'2", 235lbs
Clemson, SC | Europe
Led Zepp: "Trampled Under Foot" | "Fireworks Music" By Handel

Love and Blair just look at eachother in the beginning. After a few minutes Love starts to make his way towards Blair, but he just backs off towards the corner and makes the ref brush Eddy back until he is ready to wrestle. As the ref pushes Love back he starts to laugh.

BS: Well Love should recognize this. This has always been a favorite tactic of Bryan Blair.

VM: That's right Brett. Blair won't wrestle until he is good and ready. It really plays a mind game with other opponents, but with Love I don't think it'll work since they know eachother so well.

MP: Hey Blair doesn't look ready to me. Maybe he should just shake around a lot so he can be just like that movie of his.

VM: You're an idiot! That movie wasn't even ABOUT BLAIR!!

MP: Oh that's right. What was it called again?

VM: The Blair Witch Project.

MP: EXACTLY! Now back in the kitchen!

VM: Why you son-of-a-----

BS: Would you two stop! This is a main event match and I would rather watch that instead of you beating him up.

MP: Her? Beat me?

BS: Yes.


VM: Sick. Totally sick.

After a couple of more Blair tactics they eventually lock up in the ring. Love gains the advantage by pushing Blair into the corner. As the ref tries to break the two up Blair gets a quick slap shot in on Love and this upsets the man from South Carolina. Love just pushes the ref to the side and begins to lay into Blair.

BS: And here we go. You can only get to Love so many times. Friends or not when the belt is on the line you pull out ALL the stops.

MP: That's right Eddy! Get into Blair! That fake!

VM: Fake?

MP: Claiming he's from Europe. I bet he cannot even name the street he was born on! And for that matter Love shouldn't even be champion. Michael Hardy should!

BS: You are REALLY a mark for Simply Stunning aren't you?

MP: Well they are talented and they don't lie like the rest of these people do in MW....

VM: Hate to correct you. Really I do, but it's EWI now and not MWC.

MP: Square. That hasn't changed about you did you know that?

VM: How about this. After they're done in the ring how about we get in there next so I can beat you down!

MP: How about we just meet in my hotel room and we can play some naked twister?

VM: You have some nerve!

MP: And I have a groovy connection of other things as well...grrr.

Love takes Blair and whips him into the ropes. Coming off the ropes Blair gets caught in a clothesline by Love which brings the man down. Blair quickly gets back to his knees and begins to beg off, but Love isn't going for it. As Love comes in closer Blair gets a quick eye poke in and temporarily blinds Love. Blair then begins to hit Love with several chops which effect the big man. He pushes Love to the corner with the chops and then begins to lay a couple of fist into the chin of Love. At first they had an effect, but soon after Love built up a tolerance and started to come back. Blair noticed this and again tried to beg off, but Love wasn't going for it this time. Love followed in with a boot to the midsection and then caught Blair with gut wrench Suplex turned into a powerbomb.

BS: And Love is taking it to Blair. Even though he has the belt he really wants this win.

VM: Oh yes. Twice before. Once when the company was known as BTR and once when the company was known as MWC Blair always got his hand raised. Now that the company is known as EWI Love would like to change history all together and take the win this time.

MP: What he should to is take Blair back to the scene of the crime.

VM: And where is that?

MP: The woods where they made that movie! And they really need to get the cameraman off of whatever he was on cause the camera kept moving and moving. I was getting sick halfway through that blasted thing.

VM: For the VERY LAST.....no...nevermind. It's no use.

BS: NOW you finally catch on.

Love goes to pick Blair up, but he hits a low blow on Love while the ref is distracted by Contessa. Blair whips Love into the ropes and nails a flying knee right into the head of Love. Working on that he quickly goes to work on Love's leg stomping on it and bending it every which way but straight.

VM: This is vintage Blair. You can can't get the advantage one way then low blow your way to the top.

MP: Kinda like how you got this job.

VM: You ungrateful little -----

BS: Vickie relax! Mike play nice.

MP: O.K. I'll leave Tricky Vicky alone.

VM: Did you just call me a trick?

MP: Who? Me? NEVER!

Blair takes Love leg and wrenches on it with several spinning toe holds. Feeling that Love is ready to go he tries to cinch in a figure four, but Love kicks Blair out of it and into the corner. Love gets back to his feet, but there is an obvious limp. He grabs Blair out of the corner and puts him into a headlock. Blair tries to push Love off, but Love has a handful of hair and won't release the hold. Blair then lifts up Love and places an atomic drop square on the hurt knee/leg of Love.

BS: And there's The Overture! He's setting up Love for his finisher The Encore. We could have a new champ in a matter of seconds.

With Love down on the ground Blair wraps up Love in a figure four and reels back several times. The ref asks Love if he wants to give, but Love screams no again and again. Blair, close to the ropes, reaches his hands back when the ref isn't looking and pulls down on the second rope for added leverage. When the ref turns around Blair releases the ropes and, when questioned, says he never touched them. When the ref turned back around Blair reached for Contessa's hands and she pulled back so that she could help give leverage to Blair, but soon released it when Melissa came around and broke the hold herself.


VM: These people were friends, but because of Vice President Zieba's planning they've turned on eachother.

BS: It's all because of the belt. Anyone would do anything to get that belt.

With Love in pain he does the unthinkable. He takes the momentum and begins to turn the figure four until he is able to reverse it. Now that the pressure is on Blair's leg he quickly releases the hold and attempts to regain to his feet. As he does Love is trying to do the same thing, but he can only put limited pressure on his leg. Blair tries to come in for another attack, but again Love takes a boot to Blair's midsection. He then bounces off the ropes and nails a running neckbreaker on his fellow friend.

MP: The man of Love is coming through. Hit him with the Hurricane Piledriver!

VM: Well it looks like that's what he is about to set him up for.

Love, back to his feet, grabs Blair and hits with a jumping spike piledriver. Love goes to cover, but Blair kicks out in two.

BS: And neither two are giving an inch on this one. This looks like the match can go all...........................DAMN IT NOT AGAIN! Yep folks you guessed it Manifest Destiny minus K-9 have stormed the ring, and DAMN Commando just COBASHED Eddy Love with a chair, Casey just ***** slapped Sweet Melissa and gives her the Casey Driver, and Brian Blair isn't getting any mercy either Lone Wulf just picked him up like he was nothing and gave him the Sheriff Killa, Nemesis isn't far behind Lone Wulf and Commando with a shopping cart full of weapons. Now Commando setting the severely dented chair on the ground and NOSE DIVE on the chair, now Nemesis putting two tables in the ring, and setting them both up, Commando whips Love into the corner, and crotches him in the turnbuckle hoists him up into NOSE DIVE off the top rope, damn it they are out to hurt Eddy Love, when will MD stop this....this MADNESS!

[At that moment the lights go out in the arena.]

MP: O.K. what's going on here?

VM: You're guess is as good as mine. Does anybody see anything?

BS: Not a thing.

VM: Mike I swear to GOD get your hand off of my leg!

MP: It's not me I swear!

[Over the PA system Black Sabbath by Type O Negative begins to play.]

BS: Who's music is that?

VM: Better yet where is everyone at? MD? Love? Blair?

MP: I don't know, but would you hold me? I'm kind of scared.

VM: Coward. I knew it all along.

[Soon the lights come back on and a person dressed in black with black hair that covers his face along with a matching black trenchcoat and cane stands in the ring. Love and Blair are out of it and Manifest Destiny is still trying to figure what is going on.]

MP Who the.....

VM: Do you know who that is?


VM: He just ran towards Lone Wulf and caught him off-guard by cracking that cane over his head and getting him out of the ring! Nemesis tries to get him, but Black catches him and nails a spinebuster! Now Commando is after him, but gets met with a short arm clothesline!

BS: Well Black just threw out Nemesis and now Love and Blair have made their way outside and are working over Lone Wulf and Nemesis. I don't even think they know who is in the ring yet helping them!

VM: Well Black just placed Commando on one of those tables and also crashed some fist into his face. Now what is he doing....he's going to the outside to the top rope...

BS: 450 SPLASH!!! 450 SPLASH!! And it was through the table!!! This has NOT been MD's night! And now Black just tosses Commando out of the ring for the others to collect. I can't believe it Pat Black is here in EWI!

VM: Well MD finally made their way to the back and Love and Blair are trying to collect theirselves. They roll back into the ring to thank Black....AND LOOK AT LOVE! Now he realizes who this is!

MP: It's as if he's seen a ghost!

BS: Ghost Hell! He looks like he's about to have kittens! Love can't believe it!

VM: Wait a minute Black just asked for a mic!

Black: Well Mr. Edward Love I bet you're wondering why I rescued your worthless shell. Its not because I believe in a fair fight. Its not because I have some sense of justice. Its only partly because of my love of inflicting pain. Its only partly because of my love of receiving pain. If it were left to my choosing I would have sooner left you here in the ring to bleed until your death.

But now that it seems Mr. "Love" that you are indebted to one Patrick Black. You have something that I want. You have something that I need. You have something that I crave. I want it not for the fame. I want it not for the money or the acclaim, and especially not for these lowly sycophants that call themselves fans. Oh no Mr. Love I want your World Title for two reasons. Because the World Champion gives and receives the most brutal of beatings.

And as I said you are now indebted to me. Kind of like selling your soul to the devil isn't it Mr. Love. Well I am calling my debt in right now. You have the right to name who you want to defend your belt against. And now you owe me a title shot. What say you Mr. Love?

BS: I don't believe it! He just called Love out!

VM: Looks like Love is about to give him his answer!

Voice: Now that sounds like a winner!

['Turn the Page' by Metallica comes on and Owners Erik Zieba and Randy Harders make their way out from the back and looks towards the ring with a smile on their face.]

EZ: Pat Black and Eddy Love. Now that's an interesting match. Don't you think so Mr. Harders?

RH: Oh yes. That sounds like a match that can pull in a HUGE revenue.

EZ: And since we have the signing control over matches here, being the owners and all, I think that we'll save that little match for the next Pay Per View. And, of course, the EWI World Title WILL be on the line!

[The fans seem to think that this is a good idea. But then ....]

Voice (From Backstage) : Now, now, now, boys, you know that's not how it is. I thought we had this clear!

[Steve Radder, along with Eli Flair and Kevin Powers, steps out from the backstage area, Extreme Title in hand, to a huge pop. Both Zieba and Harders start looking a little nervous with the extra company they have.]

Steve Radder : Let me try to remember ... oh yes. Yes, a small matter of ... "If I win the Extreme Tournament, I get a World Title shot." Does that sound close enough guys?

EZ : Well ... er ... maybe ...

Steve Radder : Maybe?

EZ : [Muttering.] .... yes ....

Steve Radder : That's right. This was your lesson to read all the contracts that are sent back to you, isn't it?

RH : Hey now, Radder ... if you were trustworthy ...

Steve Radder : Trustworthy? If both of you put your minds together you might be able to defeat a monkey in a spelling bee. Now, I want one of you to tell me what the Main Event for the next PPV is!

EZ : .... Eddy Love ....

Steve Radder : The suspense!

EZ : Versus .... Pat Black

Steve Radder : I'm on the edge of my seat here ...!

EZ : Versus ... Steve Radder.

Steve Radder : Oh my! And what's it for?

EZ : [Mumbling again.] ... the EWI World Title.

Steve Radder : Yowzah! That's enough for me guys ... I'm in shock. I need to sit down somewhere.

[Radder starts walking off to the back.]

Steve Radder : ... someone bring me a glass of water! I feel faint! Oh, the shock!

[Zieba and Harders start talking as they make their way to the back as well. After they leave Pat Black gives Love one last look and then heads out of the ring towards the back. Love is still in the ring with the same shocked look on his face as when he first saw Pat Black for the night.]

BS: Oh this is unheard of! Someone didn't proofread the contract and now at the next Pay Per View it's going to be a Triple Threat match for the EWI World Title as Eddy Love defends against BOTH Extreme champion Steve Radder AND Pat Black! Oh it's about to get interesting in EWI!

MP: Well I think it's obvious to say that the match went to a no contest as well.

VM: Boy NOTHING gets past you does it?

MP: Except you after you leave my bedroom from the great SHAGGING YOU GOT!!!


BS: (watching McCave chase after Powers towards the backstage area) Well as Vickie chases after Mike I guess I'll close the show. For Victoria McCave, Mike Powers, and everyone here at....Extreme Wrestling International? Yeah! This is Brett Sanders saying good night and remember that our next show will take place, in of all places, TIMES SQUARE! Again GOOD NIGHT FROM CHICAGO AND GENESIS!!
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