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Jan 1, 2000

{{...FADE-IN: Backstage at FISH FUND. Deacon's voice can be heard talking to Eli Flair in the ring. The camera rounds a corner and comes to a door marked "SOUTHERN". A knock on the door produces no answer so it's opened. A pan around the locker room does not find its intended target, so it backs out and turns left down a long hallway until it stops at the door marked "TRAINER". The door opens and finally Shane Southern is found, sitting on the trainers table. A female dressed in a "CSWA Medical Staff" t-shirt is examining Southern's knee....}}


DOC: " Shane, I know I've told you this before, but you have GOT to have surgery! "

SOUTHERN: " Listen Doc, I've told you this a hundred times, it just ain't tha' right time. I can stand tha' pain. Now, if you'd be so kind as ta' give me one of those magic shots, I'd be grateful. "

DOC: " I'm begining to worry about the cortisone shots as well Shane. You've lost alot of strength in that knee, and these shots are only making it worse. You see, with each shot you lose strength at the ligament-bone junction and ... "

SOUTHERN: " Look doc, I ain't got time for tha' lecture right now 'huh. If ya' ain't gonna' give me tha' shot, fine ... ya' know what, I don't NEED it anyway. I'll see ya'. "

{{...Shane, grabs the CSWA U.S. Title off the table next to him, then gets up and walks gingerly on the leg until he sees the camera...}}

SOUTHERN: " Look ... no disrespect or nuthin', but get outta' mah' way. "

{{...The camera moves off to the side as Shane goes to exit. He then turns around, puts the US Title over his shoulder, and ponders his thoughts for a moment..}}

SOUTHERN: " On second thought, I gotta' few things ta' say. "

" First off, let me just congratulate that <BLEEP>in' PUNK Wicked Sight. Not many have pulled one over on Shane Southern ... so you got sumthin' ta' be proud of. What ya' ain't gotta' be proud of is tha' WAY you went 'bout expressin' your "displeasure" with tha' way with whole GXW thing has gone down. I don't buy for ONE SECOND you did this 'cause you were pissed at tha' CSWA fans for not givin' you enough "respect". I don't think for ONE IOTA that you did this for revenge of me n' Stanley for not trustin' ya'. You did this Sight for ONE reason, n' that's 'cause you're a selfish BASTARD. You've never been much uva' success at climbin' up tha' LADDER in tha' CSWA, so you figured you'd do it on tha' backs of tha' GXW. You're PISSED at me 'cause I've climbed further up tha' ladder in THREE MONTHS in tha' CSWA that you have in tha' YEARS you've been here. Well ya' know what 'Sight, you bit off a peice a' Shane Southern ta'night, but it was MUCH MORE than you're ass can chew my friend. We'll meet SOONER rather than later 'Sight, n' when we do, I'll show ya' tha' TRUE reason our little "revolution" didn't get off tha' ground. "

"Triple X, Hornet ... FAN-<BLEEP>IN'-TASTIC match. I'm DAMN LUCKY ta' have this strap 'round mah' waist right now. Now before you go off n' KILL each other, let me just say this. Tha' CSWA ... it NEEDS us right now. It NEEDS guys like us n' Lawrence Stanley! I count THREE so called SUPER groups now here in tha' CSWA, all of 'em formed TA'NIGHT. Tha' CSWA NEEDS *US* ta' stick up for tha' fans. Tha' CSWA NEEDS US ta' put down this GXW invasion, it needs US ta' see that tha' Intruders don't run this place inta' tha' ground ... it needs US ta' make sure tha' PLR don't run roughshod over ever'body. You two need ta' SETTLE THIS, n' SETTLE IT NOW ... then, when yer done actin' like teenagers, come n' see me and we can do somethin' 'BOUT THIS <BLEEP>"

" 'Till then, I gotta' WORLD TITLE match ta' watch ... PARTY'S <BLEEP>IN' OVER! "

{{...FADE OUT as Southern exits the trainers room, slamming the door behind him...}}

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