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Jan 1, 2000
Fayetteville US
(Fade in: Somewhere in Frisco, one of the many goth/rave nightclubs in the so-called "City by the bay". The club in paticular is called the "Final Nail" and we see numerous goth and raver kids hanging around outside of the club's extierior, which the club apparently was once a large warehouse. The camera cuts to the inside of the nightclub and we hear "Ostego Undead" by Static-X playing loudly as the camera pans around the club from above before finally coming to show us a former face from the old days of the Mechanical Animals, one of Paul "Angelus" Dumont's former bodyguards and tag team partners, Alucard. The former MA member wears a black suit pants with a blood red shirt and a black leather trench coat. He makes his way through the club until he reaches a table on one of the upper levels of the club over the DJ's station. Alucard sits at the table and sits his drink down on the table in front of him)

Alucard: Bloody Hell, almost spilled my damned drink in this bloody hell hole! I ask you, mate, why the hell are we in Frisco anyway? You've yet to tell me anything that's going on.

(the camera pans left to try and show us who Alucard's talking to, only we see a man wearing a pair of black Oakley sunglasses with red lenses and a shaved head, the dim lighting hides the man's features well as he begins to talk in a flat and emotionless tone)

Man: Genesis is happening in five days, Alucard and I plan on being there to give our dear, dear..."Friend"...Angelus or "Paul" as he's calling himself nowadays. I can only hope that his insurance covers "acts of extreme violence" because I see a #####-load of that in his future Alucard. Now, did you get ahold of the people that I asked you to?

(Alucard nods and reaches into the inner jacket pocket of his trench coat and pulls out a piece of paper and unfolds it and starts to read things off of it)

Alucard: Let's see-Matt Hunter also known as the "Maverick Blade" is currently in a State prison in upstate New York for attacking several police officers, Jacob Sikes AKA the "Maverick Storm" is currently in retirement in Denver Colorado and he says that he'll think about it. Irvine, I haven't heard anything from since he hooked up with Reno and "Reckless" Chris Morton in the International Wrestling Alliance in Toronto. Eric Gibson, AKA the "Marauder" is with his wife Gina in Portland where they are having their honeymoon and he said maybe. As for Spyder, well...you know what happened to him. Also, Chris Slayton is out of action with a torn ACL injury thanks to that piece of ##### Timmy Princeton in the Bayou Wrestling Alliance. Anything else?

Man: Yes, what are they saying about the Reaver?

Alucard: Boss, you've heard some of the ##### that was being said about him by Paul and...Kelly. So you can unders...

(The man merely turns his head towards Alucard and the former MA member puts his hands up in a "back up" gesture.)

Alucard: Sorry boss, Zieba is very interested in having the Reaver come back where ever the hell he is, as is Edward Brown, Mike Vincent and that "Phoenix" guy who runs the "Phoenix Promotions" up in Newfoundland. Other than that, you should know the Reaver's status in both GXW and SCW.

"Boss": True...very true. At any rate, I don't know if the Reaver should return to wrestling. I mean after all, Devon Jackson and Dallas Winston did do one hell of a number on him while Stone watched.

(Suddenly, a man comes walking through the crowd. He has a little bit longer than shoulder length blonde hair with purple, black and green streaks going through it and he's wearing a green and black "Hurricane-Wassup wit Dat?" t-shirt, and black nylon cargo pants. He pulls out a chair opposite of Alucard and sits down in it backwards.)

Man 2: What's up, Alucard...Boss.

Alucard: Devon, it's good to see you again. Did you get the package I requested?

Devon: Oh hell yeah.

(Devon reaches into one of his pants pockets and pulls out an envelope with the name "Flock Incorporated" on the front in black letting and hands it to Alucard)

Devon: Here it is, one set of contracts issued by Global X-Treme Wrestling and Superior Championship Wrestling for the members of the Flock Inc. Even though it's not for a stable, but the students that come out of the Reaver's Dojo in both Battle Creek and Kyoto.

(Alucard takes the contracts and puts them in the inner pocket of his trench as Devon turns to face the man in the corner)

Devon: So, boss. When do I get my shot at being in GXW with you and the others like Kevin Powers, Kin Hiroshi and my uncle Paul?

"Boss": When I feel like it, first things first though...family matters have to contended with. Alucard, pay the tab...we're heading for Sacramento early. Devon, get your ##### together and maybe I'll talk to Zieba for you. Other than that...I've got a little job for you.

Devon: What is it boss?

"Boss": Find me a florist that will deliever several large funeral wreaths to Paul Dumont's mansion and then will talk more...

(Fade to black)

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