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Good to be back


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Sep 18, 2004
{A stormy night. Outside the EUWC Arena we see a park bench. As the rain comes down we notice someone sitting at the bench. As we move close Samuel Roundtree's vision comes into our focus. He's just pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and he's lighting it as we get closer.}

SR: Sweet, sweet nicotine. Good to feel you again.

10 months at home.

They called and said get in shape, your return will be anytime.

They called and said we're just working out your new contract.

They called and said they had a hard time getting the promoters to remove their heads from their collective asses.

Finally they called and I believed them.

I did everything for this company when it re-opened. I wrestled in every crappy match idea these boneheads came up with.

After that whole Buck Naked fiasco. I asked for some time off to rest a couple of injuries. I didn't mean a whole g*******n year!!!! One year of my life gone. Because the promoters thought some guy with a cheesy porn star name was a better fighter than me.

See it's those who underestimate that pay the highest price.

And to those who know me, they know I collect.

To those who don't, sorry...

{He stomps out the cigarette, and heads towards the arena.}

{Fade to Black}

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