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Grant Kingston


League Member
Feb 16, 2022
Name: GrantK
Best Way to Contact You: Discord - GrantK#5604
eWrestling Experience: Little experience, briefly played years and years ago so get the idea but didn’t play much.
How did you find DEFIANCE? Gregg!
Match Writing: Would need to do a bit of practice, but absolutely willing to learn!

Writing Sample

I have no previous segments that I can link to but I have got experience in role playing communities, I used to write online diaries for wrestling booker games that involved a lot of promo writing, and I have a ton of wrestling knowledge. I can provide good promos and have a decent grip on psychology to write good matches to bring a fun and entertaining aspect on angles and matches. Here’s something I’ve put together as a promo anyways:

||| Camera cuts backstage to a dimly lit dive bar. The place is almost empty, save for the few drunken, asleep patrons and the barman. The camera moves through the bar until it comes to a table at the back, with a man sitting sipping on a whiskey, his head tilted so you cant see his face with his cap and the darkness obscuring it. He begins to sing in his thick Irish brogue… “Oh build my gallows, build them high…” - he lets out a laugh.

“That’s an old Irish folk tune. It tells a story of a man who fought hard and mean for his cause. But ultimately he was hunted down by a band of those who hated who he was, and feared what he could do. They dragged him to the gallows and planned to hang him. As he stood there staring fate in the eye and facing death for fighting for what he wanted more than anything - he called out for those who captured him to build his gallows higher, to do their worst. Why? Because he wasn’t afraid of what he was to face. He relished it.

He wasn’t afraid because he fought for his ultimate goal, and when faced with the ultimate punishment, he had his followers behind him - he begged the hangman to build his gallows higher, and he stood strong. He stood strong - just like I will - in a promotion so aptly named DEFIANCE, because that is exactly what I am! Defiant!

Defiant in the face of adversity! Defiant in what I can achieve! Defiant in the very face of death!

You see, I’m not alone. I’m not afraid. And I have my eyes set on my own ultimate goal - being the best wrestler in DEFIANCE, climbing to the top, and becoming the FIST of DEFIANCE!

Just like the hero in that song, I welcome my destiny. I welcome my fate. And to all those wrestlers in DEFIANCE… you better start building a bigger gallows for when I show up… and you damn sure better bring a bigger rope!”

Wrestler(s) Information

Ring Name:
Grant Kingston
Height: 5’10
Weight: 230lbs

Hailing From: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Theme Music: Shipping Up To Boston by Dropkick Murphys

Alignment: Face

Gimmick: Born into the civil war zone of Northern Ireland, Grant Kingston is a tough, balls to the wall brawler - fighting to reach the ultimate goal of being the World’s Champion!

Wrestling Style: An out and out brawler who learnt how to fight on the mean streets of Belfast, looking to cause as much pain to his opponents... something he takes great joy in. Akin to an Eddie Kingston or Minoru Suzuki

Three Weaknesses: - Take out his arms and his main weapons… the Irish Kiss and the Carbomb.
- Vulnerable to someone who attacks his family or heritage - passionate about who he is and what he came from. He is proud of where he came from, seeing himself and his people’s struggle in other people which can be detrimental in a match or feud, but also wields benefits in finding allies. Vulnerable I guess is the word.
- Loyal to his cost, previous loyalties have seen him come out the loser.

Three Strengths: - Tough as nails, resilient and hard to put down for the 1-2-3.
- Passionate and dedicated to what he is fighting for.
- A great talker than can kill his opponents with his words, the Irish gift of the gab.


10 regular moves:

Mostly a brawler style akin to a Mick Foley or Eddie Kingston. Nothing fancy, just trying to hurt his opponent. Bear with me as this is my first time doing this, and I am open to advice on improving my move set.

1. Combination strikes
2. Variations of the DDT
3. Chops
4. European Uppercutter
5. Clothesline
6. Scoop Slam
7. Suplexes
8. Joint Manipulation
9. Stretches - abdominal, surfboard, Boston crabs etc
10. Neck/Back Breakers

2-5 trademark moves:
1. Irish Kiss - Lariat
2. Tír na nÓg - Sleeperhold

Finishing Move:
1. Irish Carbomb - Gotch Style Piledriver
3. Surrender - Coquina Clutch


League Member
Jul 12, 2020
I think our characters would get along and I dig the app. I vote yes.


Active member
Staff member
Feb 4, 2005
Yes from me as well. Character has a lot of potential I think in a scrappy underdog I feel. That is four


League Member
Feb 16, 2022
Thanks guys! Looking forward to getting involved!

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