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Huge News For The Euwc Roster

Sean Taylor

League Member
Sep 3, 2004
Kingston, Ontario
Folks, Blood Bath will be put up as soon as Matt gets his computer and internet set up. Personally, I am willing to wait but my craving for e-fed action is getting to be too much. Therefore, I have huge news.

I have just opened the CWC - Canadian Wrestling Corporation. Consider this EUWC Canada. I am inviting all EUWC wrestlers and non-EUWC wrestlers to join. This is a chance to keep yourselves fresh as far as roleplaying goes and I'm sure will help with your characters.

Everyone, regardless of where you stood in the EUWC, will start off on a level playing field. Whether you were main event or curtain jerking, you will all start fresh. I hope to have some new matches where people face each other for the first time and some classic match ups.

I will be instituting at least 3 championships. The CWC will be roleplay based with small considerations going to storylines. I guarantee weekly cards on time and monthly PPVs. Because of this I will also be looking for match writers. I will not be entering any of my characters into the CWC to avoid conflict of interest and so that I can devote more time to getting everything out on time.

The site may not look as good as Matt's but let's be honest, he's a better web designer than I am. BTW the background is white b/c Canada is called The Great White North.

I am not looking to steal you away from the EUWC but rather to offer a temporary solution until he is back up and running. I will run a card as soon as I have enough of a roster to warrant one. I am looking for singles and tag teams.

I welcome known characters as well as any experimental characters that may be floating in your head. Please pass this announcement on to everyone who you think might be interested. I will send out an email to the EUWC roster to make forwarding easier.

You can apply through the site at http://www.geocities.com/canadianwrestlingcorp/

The official email address for the fed is

Hope to see you all there. This will be fun I promise!


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Fayetteville US


EUWC not with standing, I've gotten five offeres to join five different federations in the last couple of months. But I'll give CWC a look.

Marcus Lawler
AKA The "Sandman" Marcus Slayton (EUWC) & The Bad Company Unit (The "Enforcer" Jeremy Grant and Slash)-(BWA)

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