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I win


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Jan 1, 2000
{{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern is standing in front of a CSWA SHOWTIME backdrop...}}

SHANE SOUTHERN: " Showtime is fast approchin' us n' I've gotta' opportunity ta' do somethin' not to many people do. In only my second tag team match with Evan, WE getta' shot at tha' most PRIZED tag belts in tha' industry. Evan Aho, OUR World Champion, n' me, get ta' face two teams that have already gelled and forced there way to tha' top of tha' tag team ranks here in tha' CSWA. What chance do two singles wrestlers, who don't really even LIKE or TRUST each other, have? Well, {{...smiles...}} I'll tell ya'. We've got one HELLUVA' chance...hell, in MY mind, we're tha' favorite. You're teamin' ta'gether two of tha' most technically sound, hardest workin' guys in tha' BUSINESS. WHY wouldn't we have just as much uva' chance as those other two? "

" Oh, there's that little issue of a WORLD title match between tha' two of us at PRIMETIME. {{...smiles...}} N' yeah, well that could be a little tricky. I know what Merritt's hopein' for...He's giddy 'bout tha' fact that he thinks I'll bump Evan, or vice versa, and we'll get inta' a shovin' match, n' Miles or Wilcox, or WHOEVER will roll us up n' end it. Then he'll have n' excuse...He WANTS ta' be able ta' say, "Ya' see, those two boys arn't smart enough ta' get along with each other, they don't DESERVE ta' be in a Main Event at a MAJOR card like Primetime." Well Chad boy, I got news for ya', it ain't gonna' go down like that. You're dealin' with two men who are, quite frankly, SMARTER than you. I don't let personal feelin's get in tha' way of WRESTLIN' n' I'm sure Evan is tha' SAME way. So, if I were you Merritt, I'd get USED ta' seein' those two names in tha' Main Events of your shows for a LONG, LONG time ta' come. N' while Evan's goals n' mine ain't exactly tha' same, we BOTH agree on ONE thing...we're better than those four guys in tha' opposite corner, and we're GONNA' beat 'em. BET on it."

" Now, our opponents for Showtime. Simply Stunnin'...you two have had one helluva' run. You beat Miles and Mayfield INSIDE a cage, and I KNOW that's not somethin' you see ever'day in this sport. But you've resulted ta' playin' THIER game...you've resulted ta' cheap shots n' locker room sneak attacks, n' EYE think it's 'bout time those tag belts were put 'round tha' waist of two guys that put WRESTLIN' first, n' grudges second. You two are great, don't get me wrong, but you're not as good as Shane Southern and Evan Aho. You're NOT gonna' come outta' this one with tha' belts boys, n' I don't have ta' resort ta' name callin' ta' get that POINT across. You'll find out, IN THE RING."

" Miles...I'm not even gonna' bother with our past, or our present for that matter, outsida' this place. This is tha' CSWA man, n' HERE, we're on EQUAL footin'. Here, you n' me are just two WRESLTERs lookin' for tha' same PRIZE....n' it'll be MAH' pleasure ta' step inta' tha' ring with ya' n' show ya' just WHY I AM one of tha' BEST in the biz. You n' yer buddy camel Ed, can roll out all tha' insults ya' want to, it won't change tha' fact that ya' COULDN'T get tha' job done in San Deigo, n' ya' WON'T get it done HERE either. "

" You boys have had yer party before, now it's time for Shane Southern n' Evan Aho ta' kick it up a notch, n' we're leaving this dance with GOLD. "

" Party's Over. "

{{...FADE OUT...}}


Jan 1, 1970
The (BLEEP!) you do

FADEIN: MILES walking barefoot on the strip...

MILES: "Shane, listen buddy. Take out the chaw 'cause the juice is warping your fragile little mind. Last I checked, all that Simply Stunning got was something in the 'L' column 'cause they got DQ'd. And let's face it - they might have had the right idea. 'Cause as far as I'm concerned there aren't any tag teams out there that can put down THE PROS WITHOUT electroshock therapy. Speaking of that, how about hooking Aho up to some? Maybe...you know...he'll TALK. But if there's one thing EYE know, it's that Shane Southern LOVES to talk. Can't understand a damn word you say, Shane - but I did seem to catch the notion that you think you've got somethin' on me and Eddie. (MILES smirks) Shane, you don't even know if your own partner is gonna sell you down the Mississippi, hoss. Let's face it, you got a match against your own partner for the prize some men would KILL for. You don't think Evan might just be waiting for that right time to take out that jellied kneecap of yours? You know about that, Aho? That's right Southern's knees are made of jelly. Just thought that might be INTERESTING to a guy that sits around reading anatomy books all day. You either read it for that reason or are trying to find out why no women are sleeping with 'ya. Shane, you're right we're on equal footing here. And my foot's ready to connect with your proverbial (BLEEP!)'IN (BLEEP!) You think I care about where we stand anywhere else? HELL NO. 'Cause Shane - this ain't work for me. THIS PLACE IS MY PARTY. And brother, it's JUST getting STARTED."


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