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It's Good To Be King


Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: Troy. Banner.)

TROY: In a couple of days, once again, Song 2 is going to cue up and The Epitome is going to charge into a wrestling ring that's more like a sea of sharks.

Everyone's talkin' about why they're the man. Why they want to be the man. You have Tom Adler trying on one side trying to get what he once had. You have Shane Southern on another, trying to get what he's never had. You have GUNS and Craig Miles trying to say they don't want it at all. You have a little bit of everyone and everything.

Y'see, what's at stake at BEE OHH TEE BEE is a lot more than just a shot at the CSWA World Title. It's a lot more than a chance to carry the ten to twelve. I've had that title before. Not only have I had the title, I *CREATED* that title. CSWA, Version 1.0. FACT! It ended with Troy Windham holding the title-- even though the whole world thought that two men were the only people who could hold the title. CSWA, Version 2.0-- I bring the title into its existence, only to forget about it like it's a paperweight as I launch my acting career. The title that my brother holds right now is a title that *I* made. It's a title that *I* never lost.

The CSWA World Title has meant a lot in my life. In the old days, it meant that I was the man-- that no one could touch WHAT I said, what I did and how I got there. That Hornet and Mark and Guns and Randalls-- no one could take away that Troy Windham was the man. The CSWA World Title was my Golden Ticket. Movie deals. Rock tours. Magazine covers. Television shows. The CSWA World Title brought me out of a wrestling ring and into the world's stage.

I haven't had that title in a long time. Since that time, I've thought about what I wanted to fight for. What I wanted to get. I thought long and hard about who I was... and turned on my TV one day to see three men who I *KNEW* I was better than joining forces to take over this promotion. So I called up my good friend Eddy Love and decided to go home again... because after all the years of slacking, of tomfoolery, of cutting corners to get ahead... I knew I had to fight because no one else was going to do that.

So, once again, I have another shot at getting the title. Friends and foes in one ring. I don't care who is on my side. I don't care who is against me. I never have. I never will.

The only thing that I know is that it's ALWAYS been like that for me. It always WILL be like that for me. But when it's all said and done, Mr. CSWA is going to walk out of the ring, up the aisle with a date ahead of him to once again get what's his.

My destiny. My place.

My title. (FTB)


(FADEIN: GUNS sitting in his San Antonio ranch, smirking after watching Troy Windham's comments.)

GUNS: So, Troy Windham finishes up another drug binge and sobers up enough to grace the world with another dose of his revisionist history - the one where he's the greatest thing since sliced bread and the darling of the mainstream media, as opposed to the FACT that he's the bastard child of the most overexposed and twisted family ever to disgrace a wrestling ring and nothing but a product of his own hype.

Troy, let me clue you in on how this is going to go. Mr. CSWA is going to fail. It's that simple. And I'm there to make sure it happens. I won't make any secret about it, Troy - I don't like you and I never have. You can come out here and gloat about how you "created" the CSWA World Heavyweight title, but the more accurate truth is that Chad Merritt and Hornet handed it to you on a silver platter so they could embarrass me in my hometown. You didn't EARN it, you didn't WIN it, it wasn't about YOU, at all - the part of Troy Windham could have been played by ANYBODY that night, Troy, and if you look long enough into the mirror, you'll see past all the bong resin and self-absorbed hype that clogs your soul and you'll know it's true.

This time around, Troy, nobody's going to hand you a damn thing. You talk the talk, Troy, but at the end of the day, this simple truth remains. You haven't had to face a real fight since Eli Flair put you in the hospital for six months, and there's one staring you right in the face at Battle of the Belts. You can flap your gums and dance all you want, Troy, but the FACT is this - you're scared. You can't admit it, because it wouldn't fit your hip, cool image, but you're scared, Troy, of what's going to happen when our paths finally cross.

You managed to avoid it in Virginia Beach, Troy, because I decided to make an example of your new little buddy instead - to teach him the consequences of his poor choices. Now, Troy, these GUNS are aimed squarely at you, targeting you for destruction. This time, Troy, you don't get to celebrate and dance while your partner writhes in agony in the third row. This time, Troy, it's your turn.

And when the smoke clears, Troy, you won't be Mr. CSWA, you won't be the King of All Media, you won't be a Tiger Beat cover boy, and you damn sure won't have earned the right to subject the world to another round of the Windham Family Circus.

No, Troy, you'll be just another souvenir for some lucky fan, courtesy of Third Row, Inc.

And that's a FACT.


Jan 1, 1970
The Peasants are Angry

(FADEIN: 'COCKY' CRAIG MILES standing in front of the BOB backdrop)

MILES: "Troy, you don't even see it coming - that's what makes me smile MILES wide. All the people you've stepped over, all the people you've used and abused - you never looked back, never thought twice about who you dropped or why you dropped them. I've been to Sweetwater, Troy - I've seen the pain you've caused, the damage you've done. You think you're about to take this league into a new existence? Wrong pal, at Battle of the Belts the existence you've led...is gonna come BACK to haunt you."


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