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(Lacking) Rage Against The Machine


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
[font color= black]A world title shot forthcoming and a war looming on the horizon... Mike Plett has a lot on his mind. But no grappler should be overlooked - especially, the new guys coming in that showed their worth on the debut of On Time.

[font color=red]WS:
[/font][/font][font color= black] Ich Bin Machine... I see the signs everywhere. I hear people say it when I sit in the gorilla position and watch matches... This guy's got it in the ring. And he's an animal that doesn't care who or what he's competing against.

I'm envious of the mindset you produce, Machine, in the same manner as I am with Evan Aho. But just like my match with Evan, Machine, and any other match... I'm coming to win, and EVERY thing that takes place outside of the ring disappears until the bell sounds again. So we're on the same plane. Even competitors. And I'm going to try to invade that robot-like mindset and show you that the FREAKS run the pageantry, and I'm going to do it in the most STELLAR way possible.

You probably don't get this joke... but I'm going to try and make you SLEEP NOW IN THE FIRE...

So, I'm no Troy Windham or JJ Deville, but I try.

You don't care... but I'm looking forward to our match. Good luck, and guten tag.

[/i][font color=red]CUT OUT[/b][/font][/font]

(oorp: It was short AND late. I'm sorry. Been busy :))

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