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LEW: Seeking New Talent


New member
Jan 1, 2000
Raton, NM
(Before I begin, Chad Dupree gave me permission to post this here.)

Amazingly enough, Land of Enchantment Wrestling managed to survive
through the year 2002 and is readying to begin its second year of
action. And LEW happens to be looking for some new talent to bring in
that second year.

Once our next Crossfire goes out (hopefully over the weekend), plans
will start up for the anniversary show to commemorate one year of
operation for LEW. This show will provide an opportunity for some new
talent to make their first appearances in LEW, among other things.

Oh yeah...new talent. LEW is looking for some new blood to join up
with the promotion. You can check out the FAQ at
http://houseofboom.tripod.com/LEW to get all the details you need
about how things are run in LEW, what the cards are like, the
application, and all that other good stuff you need to know.

As for who we are looking for specificially, here's that 411:

* Cruiserweights: We'll be starting a cruiserweight division for the
year 2003. The majority of the wrestlers we have on the roster are of
the CW weight limit (no more than 235 pounds) but we could certainly
use one more babyface to add to the roster. There's also the chance
for cruisers to cross over into the heavy division from time to time.

* Heavyweights: We've had a fairly strong heavyweight division, but
with the cruiser division coming into play, we're looking to
strengthen that heavy division. We need one heel and three babyfaces.
If you need a little more specifics about what type of character may
fit best or have some character ideas you want to bounce off me,
contact me (contact info coming, be patient).

* Tag teams: We had a pretty strong tag roster going, but are looking
to beef it up again. I can definitely use one face and one heel tag
team on the roster and can probably take another heel team at some

* Women: Our women's roster is pretty strong at the moment but I'm
open to bringing in new characters on a case-by-case basis, first come
first served (and not like that, you perverts, so get your minds out
of the gutter already).

Again, the website is http://houseofboom.tripod.com/LEW where you can
find most of our archives for past cards, along with the FAQ and
application. If you can't get the website to load up or just need more
info, I can be reached via e-mail at lewprez@hotmail.com (preferred
account to discuss LEW business) or ratrangerm@zianet.com (backup in
case Hotmail decides to get into one of its moods, as it has been
known to do from time to time).

And, yeah, that's about it. I can't think of anything else catchy to
say, so I'll end it here.

Bob Morris
LEW Fedhead

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