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Yori Yakamo jr

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Jun 4, 2005
Nutmeg State
Tuesday, August 7th live on ESEN, Message Board Entertainment presents SINGLED OUT~! It's the dog days of summer and that means it's time to find the alpha dog in MBE with our annual Lord of the Boards Tournament. Seven men vying for the right to be called the best in MBE and earn a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

But on the heels of Promo's grand theft title at the end of TIN HAT, Promo and Doc have some unfinished business. Doc will team with Jeff Roberts, fresh off a big win at TIN HAT and a swanky bye into the Lord of the Board semis. But Promo has recruited a heavy hitter of his own. Breakout star of the summer, "The Great White Hope" Bryan Storms, will tag with the Underground Icon in his MBE debut.

In our annual Lord of the Boards tournament, two men coming off losses at TIN HAT will try to get back on the winning track in time to hoist the LOTB trophy over their head as PTSD takes on "The True Face" Justin Evitable.

Also in first round action, the 'Italian Adonis' Johnny Onan takes on a newcomer to Message Board Entertainment, 'Dangerous' Duke Mason. Will Duke make a splash on the scene? Will Onan continue his winning streak? Only time will tell.

Two new debuting stars in MBE team up as 'Wild Card' Jeff Hawkins and 'Phenomenal' Frankie Scott take on the Sheffield Wednesday Lot. With the 'Gentleman' still laid up as a result of the TIN HAT ladder match that everyone is talking about. Juen Lee dons the blue and white wrestling boots and steps in to represent the Lot.

In our final Lord of the Boards first round match, General Mayhem takes on Hoss Garrison. With Jake McCody still nursing injuries Hoss has a chance to grab singles glory, but the General will no doubt have something to say about that.

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