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Meet Sean Stevens!!


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Apr 16, 2004
Fade in to a large parking area. The camera pans around to a digital marquis with Eastridge Mall across the top in big gold letters. The camera pans down to find two kids on skateboards waiting for the light to change. One happens to look up as the marquis starts to flash...

[blink]Meet CSWA Champion Sean Stevens Today![/blink]​

Boy 1: Hey, check that out!

Boy 2: What is it, the light's gonna change.

Boy 1: Triple X is gonna be here today!

Boy 2: And I care why?

Boy 1: He's the Presidential Champ, isn't he?

Boy 2: Yeah... for about another week!

Boy 1: Oh, come on, let's go see. Maybe we can get an autograph or something.

Boy 2: (rolling his eyes) Oh, ok.

The scene cuts to inside the mall. A small stage is set up in front of Macy's. The two kids from outside make their way through the crowd that is starting to gather as the time draws near.

A few moments later, somebody makes his way past the security ropes, accidentally bumping into an older guy who's there with his wife. He's dressed in black windpants and a yellow t-shirt with "CSWA Event Staff" written on the back

Man: Hmmm, that guy looks kinda familiar.

Wife: Who is he... he's not a wrestler, is he?

Man: I don't know... I don't think so. I don't really remember. He just looks a little familiar to me. Nobody I've seen in a while, regardless.

The guy picks up a microphone and runs up the steps to the stage as the enthusiasm of the crowd starts to pick up.

Announcer: Hello CSWA Fans!!! (crowd cheers as best a crowd of about 100 can cheer) Are you all pumped about the PREMIER of CSWA On Time... right here in San Jose?!? (crowd screams YES!) Alright! Well, we're excited about being here. And, to kick off our new show, we've set up a number of public appearances to promote it. And you fans are in for a hell of a treat today, because, just for you, we the man who will defend his CSWA Presidential Championship in the main event! (crowd gives a mixed reaction) Yeah, I'm excited about it too! Ok... enough of the formalities. You guys ready to bring him out? (crowd screams Yeah!) Well, ok then! Ladies and gentlemen... the current CSWA Presidential Champion... and the man who will defend that title against former champion "Mr. Magnificent" Tom Adler at On Time... Triple Z! Sean Stevens!!!!

The crowd seems to give a collective "huh?" as "Bullet In The Head" by Rage Against The Machine cues up over the mall PA system. Suddenly, a man comes jolting out of the janitor's office. He's wearing footie PJ's... carrying what looks to be a cardboard and tinfoil belt over his right shoulder and a teddy bear with yardstick taped to it's hand and a t-shirt that says "Poison Ivy" on in his left hand. He's wearing a skull cap with a buzz cut... one side flattened out as if he'd been sleeping on it all night. The crowd starts to boo loudly, although some, including one of the boys from outside are visibly laughing hysterically

Man: Oh, give me a break, that's Tom Adler! I didn't drive all the way out here for this!

Wife: You've gotta admit, he's got a sense of humor!

"Stevens" stumbles over each step as he makes his way onto the stage.

Announcer: Way to make an entrance, champ!

"Stevens:" Hey, that's why I've got the gold!

Announcer: Ok, now you've got a big match against a man who's held that belt before, Tom Adler. Any thoughts?

"Stevens": Hey, I am THE future of this sport! I live it... I die it... I take a dump it... I'm ready to go!

Announcer: You look it!

"Stevens": Listen... I am the BEST that this sport has to offer! I ran Superman outta this sport! I'm better than Hornet... Better than Aho... BETTER than Randalls... it took me three hundred and seventy-two title shots to finally win one, but, hey, who hasn't stumbled along the way, right?

Announcer: Yes? I mean... yes, of course. Now, I see you have Poison Ivy back with you. How'd that happen?

"Stevens": Hell if I know! But, Triple Z never looks a gift horse in the mouth! (looking at the bear) Sorry, Ivy, no offense! (holds the bear up to his ear) She says none taken.

Announcer: Good.

"Stevens": And, Ivy's got her kendo stick all warmed up...

Announcer: Singapore Cane.

"Stevens:" No thanks, I don't drink.

Announcer: Cane, not sling!

"Stevens": Good, I tried using a sling once...

Announcer: HUH?!?!

"Stevens": Nevermind!

Announcer: Ok, as confident as you are, you've gotta be concerned about the numerous finishers that Adler has in his arsenal. How are you gonna counteract them?

"Stevens": Hey, I've got a finisher of my own!

Announcer: Oh, you mean the XXXfactor?

"Stevens": No, the Power Nap!!

Announcer: Isn't that the same move you use in MOST of your matches?

"Stevens": Yeah, and you gotta admit, I do it well!

Announcer: Clearly, you've perfected it. Now, onto the next topic...

"Stevens" mood visibly changes

"Stevens": Ok, enough of this.

He drops the belt on the canvas, reaches up and yanks the skull cap off... Adler's blonde hair drapes down over his face. He shoves it out of the way and takes the mic

Adler: Stevens... it seems that maybe you've run out of things to say ever since you realized your whole deal was full of crap. I don't know, I don't really care. As you see, push this match for the both of us. You don't wanna take me seriously? Good... two can play that game. But, make no mistake, when that bell rings, I take everything seriously. You're not gonna SLEEP WALK through this match and think you're gonna come out on top. You wanna come out here, telling me like you've told everybody else that you're the Future of this sport? You go right ahead. Because, pal, if you're the future, it's a distant one. Because the present... and that belt.. BOTH belong to Tom Adler. And that, my friend... is the truth. At least.. the truth...

Adler & Announcer: AS I C IT!!

Announcer: Hey, and don't forget, we want a big crowd for On Time! So, any of you who don't have tickets, take a hike down to the food court and head on down to Burger Hut. If you manage to find the chicken nugget that ISN'T burnt to a blackened crisp, we'll give ya a couple of free ones!

Adler: (Holding the bear up to his ear) Ivy said she wants a corn-dog!

Announcer: I bet she does.

Adler and the announcer make their way through the crowd, tossing the bear to the boy who's still laughing as the man from earlier suddenly gets an enlightened look on his face....

Man: (mumbling to himself) As I C It... Now I know who that guy is...

Fade to black

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