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Jan 1, 2000
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(The cameraman tapped his foot impatiently, Lawrence Stanley adjusted his tie in the mirror for the umpteenth time before sitting back down is his chair. He sensed the restlessness of the cameraman and fixed him with a stare, the cameraman realised this and immediately amended his mood, he knew the Gent was not a man to anger. Flicking a loose hair into place Stanley motioned that he was ready to speak and then waited for his cue from the cameraman.)

LS: Take a look at my demeanour, do I appear different to my normal style of behaviour? If your answer to this is ‘yes’ then award yourself a gold star for I am indeed feeling very different of late. The reason for this? Simple, it is excitement.

(Stanley paused, his eyes fixing close on the camera as he picked up a glass of water and sipped it.)

Surely the cause of this excitement is obvious, if it is not then examine the card for On-Time and you will see that I will be facing Deacon. This is something of a dream match for myself, when I first arrived at the CSWA Deacon was making big waves with his activities in and out of the ring, he was an individual who was in great demand by the media hacks and fans alike. Shortly after he went to the very top of the tree, anyone who can do that in the CSWA is special…….VERY special.

(Again Stanley paused to sip his water as if using it to emphasise every point he made.)

Then, came the sadness as that debilitating illness took control of his body, just as he was reaching his peak. This was particularly sad for me as I was desperate to meet him in the ring, to try my hand against arguably the best pound for pound wrestler in the world at that time. Yet I was new, a rookie, undeserving of his time, when I finally accrued a reputation the illness was in full effect. Which brings us now to the present day.

(Stanley sat forward in his chair, his face almost pressed against the camera’s lens.)

Deacon, I have heard what you have said, how you have only signed matches with myself and Hornet because you only want to face the best and only have a desire to hurt them, you have no idea the pride that fills me with these sentiments. No matter what people say I know you are still very much the force you once were. Yes there may be ring rust, yes there might be cobwebs there, but it can be said that form is temporary, class is permanent. I know that once we lock up in the ring that I will be head to head with one of the best wrestlers in the world….EVER.

(He sat back in his chair as if contemplating his next words.)

It is this deep rooted respect that I have for you that will force me to come into the ring with all guns blazing, this match sees me place another tick on my CSWA wish list and it would be plain bad form for me not to take you seriously or try my very hardest. I promise I will do all I can to win, and injure you if necessary, not out of vindictiveness, but out of respect.

(Stanley picked up his glass but does not drink, instead he just cradles it in his hand.)

On-Time will see the meeting of two giants, one CSWA legend, and hopefully one future CSWA legend. I treat this as a business, but for a rare occasion I will allow myself to mix business with pleasure. I salute you Deacon, you have already won one outstanding battle just to make it back into the ring again, I hope you have enough to fight one more immense battle. Until we meet Deacon….SALUTE!

(Stanley raised his glass in the air, nodded at the camera and drank slowly as the picture faded.)

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