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New guys!

Evan H.

DEF Director of Fun & Good Humor
May 7, 2012
South Tejas

Just wanted to post a little primer for how I've been utilizing the news and propaganda boards lately.


In character, the Wrestle-Plex has this high definition kickass all over the building camera system that the "DEF Spy" uses to post "G-TV" style secret video, leak secrets, whatever.


Ooooooor like Chance here, using Lance Warner to post an EXCLUSIVE VIDEO CLICK HERE! news bit linking to a promo on the propaganda board.

This sort of world building, character development stuff is what DEF's all about. Cool shit on the news and prop boards is the quickest way to getting your characters/angles over with the group. Figure out your dance partners for the next few arcs, powwow on where your stuff fits into the overall DEF story and start farting around with news bits about your guys arrivals to the fed/building/show, no time to jump in like the present.

Go buck wild folks, can't wait to see the stuff you guys start putting up. If you have any questions or feel lost or want to throw ideas at me, I'm always on FB.

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