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Preparation part 2


League Member
Dec 1, 2002
Inside the local Music Store... Fearless is Jamming to one of the listening posts, dancing in the isle, when he sees a employee walk by...

"hey man...yo, You got any Sir Mix-a-lot?"


"Sir Mix-A-Lot? you know, "I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CAN NOT LIE, YOU OTHER BROTHERS CAN'T DEEE-NY....." C'mon man, you don't know Sir Mix-A-lot?" Fearless asks as the employee stands there puzzled...

"Before my time I guess..." the employee blurts out a nervous laugh... "We've got the new Indigo Banshee Eater's album in though, It is a good listen..."

Fearless looks at the young man with a blank stare... "how do you go from Sir Mix-A-lot to recommending me an album with guys wearing straight jackets covered in smiley-face stickers? Where is the booty at? I need a song about some booty!"

The employee looks at him and brushes back his extra long bangs..."yeah, you see, The Ingigo Banshee Eater's are a thrash metal band... you probably wouldn't like them anyways..." he nervously laughs...

"RIGHT... because Sir Mix-A-Lot and them are REAL similar..." Fearless raises his eyebrows almost in mockery...

"Well, if we don't have Sir Mix-A-lot, we can order it.... "The employee states matter-of-factly.

"no no no... Boy I NEED me some Sir Mix-A-lot! DAMN! Well, you got any RUN DMC?"



"Isn't that a truck?"

"No, that is GMC... RUN DMC is a rap group from the 80's"...

"HA, the 80's... I've got some 80's crap over there in the $1.99 tape bin, that is about it..." says the employee with a snicker...

"Boy, Don't be messin' with me. I'm training for my first CSWA match with Kin Hiroshi, and I need some Music to work out to... You ain't got NOTHIN for a brother? Some OJays? Some Commodores? Maybe some Prince or some Kool 'n the Gang?"

The employee walks Fearless over to another section... he hands him a CD...

"George Michael? What the hell do I want with some George Michael?"

"I thought you might like it, he is from the 80's" Says the employee...

"Man, am I dreamin'? I KNOW you did not just hand me A George Michael CD..."

"That's about all we got for that kind of music here..."

Fearless just stands there and looks at the boy...

"Please man... tell me you at least got Michael Jackson's THRILLER Album? You have GOT to have that one..."

"OH YEAH! WE do have that one! I've heard that is a good one..."

Fearless stands and looks at the boy in bewilderment...

"WHAT? You ain't never heard Thriller? Beat It? Billie Jean? Man... This is just plain CRAZY... I'm out of this place... I must be in the twilight zone or someting... is this Candid Camera? (Fearless looks around for a camera)... C'mon, this must be a joke... Did Kin Hiroshi spike my drink or something? I just can NOT believe this..."

"hey man, that old stuff just can't compete with today's stuff..."

Again, Fearless stands there in amazement... then turns abrubptly and storms out...

"this is just plain crazy... A man can't even get some good Work-out music now days... DAMN!"

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