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Survivor S.E. Asia Ep 12

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: The Survivor Logo, CUTTO: A Green Flag with the words "Tribe Tap Out" above it, CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing MANSON, MALONE, JACOBS, CAITLYN, STARR and EDMUNDS. CUTTO: The words "18 players" CUTTO: A Red Flag with the words "Tribe Hardcore" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TACT, AMERICAN, DAVIS, EMILY, ICEKOLD, and MILES. CUTTO: The Words "38 days" CUTTO: A Yellow Flag with the words "Tribe High Spot" above it. CUTTO: A quick scanning of images showing TROY, RYAN, MELTON, RAYNE, CLOVERLEAF, and, VIPER. CUTTO: The words "1 Winner")

(FADEIN: Tribe ? Day 31)

(FADEIN: EMILY sitting on some rocks overlooking the ocean.)

EMILY: "Man, everything just feels so much better today then it did yesterday, Troy's gone, she was the major player who was against me, it just feels so good, I feel like I've won something. I know there's more to the game, more time for betrayal, more events that can happen. But right now, I just feel the queen is dead, long live the queen...(smiles)"

(CUTTO: STARR and CAITLYN sitting on a beach.)

STARR: "We're in it now Caityln..."

CAITLYN: "Yeah, Troy going down kinda has us next on the block."

STARR: "Doubt we can change much with the other five, I just, (shudders) really couldn't do a lot with Ken to try to put him on our side physically...I couldn't have live with myself to do that."

CAITLYN: "I wouldn't have either, I wouldn't cheapen myself like that for any sum of money. It's OK, we'll just have to hope somebody else goes tonight and one of us goes on an immunity run."

STARR: "You get there without me, you got my vote."

CAITLYN: "Same with you. If I'm on the jury, I'm with ya."

STARR: "Well let's go back to camp see is we got any food."

(CUTTO: JACOBS and TACT at the camp fire eating rice.)

JACOBS: "So, what's going on in the world today?"

TACT: "Well Troy's gone, so life moves on."

JACOBS: "Yeah, the women are next to go I figure, so well, life's good."

TACT: "So you're with Emily?"

JACOBS: "I'm just staying low to the ground, I don't want to be with anyone really"

TACT: "I understand that."

(CUTTO: Tact in an aside.)

TACT: "I really feel Emily's playing everyone on this island, I know she was with me, but I've kinda let her go without a net for a while, I don't know if that's the best thing for me."

(CUTTO: TACT meeting up with EMILY in the woods.)

TACT: "We need to talk."

EMILY: "OK, what about?"

TACT: "Look, I know you've been busting your ass around there making alliances and getting votes for us, you got Cloverleaf back on our side to get rid of Troy and I'm very grateful for that. But really, I just want to know where I stand with you. I need to know where I rate with you."

EMILY: "Geez, Larry, I've been busting my ass FOR you, I've been the bad cop to your good cop this whole time."

TACT: "I know, look, this game isn't for me, as much as I want it to be, honestly, I just got three requests, OK?"

EMILY: "Yes?"

TACT: "First, I want Cloverleaf gone, I want to beat him out, I want to be the last wrestler on this island."

EMILY: "OK...And."

TACT: "I want Icekold, I've lost enough of my soul to that nightmare, I can't stand her anymore, having to fake it for the sake of keeping her happy is just to much."

EMILY: "And 3rd."

TACT: "I want her to see us together before she goes, I want her to suffer as she's made me suffer, after that, if you want to put a knife in back, that's fine, again, you've made my life here on the camp a lot easier, so I'm cool with you no matter what as long as we do those three things."

EMILY: "If you make final 2 without me, I'd vote for ya Larry...(Smiles) Ya know, the closer I let you get to final 2 the more I'm dooming myself, you would win that vote 7-0 over me."

TACT: "Hey, you're the one who's agreeing to this."

EMILY: "I know, stupid loyality...I really do feel loyal to you, you got me throught that wack job camp we were in...and I thank you."

TACT: "Same to you, so if Cloverleaf doesn't win immunity he's gone."

EMILY: "sure thing, I got to go to him and tell him that you're after him, keep him thinking I'm helping him, then vote him off, he can't turn Starr or Caitlyn."

TACT: "OK then."

(CUTTO: Emily in an aside.)

EMILY: "This sucks, I'm loyal to Tact...When I know I shouldn't be, he's the hardest worker, friendly guy, generally is just all around the best, and that's going to get me killed in the end, Tact would just about crush anyone in final 2. Yet here I am abandoning the proper game plan of sticking with Cloverleaf for the sake of helping him out, maybe he's just playing the game better then me by just being such a universally beloved guy...Ah well, if he is, he got me."

(CUTTO: Tact in an aside.)

TACT: "Emily's been helpful, I hope I can trust her on this. I don't have the stomach for all this lying and backstabbing. I say that yet I string Icekold along for votes...But I know how much that sickens me, I don't think I could really do that to anyone sane, I just don't."

(CUTTO: The tribe wondering towards a beach. DOC SILVER stands on the beach.)

DOC: "Hey guys, first thing, JACOBS, give it up. (JACOBS pulls a Bret Hart, folding the belt up and kissing the head plate before handing it to DOC, drawing laughs from a few of the Survivors.)
"OK, then, today's challenge is for both reward, and immunity...One of you will last another day or so longer on this beach, the others will be risking elimination tonight. It's only noon now, so well, there will be plenty of time for plotting and scheming. The winner will given dinner with the person of their choice, and it will be a dinner with all the fixings. Now then, to your side there are 7 clip boards, on those clip boards are 10 questions, using only the names of the people left in the game, I want you to fill out those questions and then hand them into me, then I'll ask you what you think the Tribe feels about those questions, each of you will get a book with the 7 names left in the game, you guess what you think the tribe feels by flipping to the page with the name you want on it and when I say reveal, you show. Person with the most correct answers, wins dinner with somebody and immunity. If we have a tie, whoever answers the last question correctly wins, if 2 people got that, we go to the 2nd to last question, and so on. Good luck.)

(CUTTO: The Survivors filling out the question forms.)

(CUTTO: All 7 players standing with their books in front of them.)

DOC: "OK, question 1, who least deserves to still be in the game." (Everyone flips through their books) "Reveal." (STARR reveals "Caitlyn" CAITLYN reveals "Icekold" CLOVERLEAF reveals "Icekold" ICEKOLD reveals "Emily" TACT reveals "Cloverleaf" JACOBS reveals "Emily" EMILY reveals "Icekold")

DOC: "The correct answer was a tie between CLOVERLEAF and ICEKOLD (ICEKOLD and CLOVERLEAF look angered by this answer) So TACT, EMILY, CAITLYN, and CLOVERLEAF get a point."

DOC: "OK, Question 2...Who to this point has played the game the best?" (Everyone goes flipping through their books) and Reveal.

(Everyone but STARR reveals "Emily" STARR reveals "Tact")

DOC: "Shocking you all thought everyone else picked EMILY, but in reality, you thought TACT was playing the best game...Starr gets a point." (EMILY looks baffled, STARR smiles.)

DOC: "So far everyone but Jacobs and Icekold have a point...Question 3, who's used his or her flirting skills the most in the game." (Everyone goes flipping through their books.) "OK, reveal"

(STARR, CAITLYN, CLOVERLEAF, and ICEKOLD pick "Starr" EMILY and TACT pick "Emily." JACOBS picks "Caitlyn")

DOC: "Well the group picks what the group picked this time, as Starr is the biggest flirt, and you admit to this Starr."

STARR: "I'll admit it, I have no problem doing so."

DOC: "OK, CLOVERLEAF, STARR and CAITLYN at 2 each.Everyone else except Jacobs at 1. Might have been kissing it goodbye there JACOBS."

JACOBS: "I'll rally, lot of questions left"

DOC: "Question 4. Who would be most trusted on the island?" (Everyone flops through their books.) "OK, reveal."

(JACOBS, STARR, and TACT, pick "Tact" EMILY and CAITLYN pick "Caitlyn" CLOVERLEAF picks "Icekold" while ICEKOLD picks "Jacobs")

DOC: "Again, the Majority wins out, STARR moves to three, Tact to 2, And JACOBS is on the board....Now then...Question 5...Who would you most like to be stuck on the island alone with? (Everyone flips through their books.) OK reveal.


DOC: "Again, the majority is in the right, STARR to 4, TACT to 3 EMILY, CAITLYN and JACOBS to 2 as well...Now then, Question 6, who makes Camp life easiest." (Everyone flips through their books.) And reveal...

(TACT, ICEKOLD and JACOBS pick "Tact" CLOVERLEAF and CAITLYN pick "Caitlyn" EMILY picks "Emily" STARR picks "Starr".)

DOC: "Well everyone thinks they help out the camp it seems, but we had a tie here between TACT and EMILY...TACT ties for the lead with 4, JACOBS and EMILY both with 3 each. ICEKOLD with 2."

DOC: "OK, Question 7, Who's not as smart as they think they are?" (Everyone flips through their books.) "And reveal."

(TACT and JACOBS pick "Emily" EMILY and ICEKOLD pick "Cloverleaf." CAITLYN picks "Caitlyn" CLOVERLEAF picks "Tact" STARR picks "Icekold")

DOC: "Bit of a split here, but still the majority are right, as EMILY and CLOVERLEAF are right answers." (EMILY rolls her eyes, CLOVERLEAF shakes his head.) TACT to 5 and the lead, STARR, JACOBS and EMILY at 4, ICEKOLD to 3."

JACOBS: "Told you I'd rally."

DOC: "not there yet. Question 8 Who is trying to fly under the radar the most?" (Everyone flips through their books.) and reveal.

(STARR, EMILY and CAITLYN pick "Caitlyn" TACT and JACOBS pick "Jacobs" CLOVERLEAF picks "Cloverleaf" ICEKOLD picks "Icekold")

DOC: "The Majority is wrong this time, as it's JACOBS most of you feel that's under the radar. TACT to 6, JACOBS to 5."

TACT: "Keep 'em coming."

DOC: "Will do, Question 9, who would be easiest for you to beat in the final 2?" (everyone shuffles through their books.) "Reveal.)

(ICEKOLD, CAITLYN and TACT pick "Emily" EMILY and CLOVERLEAF pick "Icekold" STARR picks "Caitlyn" JACOBS picks "Starr".)

DOC: "amazingly there was a tie for this answer, and only one person got either of the two names...STARR got it right, CAITLYN or JACOBS were correct answers for this one." (JACOBS shrugs, while CAITLYN looks a little confused.)


DOC: "here's where we stand, TACT has 6, STARR and JACOBS have 5. If Tact gets this, he wins immunity and a dinner with somebody else, if he gets this wrong, then STARR wins if she gets it right, if both her and TACT miss this, and JACOBS gets it, JACOBS wins it. Question 10, who will win?" (Everyone shuffles through their books.) "And Reveal."

(ICEKOLD, STARR, and CAITLYN pick "Tact" CLOVERLEAF, and JACOBS pick "Emily" TACT picks "Starr" EMILY picks "Caitlyn")

DOC: "And the majority gets this one right as well...It's Tact...STARR WINS REWARD AND IMMUNITY!" (STARR hugs CAITLYN and then takes the belt from DOC, and straps it around her waist, then raises a hand in the air in victory.)

DOC: "So who you having dinner with?"

STARR: "Think I'll be taking Caitlyn with me."

DOC: "OK, you two, this way, your table is waiting, everyone else, back to camp, and I'll see all of you tonight."


STARR: "So enjoying our last meal?"

CAITLYN: "Well it's mine at least."

STARR: "Jacobs really ruined this for us...God, If only that rock had hit Tact or Emily, we might have had a shot."

CAITLYN: "Hey, we had fun, I'm glad I met you, and well, we got food, and you're still in this thing for another vote at least...So let's enjoy it."

STARR: "OK, mebbe I should put out for Ken and see if he changes."


STARR: "Just a thought." (They laugh and eat.)

(CUTTO: EMILY and CLOVERLEAF talking in the woods.)

EMILY: "Bad news."


EMILY: "Tact's gunning for you, he wants you off, he wants to be last wrestler here or something, so you're gonna have to find some people."

CLOVERLEAF: "Great, what can we do?"

EMILY: "Well I got to look like I'm Tact's side, so you got to get to the girls after they are off lunch break, we don't have much else then that. I'll talk to Jacobs when I get a chance."

(CUTTO: ICEKOLD and TACT on the beach.)

TACT: "So anyhow hunny, the plan is to vote Cloverleaf tonight."

ICEKOLD: "That's YOUR plan, I know who EYE am voting for, and you should vote for her too if you know what's good for you."

TACT: "What? Look hunny, there's no reason to attack a supporter here."

ICEKOLD: "The 8-ball has shown me the light Larry...I see things now, and I know what I have to do, for myself, AND for you, to save you from her."

TACT: "The 8-ball huh? Can I see it?"

ICEKOLD: "No...It doesn't trust you..."

TACT: "And you don't trust me more then it?"

ICEKOLD: "STAY AWAY!" (TACT and ICEKOLD wrestle for the 8-ball, it gets knocked from ICEKOLD's hands and ends up going into the air and lands in the ocean, ICEKOLD lets out a horrific scream and heads into the ocean for the ball as TACT looks on in horror, CAITLYN and STARR see the end of this event from walking back into their camp.)

ICEKOLD: "NO!!! 8-BALL!! (ICEKOLD swims after it and captures the 8-ball and swims back to shore, she cradles the 8 ball and looks at TACT in anger.)

(CUTTO: TACT and EMILY on rocks overlooking the ocean.)

TACT: "Icekold flipped out on me today."

EMILY: "Then she's got to go."

TACT: "I think we can do Cloverleaf first."

EMILY: "Icekold will vote against me every chance she gets, she's a problem for me, and for us, people could get behind her and put us to a rock incident, it's not worth keeping her around for the sake of having Cloverleaf gone, when I can keep him in line."

TACT: "OK...We'll take care of her then."

EMILY: "I'll tell Cloverleaf I've talked you out of booting him."

TACT: "We'll do him next vote."

EMILY: "Hmm...I think we should do Starr before then, just cause again, Cloverleaf thinks he's with me to final 2, we can get him at 5."

TACT: "I don't know about that...Keeping both girls is about as risky as Cloverleaf."

EMILY: "I can't control them, I can control him..."

TACT: "OK...But he's gone at that, period."

EMILY: "Yes, period, unless the jerk wins immunity. I'll go tell Cloverleaf how I got you to change your mind to spare him."

TACT: "I'll tell the girls the score."

(CUTTO: EMILY and CLOVERLEAF in the woods.)

EMILY: "So anyhow, I got Larry to change his mind, we're voting Icekold tonight."

CLOVERLEAF: "Hmmm, can't we get Icekold to vote out Tact tonight?"

EMILY: "No, she's insane she hates me, she's going to vote me tonight."

CLOVERLEAF: "You're sure we can't turn her to vote Tact."

EMILY: "Yes, there's no way we can vote Tact with her tonight."

CLOVERLEAF: "Well me and you is two votes, you could get Jacobs, maybe I could get Starr."

EMILY: "That's to much work for getting rid of Tact and still leaving Icekold on the island still voting against me, I need to cover my ass here. I need her gone, and hell, it'll be 6-1 once everyone gets the word. Nobody's a fan of Icekold around here."

CLOVERLEAF: "I still think we could get Tact."

EMILY: "Look, we vote off Icekold, then one of the girls, then we vote Tact off, OK?"

CLOVERLEAF: "Why do we have to wait so long?"

EMILY: "I got Tact's vote, he trusts me, the 4 of us will boot one of the girls, and then we'll vote off Tact OK?"


EMILY: "Good, see you at the vote."

(CUTTO: TACT walking up to CAITLYN and STARR at the campsite.)

CAITLYN: "What happened with Icekold?"

TACT: "She lost her mind, we can't keep her around, she's got to go."

CAITLYN: "What? I'm not getting voted off?"

TACT: "Guess not (smiles at her) vote Icekold, make it easy on us tonight, OK?"

STARR: "Sure thing, you got it."

TACT: "Great, see you there."

(CUTTO: The tribe readying their torches and getting ready for the hike to tribal counsel, right as they are ready to depart TACT walks over and gives EMILY a big kiss, and another, they hug, squeezing each other tight, ICEKOLD shakes with rage, her face reddening, she starts breathing deeply trying to keep herself from flipping out.)

(CUTTO: Tribal Counsel, DOC SILVER stands in front of the platform that holds the cookie jar. The Survivors gather at the bench.)

DOC: "We will now bring in our jury." (AMERICAN in a suit again, sits down on the bench, next to TROY who's wearing a pink two piece outfit.) "Geez, didn't know this was a black tie event."

TROY: "Says the man who lives in sweat pants."

DOC: "hey, I clean up good...Anyhow, on to those still IN the game. First up, Karla, feeling good about being immune tonight?"

STARR: "Very good...Our tribe, well, it fell apart after the merger, and I know things have been promised, but that's not always how it turns out. So this (Pats belt she has around her waist) means that no matter what I'll be sticking around."

DOC: "Caitlyn, I can't say the same for you, you were loyal to Troy, almost to a fault, giving up immunity and nearly getting yourself voted off a couple of votes ago, do you think your time might be up."

CAITLYN: "It could be, I feel like kinda me and Karla are on the outside, the voting block that is out there now is something that we're not really a part of, I just have to roll with the punches, hope I'm on this bench next week and not that one." (points to the jury bench)

DOC: "Emily, you have been seen by some as a person who's been working to get these votes to go the way you want, you've been seen as a schemer, and that you and Troy were two of the biggest plotters on the island, so now that she's gone, shouldn't people see you as a threat."

EMILY: "I'm sure they do, but at the same time, I doubt I'm ever going to win immunity unless we do a quiz show or something like that again, I think Caitlyn could take me in any physical contest as could anyone else on this island, so well, I just don't know that really I'm that much of a menace. Troy's immunity win kept her in the game a longer and led to the rock vote, doubt that'll come to pass with me. So I dunno, don't think I'm that big a deal."

DOC: "Jacobs, you were seen as being the most under the radar, do you think that people now see that and kind of relize the game you're playing and might try to get rid of you now?"

JACOBS: "I don't believe it would, because if they were the ones who voted me most under the radar, they knew it to begin with. I personally don't believe it is true considering I was the one who led to the voting out of Melton. In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, I simply believe that you should speak softly and carry a big stick."

DOC: "Good old TR, they don't make Presidents like that anymore...Icekold, you also were mentioned as being least deserving to be here, any worry about tonight's vote, that people might try to get rid of those they don't think worthy?"

ICEKOLD: "The 8 ball has shown me the light, I know the truth, and that will see me through."

DOC: "Cloverleaf, you got really nailed in the quiz today, as you won, so to speak, least deserving to be here, and a person who thinks he's smarter then he really is. and you were a swing vote in the last two votes, so maybe there's worry about if you can be trusted. So any worries that people might seek you out tonight?"

CLOVERLEAF: "I don't care what they think or who's trying to "get me" the fact of the matter is that i'm going to do my damnest to walk off this island the winner...just like you said i was the swing vote in two votes so maybe people should watch what they're saying when talking about who deserves to be here and who doesn't."

DOC: "Very well, time to vote, Tact you're up."

(CUTTO: TACT voting.)


(CUTTO: ICEKOLD voting, she holds up her vote, reading "Emily")

ICEKOLD: "Once you're gone I know the fog over Larry's mind will be gone, so well...Bye."

(CUTTO: JACOBS voting.)

(CUTTO: EMILY walks over to the voting area, singing as she writes the name.)

EMILY: "Good Night sweetheart...It's time to go..." (Holds up vote reading "Icekold") "No more madness, Talk to you later Icekold...Buh bye.." (Puts vote in, taps cookie jar a few times.)

(CUTTO: CAITLYN voting.)

(CUTTO: STARR voting.)

DOC: "I will now read the votes." (CUTTO: DOC with the cookie jar.)

DOC: "you know the drill, blah, blah, blah...And here we go...First vote (Reaches into cookie jar.) "Icekold" (ICEKOLD doesn't react.) Second vote...(Reaches in) "Icekold" Third vote...(Reaches in) "Icekold" forth vote...(Reaches in) "The 12 person votes out of Wrestling Survivor, and 3rd member of our Jury...Icekold" (DOC flips around the paper reading "Icekold" She nods, takes her torch to DOC who puts it out...ICEKOLD heads down the ramp away as EMILY nods and smiles...TACT breathes a sigh, as the rest of the Jury start to leave, when ICEKOLD comes charging back and blindsides EMILY with the 8-ball, drilling her in the back of the head! TACT grabs ICEKOLD as does CLOVERLEAF and both men pin her down...DOC joins in as panic and screaming take over from the confused players...Stage hands and security rush in and grab ICEKOLD and drag her kicking and screaming from the voting area. EMILY is being attended to by a doctor and appears OK except for the cut on the back of her head and the small amount of blood where she was laying.)

DOC: "DAMMIT! These people are animals...Jeezus..Get the cameras off...TURN IT OFF!"

(CUTTO: The 8-ball laying on the ground, the side it's on says 'signs point to no')

(CUTTO: Credits.)

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