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Jan 1, 2000
Greensboro USA
(CUTTO: Backstage during Wrestleverse II. A jubilant Joey Melton, still in his wrestling gear, covered in sweat and bubbly falls to his knees and looks to the heavens. Adrian Evans and other hanger-ons populate the background, showering the scene and each other with beer and the cheap champagne Melton sends to everyone else, not the kind he gets for himself.)

MELTON: They said it couldn’t be done. That I was too old, too whipped, too damn horny to carry Cameron Cruise on my back for a SECOND TIME, but if you know Joey Melton you know Lady Luck was a ***** I forced down on me years ago. There’s no mountain too high, no valley too low. I’m the greatest wrestler of my generation and the next one. Adrian…didn’t I say it could be done?

(CUTTO: Evans binge drinking in a corner.)

MELTON: I’ve sacrificed so much for this moment. You people… (Melton tears up) You people don’t know what I gave up.

(In the background playing on a monitor)

TW: **** you, harlot. Just give me the ******* document.

LT: I'd love to.

[She stoops down to one knee and leans in, close enough so Troy can feel her breath lap against his cheek.]

LT: But our marriage was never legal in the first place.

DT: What? What did...what did she just say?

LT: Y'see, Troy, [her voice starts to crack] these papers aren't for you.

MELTON: I went back on my word. I broke a promise. I hurt a dear friend, and for this I’m sorry, but doesn’t the end justify the means?

DM: They've been married THE WHOLE TIME? AND NO ONE KNEW?


DT: I....I can't believe this. Lindsay Troy and Joey Melton, husband and wife, and now...now she wants out?!

[Before Windham can even think about grinning, Troy drives her knee right into his face, then kicks him out of the ring. She looks down over the top rope, her face twisting from smugness to sadness. She glances down at the papers in her hand, trying to formulate the words she needs to say. The crowd can't even boo, don't know if they should.]

LT (softly): I didn't want it to turn out this way.

DT: What way could she have possibly wanted it to turn out? She planted that document, knowing full well what it said, into the briefcase!

DM: Let her explain, Dave.

MELTON: I lied to….

LT: People who know me know I try as hard as I can to separate my personal life from the business. More often than not, though, the two mesh together whether I want them to or not, which also tends to lead to some kind of trouble. When Windham showed up the first time and scorched me with a fireball, I had a feeling that was just the beginning and he wasn't going to stop at just that. As it would turn out, he didn't. Call it a premonition as to how low Windham would stoop, but after Black Dawn, I didn't want to wait until we had the time to plan something a bit more formal. So, I quietly married Joey this past spring before Unleashed, and things were going well for awhile. But they didn't last.

MELTON: MYSELF! I swore I’d never carry Cameron Cruise again. I swore I’d never set foot in the same arena, take his late night phone calls, or entertain awkward advances from his wife. But, if I’ve ever lived for anything, or anybody, it’s been for myself. Nobody gave me **** in this world. I’m a self-made man. And while I don’t see the nobility in joining the Armed Forces, I’ve taken a shine to the phrase “Help those who can’t help themselves.” Cameron Cruise was a lemon all the juice had been squeezed from. He was flavoring to another delicious dish in my life. I enjoyed allowing him to dine with me because Cruise has never been able to provide for himself.

LT: I should have realized Joey Melton would always put the business first two Novembers ago when he returned to New Frontier Wrestling for another chance at the ULTRATITLE, a move that came as a shock to me since it was never something he discussed prior to signing a new contract. He was supposed to be managing me, only he wasn't at all. Adrian Evans once told me that I needed to let Joey Melton be who he was if I wanted to be WITH him. And for awhile, that's what I did. But then New Frontier turned into Ultimate Championship. The ULTRATITLE turned into reuniting with Calvin Carlton and Eddy Love's jacket. That turned into the Cameron Cruise Project Part Two. The idea I had for us to team up in order to spend some more time together dashed when Joey decided it wasn't something he wanted to commit to for the long run. I'd rearrange my travel schedule, taking on less promotional duties in order to try and be a <i>family,</i> but when I'd be home, he'd have somewhere else to be. And that's not the kind of life I want. Not anymore.

MELTON: I forgive Cruise for wanting his own book. Just as I forgave myself for thinking the pleasure in giving Cam the world was all gone.

(there’s a large knock on the door.)

MELTON: Cruise this is for you buddy (Melton pats the World Tag Titles.) This is for second chances and dreams never fully realized. This is for…

(Cruise busts through the door, and looks shocked to see a party.)

LT: I went through with the Windham ruse because I wanted to pay that man back so badly for what he did to me and to beat him at his own game of smoke and mirrors. And at the end of the day, when I didn't have to play pretend anymore, there was hardly ever someone for me to go home to. I've tried so many times to talk to you about this, Joey, in private, away from everyone else, but you never listened. Not once. And I don't think you're ever going to. We love this business, but if I had the choice between continuing in it with an unknown future, or leaving it all behind for a relationship and a family that would be absolutely, infallibly certain, I'd put my gear on the shelf. I'm not getting any younger and as it is, I can barely stand on my own two feet right now.

MELTON: This is for the lands we’ve not yet toured. For mark ups on merchandise and higher appearance fees. This is for Cameron Cruise Project 2.0. An upgrade of magically delicious proportions. (Joey stops as Cameron walks into frame.)

CAMERON CRUISE: What the hell is this?

MELTON: Cam, baby, I told you I’d be out to the car in just a minute.

CRUISE: WHAT IS THIS? You haven’t changed at all have you?

LT: I'm not leaving the business. Not just yet. But I'm not going to let the business be put first instead of me anymore. I love you, but you want the spotlight much more than you want me. I didn't want to tell you all this in this way, because dirty laundry should be kept at home, but I ran out of options. I've compromised on a lot of things, but this is something I just can't do.

MELTON: (beat) Uh, we’re the champs again?

(Cruise stares through Joey for a second, then jumps into his arms, his emotions blasting into euphoria.)

CRUISE: WE DID IT! WE DID IT! But Joey (JM: Yeah daddio) I want to take my belt home with me this time. It’s only fair.

MELTON: (reluctantly) Why not. We’ve earned it.

CRUISE: I have, yes.

(They embrace as the party continues. Adrian Evans aka Little Voltron walks into frame, sobered, white as a ghost. He stares blankly off in the distance.)


MELTON: I know I know, drink in moderation.

ADRIAN EVANS: I may be drunk, okay, admittedly I am, but…Troy…..


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