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The thing I hate


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Jan 1, 2000
Fayetteville US
(We fade into the home of Marcus Slayton and Kelly Gellar. The former GXW Television champion is watching a tape in the living room, Edward Brown's voice can be heard throughout the room.)

EB: Tonight fans I give you the return of the greatest tag team to ever grace a wrestling ring, THE STARMAKERS!!

(The look on Marcus' face darkens as he sees one of his hated rivials standing in *his* ring with a very smug look on his face as he begins to speak to the downed Dallas Winston)

SVJ: Hey Dally, remember me. I heard through the grapevine you were talking smack about the ratings grabber. I know that our match never happened but guess what son, I am here and anytime you want to ride my coattails like half the freakin’ roster in this place then hop aboard son and I will do something to you like I have done to people like Sean Stevens, Kendall Codine, Reaver, Eric Gibson, and Kevin Powers and that’s make you into a star.

(Marcus walks over to the VCR and stops the tape. A voice from near him speaks up)

Voice: It's a ##### when the past comes to find you, eh?

(Marcus looks over and see Kelly standing in the entrance to the living room. She is wearing a pair of men's black silk pajama bottoms with one of the Mystic Illusions new shirts. She looks somewhat disturbed by the look on her husband's face as he turns to regard the VCR again.)

Marcus: You know something, me and Jacobs have fought in three federations and he's still the same arrogant son of a ##### he was the last time I saw him. Eric fought him in a steel cage match for the IWF Title and lost because of Dreammaker. Now here I am five years later looking at possibly having to ram my right foot hard down the throat of Jacobs all over again and it's something that I've been looking forward too for the past five years, Kelly.

(the man who is better known as the "Reaver" turns to once again look at his wife)

Marcus: Since I joined SCW, I noticed certain things about me were changing you know? I was becoming more like Jacobs. Arrogant, wanting to do no more than insult people in the ring and ##### like that. I stopped doing that ##### and got back to wrestling and when I did-I started winning belts again. But there was always one thing in the back of my mind and that was the time that after the WCWF Stairway to Hell match for that damn title, I was handed the belt and he won a moral victory over me...and that is something that I do not like remebering and now that he's here, I can finally repay the #####.

(Kelly smiles at her husband and it's one that she has usually when she has a plan)

Marcus: Kelly, what's that smile on your face for?

(Kelly walks over to her husband and hands him his cell phone.)

Kelly: A woman by the name of Echo called for you, she says that an old friend of your's name Stone needs to talk to you.

(Kelly then turns and walks back to the doorway, her hips swaying a bit as she goes)

Kelly: But you can call her later, right?

(Kelly leaves the room, but Marcus quickly flips open the phone and dials the number in question.)

Marcus: Is this Echo? Alright cool. My name is Marcus Slayton...ok, you know me then cool. So what does Damien need from me..gotcha. I'll give him a call first thing in the morning, night.

(Marcus closes the cell phone and puts it on the table. He looks back at the dark tv and narrows his eyes)

Marcus: "Superstar" Vince Jacobs, I won't become the thing I hate...I won't become you but in the end, you'll wish you'd never screwed me over.

(Marcus leaves the screen as it fades out with "The thing I hate" by Stabbing Westward playing)

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