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I haven't been home the past three or four days. Had to go house sit for my parents, I was only checking the forums on my IPod. I don't get on AIM anymore anyway, no one uses it and I am normally only working with myself so I don't need to communicate with anyone, except Dusty and we write on Facebook. :p
Hay Seth whenever your not busy....could you check out the
4 way match...Would love your feedback
Holy crap, you should make a return! I've been doing well though, how about yourself?
Hi Jesse, this is one of my two annual visits to fwrestling. Hope you've been doing well!
Hey man, I sent you an AIM, not sure if you received it. I was wondering if jolt was still running. I was looking to get back in ewrestling, so I was curious. If not I would help with a revival of it, i'm not opposed to putting money in haha.
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let me know the next time you're available on AIM cos I haven't spoken to you in a while and I want to talk to ya about possibly coming onto EFG soon

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